Reclaiming Sovereignty – what it means to a shaman

As a shaman, I work alongside the spirits that govern the land of our ancestors; they are the spirits of Sovereignty that, on the energetic level, is a huge force that gushes forth from the Rivers of Blood or the DNA of the ancestors that are buried in the land. It reaches the emotional intelligence of the people through the portals of these spiritual conduits, an Elder race whose role it is to guide the spiritual evolution of human beings. They are known in the British Isles as the Fae, the Gentry, the Sidhe or the Faeries. Other cultures have their own names for these spirits that appear to inhabit the betwixt and between – like the aesir of the Norse and the devas of the Vedics.

These spirits look like us to some extent, although they inhabit a timeless zone within the parallel dimensions. You may never have seen them because, these days, apart from the shamans, it is mainly children that are able to perceive them – in other words, those who have not yet had their holographic, multi-dimensional perceptivity educated and ridiculed out of them.

From the evidence going back for thousands of years, it is clear that there were specialised women shamans and high priestesses who were known as heirodules that were in touch with these spirits of the land, and so they were able to transmit their wisdom to the king or pharaoh through sacred sex practices on his coronation night. These became known as Sovereignty rites because through them, the king’s inner cosmic serpents were invoked to rise up and fire up his higher brain centres.

The serpents arise from the genital region and then criss-cross the djed, or energetic spinal column, until they reach the chalice of the cup-shaped hypothalamus.

Figure 7, Back view of the path of the two serpents
Drawing by Gerri McLoughlin

The heads of the two serpents then rest of the rim of the hypothalamus and from their mouths issue droplets of sweet elixir that stream down the inside of the chalice until they reach the pineal gland which is nestled like a pine cone at its base. Once the pineal gland is bathed in these nectars, it fires up the crown chakra, thus opening up a portal to a huge library of wisdom akin to the Akashic Records, which the king then has access to. This in turn gave him the wisdom to rule – to bring order from chaos, just as the deluge hero of myth conquers the sea serpent to separate the land from the watery chaos.

Through bringing his energetic serpents under control so that they can open the doors of his perception, the king like the deluge hero, becomes the dragon-slayer, comparable to the Greek Heracles, the Archangel Michael or the Babylonian Marduk, and is thus deemed fit to bring order out of chaos and to rule his kingdom wisely.