The Bright World of the Gods

Book II: The Glastonbury Chronicles

THIS SECOND BOOK in the series of The Glastonbury Chronicles was inspired by the spirits of the land that inhabit the other dimensions which are found, shamanically, through the mists of Avalon in Somerset, England. The spirits are known locally as the Gentle Folk or the Fae, although you may know them better as fairies.

So in following this series, you are following a real fairy story for enlightened adults that comes from a benevolent Elder race whose role it is to guide the steps of humanity. As such, it is perfect for curling up with by the fire when the white frost of the Sugar Plum Faery is crackling the grass underfoot, or to inspire your day dreams on balmier days under a gnarled old apple tree in an enchanted wood.

In Book II: The Bright World of the Gods, you will once again join with the twin souls Gwyddion and Arianrhod, and follow their escapades across worlds within worlds as they continue to grow in their spiritual realisations and to heal their past lives. In this way, you will also benefit from the lessons learned as they meet the challenges necessary for their alchemical inner growth which will lead them to full spiritual enlightenment.

This twisting, romantic adventure also abounds with archetypal characters that have stepped straight out of the Shadowlands of the Celtic Twilight such as Arawn,  the Lord of the Underworld, Elen of the Trackways, Gwyn ap Nudd, Bridie, Creiddylad, Taliesen, Morgan the Fae and the Old Man of the Sea, Manawydan, whose golden dragon ship is the only vehicle that can cross dimensions.

So you may just want to enjoy this epic tale on a superficial level, as a beautiful love story full of weaving, intriguing mystery tours and thrilling ferris wheel rides   – which is fine. But those looking for keys to open fairy doorways into deeper esoteric teachings will also find them here along with the instructions on how to unlock them.

Either way, you’re welcome just to relax and wander through the wondrous hills and dales of The Bright World of the Gods, and let its enchanted flow-ers seed the gardens of your own Dreamscape so that it can do its magic there and give you insights into your own destiny – and the meaning of your life.

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 You’d like to know more?

Well, I often go into a shamanic trance to commune in the Otherworlds with the Gentle Folk, and to bring back their gifts, in the form of healing or guidance. I sometimes meet them in what’s known as The Glastonbury Zodiac – a huge 30-mile-round ring of earthworks that mirror the stars above the Somerset Levels, which is overlooked by the sentinel of Glastonbury Tor.

Once, when journeying in this way, to the east of the circle, I came upon the Faery Stone. This is a large, upright standing stone which is inscribed all over with glyphs that have become covered, over the aeons, with green moss.

The Faery Stone opened up to reveal a room. I went inside to look around, but it was empty.

Then three Gentle men arrived.

I began to try to explain who I was but I was stumbling over my words. Then one of the Gentle men just laughed and said, “Don’t worry, we know who you are.”

He showed me a poem, which was inscribed in a book that he was holding in his hand. I looked and there, in the second line of the second verse, was my name.

Ever since then the Gentle folk have inspired the dreams, journeys and visions of this humble wordsmith to help bring alive the magical landscape of Avalon and to pull the s-Word of Sovereignty from the Stone.

That said, it is strongly advised that you don’t try to get your head around this book. Instead, just jump into it, and let its multi-layered, cosmological tale wrap itself around you. Because, despite the deep richness of its mythological and astrological content, The Bright World of the Gods is not a spiritual teaching for dusty old scholars in ivory towered libraries. It’s a snapshot in Time of an infinite and ineffable Mystery that is for Lovers and Dreamers and window cleaners.

The whole macrocosm of the All That Is can never be understood by the finite mind. But this heroic extra-dimensional adventure through the microcosm, which is its fractal holographic reflection, will help you to better envision the whole beyond the shrouded horizon.

The Bright World of the Gods is a triskele knot of a tale, based on ancient Celtic myths that the Gentle Folk have helped me to unravel and reconstruct into a more shamanic, multi-dimensional Dreamscape.

So just relax and wander through its enchanted hills and dales – and meet with Cerridwen, Arawn the Lord of the Underworld, Gwyddion and Arianrhod – to experience this faery tale permeating into your own inner landscapes and Dreamtime, so that it can do its magic there and give you insights into your own destiny, and the meaning of your life.