Fire and Ice: The real revolution that we’ve been waiting for

The fabric of this dimension is based on dualistic principles – and so our ancestors, going back thousands of years, have left us stories which contain metaphors about this duality, and about how the duality is found in every kind of being. How it translates in human kind is in the two different races on Earth, the Creators and the Takers.

These stories have been left to us as a warning … because even though some are thousands of years old, human nature doesn’t change… or doesn’t appear to have done so yet! My intuition is telling me that the Creators are today once again in a struggle for survival with the Takers which will only be resolved when the Creators realise their divinity.


The Creators are characterised by the fire of their creativity; they are the entrepreneurs, the risk takers, the artists, the writers, the musicians, the dancers and so on. Some are healers; some are teachers. It’s not really defined by profession – more by your approach to it. You’ll know you’re a Creator if you cannot stop creating whether anyone pays you for your work or not, because what you make or craft is a sort of ongoing hymn of praise to the ultimate Creator from which everything comes – and from where we come.

The Takers on the other hand are like water continually feeding on the Creators’ fire, to the point of extinction. The Takers cannot create – they don’t have enough joy or fire in their belly to even want to make anything. And so they are totally reliant on the Creators for their survival.

As far back as we can go, into the mists of time, this duality is represented in myths by the Fire and Ice twins – one of whom is partly of divine parentage, while the other is purely human.

The Fire and Ice twins

Gilgamesh, whose mother was the Divine Heavenly Cow, (in other words, the Milky Way) conceived Gilgamesh with the human Sumerian king, Lugulbanda. Gilgamesh soon meets Enkidu, who is entirely human to the point of primitive, and the whole of the Epic of Gilgamesh, which is a zodiac tale, and what transpires in the story, is predicated on the close, brotherly relationship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu.

So many Fire and Ice twins are found in the myths of just about every culture – too many to put them all here.

But in the Old Testament, there’s Cain and Abel. Cain was the son of the god Elohim and Eve, while Abel was the son of the wholly human Adam and Eve. Then there’s Jacob and Esau who fought in their mother Rachel’s womb.

“And the children struggled together within her; and she said, If it be so, why am I thus? And she went to enquire of the Lord. And the Lord said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger.” (Genesis 25:22–23)

Solomon’s Temple was built by Cain’s descendent, Hiram Abiff, and the two pillars either side of the temple door, named Boaz and Joachim, also represented this duality.

The Welsh Mabinogion also has its fair share of this brotherly struggle. For instance, the prince magician Gwyddion was the Creator half of a fraternal partnership with the selfish and short-sighted Taker Gilfaethwy, who was continually putting upon Gwyddion’s good nature.

The Celtic Gwyddion is the Anglo-Saxon Woden who was to the Norse known as Odin – and Odin banished the ice or frost giants.

In the branch of the Mabinogion represented on the Gundestrup cauldron, we see the results of a battle caused by the dark and brooding Evinissyen, the twin of Nissyen the Fair. In the skies at Beltane, we see a battle between Gwyn and Gwythyr etched out in the stars.

In the zodiac, the story of this Fire and Ice duality is shown by the twins of Gemini, governed by Mercury.

And so it goes on, story after story, of the semi-divine Creator child whose joy it was to make and craft things – often to please the unpleasable Taker child, who couldn’t create anything for themselves, but whose desires for all the Creator child could make are ever-insatiable to the point of violence. The Takers have been like addicts … searching always for the next fix, and forced to become ever-cunning in their schemes to get the Creators to keep up their supply.

Hiding behind religions

In human society, over the past two millennia, the Fire and Ice duality, the Creators and Takers, have found themselves in different roles. For a long time, the Takers found that religions were the best way to control the Creators, by force feeding them a narrative to form their beliefs about who they are. The teachings of the Takers are all about what great and noble and holy renunciates they are, while the Creators are portrayed as just selfish and greedy sinners from birth, and told that their Original Sin will never be absolved until they hand over all their freedom to the Takers, and obey their will.

The Takers used to make up stories about comets being a sign that God was displeased with the Creators, and the only way to appease this God was to pay more tithes into the Takers’ temples. In recent years, the displeasure of God has been changed to first global warming, and then when the figures showed that the planet had stopped warming, the Takers quickly changed tack to climate change. The Black Jesuit Pope decrees that now the indulgences of the medieval period are to be called carbon taxes – but it’s just another shake-down of Takers on the the Creators, in reality.

The Takers also used their religions to hide the truth about the divine provenance of the Sons of the Flame – another term for the Creators. The Takers could only keep the Creators enslaved while they were in ignorance about their true power. The flame of the Creators’ creativity was fanned by shamanic – i.e. multi-dimensional – sexual practices, because that got them back in touch with their divinity … with home. So the practice of loving and sacred sex within marriage was deliberately debased by the Takers in their new churches of the 20th century – television sets and movie screens. In addition, the food and water were filled with oestrogen-mimickers which made the men become infertile, lose their hot-blooded virility, and even become confused about their gender. The men who became gender-confused have been held up as heroes of society and given awards. No-one’s allowed to point out the folly of this, particularly in New York where you can be fined thousands of dollars for getting someone’s new chosen gender wrong.

All this has been like pouring water on a raging fire … to the point of extinction.

The tricks of the Takers

Meanwhile, the religious Takers whose bodies are designed to desire sex as much as any other human, for the purposes of procreation, try to fool the Creators about being closer to God by forcing themselves into an unnatural celibacy which ends up making them so warped that they sexually abuse children, and sometimes murder them in perverted black rites, in secret, behind their 100 foot high temple walls.

Historically, the problem with the Creators – and why they always find it so difficult to wake up to what’s being done to them – is that they are so essentially generous in their natures, and take such joy in their life of making things, that they find it almost inconceivable that the mentality of the Takers could exist; the mentality of an ambush predator that has nothing better to do with his day than lie in wait, planning and scheming on how he’s going to take more from the Creators. It is the sole purpose of the Taker’s life – and this is so anathema to the Creator’s modus operandi that he can sometimes get very angry when someone tries to point out to him that the Takers which he so generously invited into his home are in the process of stealing the family silver.

The Takers have got guilting the Creators to part with their wealth down to a fine art; like the doe-eyed, New Age love child who turns up at a festival with nothing in his wallet because he’s just goin’ with the flow, man, and “The universe will provide”. By “the universe” he actually means all the other festival-goers who have paid for their tickets and have just enough money left for a veggie burger; well, they did until the Taker arrived.

Then there’s the Taker who loudly exclaims as he waves his hand around expansively to indicate the largesse of his estate; “What’s mine in yours, and what your’s is mine. It’s all one,”  while he’s sitting on a rubbish tip.

The revolution

But the Takers need all that wealth to build high, gilded and glittering walls to hide behind, for fear of it showing who they really are. In truth, they are no different from the down-at-heel, scrounging, something-for-nothing brigade who live off the State and have ten children so that they can claim lots of child benefit. These poorer scrounger types are used as cannon fodder in the Takers’ far-left campaigns which promise them freedom, which they wrongly translate as ‘lots of free stuff’. Socialism – which is just communism that you vote for – is another scam of the Takers, in which they persuade the scroungers  to lead the revolution to “a freer and more equal society”  – because the something-for-nothing brigade have never bothered to learn from history that the revolution always eats its own children.

Capitalism is by no means a perfect system and it leads to all sorts of abuses, but for the Creators, it’s the lesser of two evils because at least it’s a system which allows them enough freedom to carry on creating. And until the Creators realise their semi-divinity, through shamanic practices and alchemical sex magic, and become self-empowered through that realisation, that’s the best that they can get.

But I think that the Sons of the Flame are beginning to wake up again, and it’s only a matter of time before the Winds will fan their fire – and it will soon be raging again in the Takers’ cold, watery temples to their false gods. This won’t be the staged left-wing revolution that the Takers’ are hoping for, this year – but when it finally comes, it will be the revolution that we’ve been waiting for.

Addendum: My point is, we can’t avoid this duality because it’s part of the fabric of the universe. It’s not like we should wipe out the Takers. The ‘brothers’ metaphor is quite apt because we are inter-dependent on each other, and joined at the hip, like Yin and Yang, or like Rachel’s babies fighting in the womb,

But I think why so many cultures have this story, in their different ways, is because it’s a warning that sometimes there’s too much Yin (water, feminine, emotion, passive, cold) and then what’s needed to rebalance it is more Yang (fire, male, rational thought, positive and heat).

At the moment, we are over-run with Yin passive Takers … the Yang positive Creator male principle must rise up to create balance. I know some of them don’t want to because they’re sulking a bit over how they’ve been treated  … but we’ve no more time for that kind of self-indulgence. The balance must be restored.


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