Fire and Ice Part 2: Or Gene Wars!

Two weeks ago, I wrote an article called Fire and Ice: the real revolution we’ve been waiting for about the two different races of man on Earth – the Creators and the Takers. It was a bit of a breakthrough for me.  I became aware of this brain – not necessarily the one in the cerebral cortex – but perhaps I should say multi-dimensional intelligence (and no, I don’t mean ETs!) reaching around the Akashic Library of my experience and knowledge acquired over 65 years, and getting into some old, dusty and forgotten corners to put together previously unrelated stuff which was a revelation to me, once my synapses had joined up the dots – a process which was ongoing, even as I was writing it. So that was good …!

But then fast forward to today – and a huge piece of magical synchronicity landed on my desk in the form of some talks that Stefan Molyneux did more than a year ago, entitled The Truth About Gene Wars, and I really recommend them if your interest became at all piqued by the subject from my article. It turns out that are two separate genetic strains within humanity, and those who have studied the different traits of this genetic divide call it the r/K selection theory.

OK, that sounds a bit boring, but I promise you, it is quite fascinating and it explains so much of how the eugenicists, who obviously also know all about this biological feature of our DNA, are manipulating humanity right now. So in this model, the Takers are the r-selected ones, and the Creators are k-selected, and I’ll let Stefan explain the various features of each one and how the two interact.

I watched all three videos in the series, and each one had me rivetted to my seat. It was quite an education. I think every school child should be taught this at primary school. It’s not difficult to understand – especially the way Stefan explains it. But this tug-of-war between the k-selected Creators and the r-selectedTakers must go back to the dawn of Man – and that’s why our ancestors, who were much more shamanically-attuned, didn’t need high-tech gene splicing technology to get a grasp of it and left us stories to help us understand it.

I didn’t mention this in the original article, but it is also, surely, the meaning of the 3,000 year old Vedic story about the tug of war between the demons and devas to churn the Ocean of Milk to release the nectar (amrit) of the gods (illustrated above).

Currently the problem is that we’ve got a deliberately encouraged and politically supported over-balance of r-selected types by eugenicists and social engineers because having the r Takers use up all the resources created by the k-selected Creators will give the excuse to bring in world government in order to ration and control them. It’s the human equivalent of a plague of locusts. I don’t know what they intend to do with the k-selected types, though, because without us Creators, there’ll be nothing for the Takers to take.

There is a difference between myself and Stefan on our approaches to this subject, because his is entirely from the point of view of an atheist scientist-philosopher, whereas I am much more of natural philosopher-alchemist-shaman. I’m not just satisfied with the what, where and how – I also want to know why. In other words, I want to know why this dimension has been set up this way and so I’m also questioning and searching for the drivers of this rite-of-passage initiative test in the other dimensions in order to get help us pass this challenge successfully. But you don’t need to go there to get this .. once you understand the template, as Stefan explains it to simply and entertainingly, it makes sense of so much that didn’t make much sense before.

So here’s the first one in the series …