A Call to the Grail Seekers

There was an article in the Financial Times recently with the take-away that we might as well give in and surrender to Islam because we don’t have any culture of our own in Europe worth preserving. It was written by one Gideon Rachman – for those who were around in the Sixties, the name of the Jewish slum landlord Rachman, who featured in the Profumo Affair, would have rung a loud bell. And I thought it highly ironic and a classic example of how those that we’re persuaded to welcome into the country under the pretence of “cultural enrichment” end up turning around and biting the hand that feeds them – just like some of those largely male ‘refugees’ in the German reception centres who are biting more than the hands of those providing for their needs, and grabbing at their breasts too.

The astral mosque

I’ve criticised Islam for it having no separation of church and state, which means that followers must be seen to turn up at the mosque to pray five times or day, or be sent into social oblivion. But we also have become bound in the West through the same mechanism – the walls of our mosques are just more subtle and astral. The seed of this problem can be found in the Sixties, with one of the biggest mind programming exercises of the 20th century; the so-called New Age Movement, that was put in place to create a new religion of universalist, liberal and humanistic values and which has become just as binding on our psyches as any formal doctrine.

The New Age religion is very similar to Christianity in its obsession with light and love to the detriment of casting the dark side into hell, with its “turn the other cheek” creed, but without the old bearded man god-in-the-sky meme. The creed comes not from the New Testament but from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran – a Lebanese artist, in other words, another Middle Eastern philosophy. This new, I-want-to-teach-the-world-to-drink-Coca-Cola god is not a man in the Heavens who’s checking off our sins. Instead, ‘he’ has now infiltrated us; ‘he’ is the social acceptance of our peers who we have to “virtue signal” constantly to win and keep their acceptance or be struck off their Friends list on Facebook.

The New Age god says we have to welcome everybody into our country and into our homes, no matter how misogynist and violently expansive their god tells them to be. This is the trouble with gods, you see – they can never agree!

Integrating the dark side

As Jung said, and I paraphrase, if we don’t do the inner work of the initiate and deal with our dark sides, it will turn up in our outer reality and make us deal with it there. With our refusal to integrate our ‘dark side’ into our whole personality, we have to pretend to be someone we’re not, and that is someone with no survival instincts. We have to welcome foxes into our hen houses; we have to invite paedophiles to run our nurseries; we have to elect known criminals from old robber baron families to govern our countries.

If you’ve seen the latest Minions movie, you’ll know what I mean. We’re always looking for the worst villain to defend us against all the other villains, instead of finding our own empowerment from within.


Now our favourite and chosen villain is turning against us.

With so few bombing raids into Syria, despite Hilary Benn’s stirring and patriotic speech, I’m convinced that we’re in a phony war which is creating an artificial ‘humanitarian crisis’ that is being orchestrated by a Zionist-run, or at least Zionist-fellow traveller, United Nations, which wants to create chaos across the world by flooding nations with races of wildly differing belief systems and thus attitudes to life.

This chaos will enable the Zionists to bring in their new order – the New World Order and with it, one world government. The Zionist modus operandi here is no different to their MO in the Middle East, and that is to use the violent, hardline Islamists as a proxy army against those they wish to destroy. There, it is ISIS; here it’s floods of refugees that are infiltrated by jihadis.

So to win through this crisis, we have to face the ‘dark side’ on the outside, by doing the inner work. And all such work begins by an honest appraisal in order to create a firm foundation from which we can take the first step. We have to start from where we are, not from where we think we ought to be.

Facing reality

First of all, we have to drop all our pretensions to New Age religious thinking, and have the courage to recognise that at its heart and dogma, Islam is a misogynistic, violently expansionist religion that has been trying to conquer Europe since the 7th century and which brings it with the orchestrated, iman-sanctioned rape culture, Taharrush, that reared its evil head across towns in Germany on New Year’s Eve.

I’m not talking about the Moslems that are already here among us. We call these the ‘ordinary Moslems’ but they are far from ordinary. They came to Europe not as refugees but because they were seeking a western way of life, and so they are as sympathetic to our values as is possible to be, while remaining within the parameters of their particular social prison. But it is those who are coming, who have not been influenced by our values and who will be infilitrated by jihadis, that will cause us a problem unless they are strictly vetted at entry.

I wrote in my article The Muslim Invasion of Europe extracts from the Koran to show the violence and misogyny of their core belief system which exhorts them to regard us as second class citizens at best, and whores at worst.

To add insult to injury, the currently incoming Islamic jihadis cannot even see who we truly are because they have been given a false impression from a Jewish-run media in the West which churns out filth and dross. In fact, Mr Rachman, if it wasn’t for your fellow religionists and their ‘cultural enrichment’ of our media, we would still have a much stronger moral compass in place in this country, which is derived from our culture, not yours.

It’s interesting to note that when Israel invaded Gaza in 2003, the first thing they did was take over the local tv station and start pumping out porn. To the Zionists, porn is as a weapon of war, to undermine people – thus softening them up for the strike. Identity politics such as that of the LGBT movement is another of their weapons, because it produces a society of infantile narcissists. Do they allow porn and a gay agenda in their own country of Israel? No, they don’t.

Reclaiming Sovereignty

But we can treat Mr Rachman’s article as a wake up call. The truth is – we don’t need to have a ‘culture’ from without inflicted on us when we have our own within. Otherwise known as Sovereignty, these deep cultural roots come not from any mere book like the Koran or the Torah or the Bible. Religions are what people follow when they don’t have inner spirituality; they are not being guided from within and so they have to seek guidance from without and can thus be manipulated by the self-serving priesthoods.

Sovereignty, on the other hand, is a transmission of energy. It comes from the land – from the spirits of the land – and it is what our ancestors were teaching us in the myths they left for us… like messages in a bottle across the seas of Time. You don’t have to be a shaman to experience this Sovereignty – although it helps! But you need only walk barefoot across a field, or even just the grass lawn in your own garden, to feel the waves of prickling energy coming up through your feet. That is only the start of it – but it is a beginning, and every journey begins with one step. Otherwise, we are like trees with no roots, and the first gust of Rachmanlike wind will blow us over.

There is so much to all this – and I’ve written countless articles and a book on the subject of Sovereignty – what it is, how to get it, how to keep it. If you’d like to read further on this subject, I suggest you start here: The Mysteries of Britain and The Matter of Sovereignty. If you do, and you decide to follow where this path leads, you will learn that this land of Britain is enchanted by the most beautiful and powerful spirits and that is why so many have sought to conquer us – either through outright war, covert infiltration of our banks and institutions or weaponised immigration.

The land of Brigit-Ana is the jewel in the crown of planet Earth, which some have called the ‘holy grail’, and it’s protected by the sacred s-word Excalibur. It is no different now, and so how can we overcome the crisis we’re faced with? Journeying within is the answer, to find that very s-word and then learn from the faery wordsmiths and swordsmiths how to wield it. Then we’ll give Mr Rachman some ‘culture’ he’ll never forget!

As some say, the pen is mightier than the sword… and it’s a lot easier to write with! I would add, it’s also a much more useful weapon in an information war! A real sword would be useless.