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French intelligence chief warns of civil war over mass raping of women

When the mass rapes of women by Muslims in Cologne on New Year’s Eve were first reported, we were told it was just a handful of women that were affected.  Hundreds of women tried to protest about how they’d been manhandled, but they were fired on with police water cannons and the mainstream media called them ‘right wing fascists’.

The sheer scale of this atrocious cover-up has now been revealed by a leaked report, and this is causing Patrick Calvar, chief of France’s Directorate General of Internal Security, to realise that it was, in effect, an act of war.

Calvar is concerned that should another such organised mass rape occur again, it will lead to civil war in France. He believes the situation is so tense and fragile that another major Islamist terror attack or mass migrant sexual assault could lead to a huge right-wing backlash and civil war. Continue reading

A Call to the Grail Seekers

There was an article in the Financial Times recently with the take-away that we might as well give in and surrender to Islam because we don’t have any culture of our own in Europe worth preserving. It was written by one Gideon Rachman – for those who were around in the Sixties, the name of the Jewish slum landlord Rachman, who featured in the Profumo Affair, would have rung a loud bell. And I thought it highly ironic and a classic example of how those that we’re persuaded to welcome into the country under the pretence of “cultural enrichment” end up turning around and biting the hand that feeds them – just like some of those largely male ‘refugees’ in the German reception centres who are biting more than the hands of those providing for their needs, and grabbing at their breasts too.

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