Bringing the healing of stars down to the Earth

I’ve always planted by the phases of the moon – in other words, sowing seeds for flowers and herbs when the moon is waxing, and seeds for root vegetables when the moon is on the wane. There’s nothing New Age about that planting method … any gardener worth his salt knows that this is mighty effective if you want a good crop, and I think even scientists know it. But I learned something new and magical last night, from a friend.

I think most of us understand by now that liquids are the message carriers of interdimensional information. These rivers cross through the liminal walls between this world and the Other Worlds, carrying information, back and forth. If I’m looking for inspiration, I just go and wash my hands or stand under my shower. Even sometimes when I’m not looking for anything specially, it tells me anyway!

So… I learned last night a new way of sowing seeds.

First, create and hold your own personal space to contact your spirits – how ever you want to do this because we all have our different ways, but you will need to feel calm and centred and clear. Then hold the seed in your mouth, and wash it around in the saliva for about 12 to 15 seconds. You just keep it in your mouth so long as it takes for you to transmit your intention, with a clear mind, that the seed should produce fruits or vegetables that contain healing nutrients which are customised for your own mind-body-spirit particular needs.

Then you plant it out… and the stars, when they rise in the skies over your garden at night, will receive a message from the water in the seed, and it will then send down the required rays for the plant to be able to develop the right medicinal properties for your needs. Perhaps that’s why it’s sometimes said that the morning dew is the tears of the stars – tears of mercy and compassion.

The next day, as soon as you get out of bed on the first morning after you’ve planted out the seeds, go straight out into the garden. Don’t clean your teeth or wash or have a shower first, however smelly you feel! Go straight out and stand on the area of the soil which you have just planted with the saliva-seeds. The toxins in your feet, which come out of the body at night through your soles and heels, will also inform the seed about the state of your health, and it will be able to communicate with the stars again about any adjustments that may be needed.

Of course, there are no scientific tests proving this planting method. But it makes absolute sense to me. As soon as I heard it, I just knew it was true, in my heart and my gut, and so I will be doing all my planting in that way from now on.