The passage of Venus – our most significant celestial event in 2012

I find all the expectations about 2012 to be largely overblown and mainly based on the pink smoke and mirrors of psy-ops. It’s conveniently forgotten that whatever the reason that the Mayans decided to end their calendar at 21 December 2012 makes no difference. Since the various calendar reforms by first Julius Caesar in 46 BC and then Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, we’re no longer in synch with their Short Count or Long Count calendars. However, there is one extraordinary event that will happen this year – in a few weeks time, in fact. And it’s been getting buried under all the other hype around.

That event is the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun on 5th and 6th June 2012.

Venus is about to return after eight years to complete her second transit across the Sun. The first one in 120 years took place eight years ago, and then the cycle is such that She won’t return in that transit for another 120 years. So June 5th/6th signifies a rare event which won’t occur again in any of our lifetimes.

What I find extraordinary is that in her course across the Sun, She marks out a pentagram (five sided star). She does this by creating lots and lots of tiny heart shapes and the pentagram is first realised by the five-petalled rose.

We know about the hearts, pentagrams and five-petalled rose that Venus creates these days because we have computers that track Her progress and they have marked out these shapes. However, that doesn’t explain how the ancients also knew this and used the five-petalled rose to represent Venus in sacred architecture going back thousands of years … and later on, in buildings dedicated to Mary (the Christian Venus).

From St Mary’s Church, Esk Valley, Canterbury in Kent. In the NE sanctuary, we find a set of three English cinquefoil windows, Alpha, An Angel with a scroll and Omega, the symbol,  c. 1879, placed here when the church was built

The five petalled rose was also known in Roman times as the Rose of Venus. To the French Normans, it was the cinquefoil (five-petalled) and found in Christian symbolism of the Middle Ages often affixed to the tops of Gothic arches ~ those vesica pisces-shaped doorways and windows believed to represent the womb of Ishtar/Venus/Mary.  The rose in Gothic architecture is a secret symbol of the feminine principle, one of a multitude of Hermetic symbols found in these churches.

I’ve been feeling Her presence very strongly, and wonderful ‘downloads’ of tangible energy that is creating within me a feeling of peace, beauty and love.

The numbers 5 and 8 are also commonly associated with Ishtar/Venus.

The number 8 is so prevalent in the iconography and mythology associated with Ishtar/Venus that there is too much of it to put here. Suffice for now that the Ishtar Gate was the eighth gate of Babylon.

Ishtar with her eight-pointed star

Venus is also the only planet whose orbit traces out a phi (or Golden Mean) relationship with the Earth. And we have the 5 and 8 from the Fibonacci sequence, which is based on phi, and also seen in so much ancient sacred art and sculptures, often in a flower arrangement of 5 inner petals and 8 outer petals.

Venus represents Love, Order, Proportion and Harmony, as shown in this painting, The Birth of Venus by Botticelli, who used phi or the Golden Mean in his layout.

The ancient Greeks built their temples according to this ratio. You also find the Golden Mean in Renaissance art and also others kinds of aesthetics where the architect or artist seeks to replicate this relationship with Nature in his form.  When you walk in to one of these buildings, there’s a harmonic resonance that is tangibly felt.

John Wadsworth, our local astrologer, describes Venus as the twin soul or the Higher Self of the Earth,  and he believes that Venus is coming now to teach us how to live in harmony with Gaia, and with each other.

Here’s John talking about this upcoming cosmic event Click for video HF_qr3yN3xo

I liked it when he said that Her retrograde conjunction feels to him as if She is blessing the Earth. It feels that way to me too … a sort of conscious honouring and I’m really so much enjoying and benefitting from these Venusian energies. I’m lapping them up! I hope you are too!

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  3. Tom

    Hello there, I’m currently running an exhibition in Wells cathedral’s Lady Chapel all about this subject. it started on Monday (7th May) and finishes on the 18th. If you email me on I’ll send you a promotional pdf. That photo in your article is not to my knowledge in Wells Cathedral by the way. I don’t actually recognise it but would like to know where it is. I’m currently doing a PhD about the underlying geometric design of English Gothic cathedrals with a particular emphasis on Wells. Tom


  4. rob purday

    …..also of note in the astro-chart at the time of the transit are two squares – between Venus+Sun in Gemini and Mars in Virgo (waning but very close at one degree off exact) – and between a conjunction of the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn squaring Uranus in Aries – the Uranus/Pluto squ. by itself is signalling major changes in the matrix and tightening to within one degree at this time. Too many possible interps of either/both to go into here but worth considering the geometry, esp. in relation to earth grid (see forum thread). our bodies and EM fields, as this suggests we will really feel this one – increasing spin related tension in the torus that carries high energy potential at a fundamental physical level, looking for expression; look out for and expect the unexpected, and take care if you are in the business of opening doorways to it – it will come like lightning within……….it might serve us well to meditate on the light of wisdom within Ishtar’s underworld journey prior to the event, so thanks for the heads-up Ishtar.

    Topically, for UK readers esp., there are also ties into the UK national ‘natal’ chart with the transit exact opposite UK Mercury and trine UK Venus – also, Uranus is currently conjunct UK descendant – unexpected forced diplomacy initiatives, revelations around long term foreign investments and economic tectonics, or ‘just another day of muck raking’ at the mass media office (and Leveson enquiry) – whatever, don’t be distracted; this could also be break-through time and, since we have so many sacred sites here, also signals strong tellurics/openings within the land – get to an earth temple and get EARTHED!

    ….suggest a time for strong and seriously heart centered esoteric work, especially involving cyclical movement and body-work in/with nature and in community – offering opportunity to clarify what is most fundamentally valued, that we resonate with most naturally, both personally and mutually – powerful context for making give-aways as/and prayers, especially at sunset (5th) and sunrise (6th) in UK – gaining insights into our own essential nature and releasing tension that distorts or distracts from personal goals and purpose – big opp. for setting our hearts on utilising the highly charged energetic matrix for bringing the most radical changes we most need to restore harmonic resonance within the world and our personal relationships with it, especially as those values inform the actions we take to realise it. Hope this is not just astro-babble…..

    ……timely post, many thanks Ishtar and John


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