Replanting the Wasteland of the Transhuman Agenda

A while back, there was a rivetting and quite dramatic interview with the writer David Wilcock in which he broke down in tears because he believed that his life had been threatened over what he planned to expose about various shady financial machinations of the’global elite’.

The drama of David crying grabbed everyone’s attention, and also the intervention of an alphabet agency spook with a ludicrous fake Irish accent trying to reassure David that all the relevant ‘white hats’ had his back. But there was something else that came out of the “Irishman’s” contribution, apart from the fact that if he had any theatrical ambitions, he should definitely not give up his day job. And he said it almost as an aside, towards the end: “What’s most important here is what’s really at stake: the fate of the human genome.”

My ears pricked up instantly, because it resonated with what I’d been finding through my own research into chemtrails and Monsanto, and how they’re all linked. Because there is definitely an agenda here, by the powers-that-be (or whatever you want to call them) and that is what’s known as the Transhuman Agenda.

I know it sounds like something out of a really bad L Ron Hubbard science fiction pulp novel, but it’s true. “They” want to genetically modify us into something that’s more useful to them, just as they did back in the Neolithic period of history, when they created cows from aurochs, and bred us, by social engineering, into the more cow-like submissive creatures we are today.

However, the difference between now and then is that they now know how to manipulate the human genome itself. Startling evidence about how they intend to manipulate the human species emerged in a news story last week about how scientists had developed bullet-proof skin by inserting the silk of spider milk into the human genome.

These scientists seem to be acting in an ethics vacuum. Even in the article, there is no mention about how far we should go in making changes to the human genome, especially when those changes are not in the best interests of the human being. The only use for this technology would be to artificially-breed an army of humans with bullet proof skin. Given that the economies of major Western powers are based on arms dealing, then whose side are these bullet-proof humans going to be on? Not yours or mine, that we can be sure of.

It would be interesting to know who funded that research ~ whether it was the Carnegie Institute or the Rockefeller Foundation who are historically big funders of social engineering projects.

Just as it would be interesting to know why Monsanto now owns nearly 4,000 patents on processes designed to mitigate the effects of geo-engineering (chemtrails) on plants, fruits and vegetables, some of them in partnershp with Mendel biotechnology who specialise in playing around with genes.

It would also be interesting to know how much Monsanto is hand-in-glove with the man-made global warming scam, which is the justification for chemtrails. And I think we should be told whether the polymer nano-fibres dispersed in the chemtrails which contain self-replicating nano-technology are also part of the Transhuman Agenda.

It would certainly explain why Monsanto, as a company, is able to weather even the fiercest of the PR storms in America.  Every day, there’s a fresh anti-Monsanto story ~ too many to list here. Any other company would fold under the pressure, but Monsanto doesn’t need to because, as Wikileaks informs us,  Monsanto has infiltrated and is now deeply embedded in the US government and the Food and Drug Administration, from which its Stormtroopers can easily and with absolute impunity launch their bullying crusades against the organic farmers and the Amish and just about anybody else that steps out line and saves their seeds instead of destroying them.

If I had read all the above about 10 years ago, I’d think I was reading a science fiction novel, like The War of the Worlds or The Day of the Triffids. Whoever these people are (and I don’t go along with the Reptiles From Outer Space theory) I do wonder how we have allowed ourselves to be corralled, like so much cattle, into allowing them to plan such a nightmare future reality?

It’s the basic right of the human being (unless I’ve somehow slipped through the dimensions to another reality) to grow what he likes on his own patch of soil. When and how was that right lost to our American cousins?

And now that these biotech companies have won the genetically modified foods agenda there, is their next aim to produce genetically-modified human beings, or ‘transhumans’? And if so, how is that going to work? Are we not going to be allowed to produce our own children in the usual natural way? And if we do produce them, are they going to insist that we destroy them and take instead their lab-formed, bullet-proof humanoids? Or will our natural babies be murdered in our wombs? (Please see GMO Foods and the Damage to Human Babies, Placentas & Umbilical Cords)

I know all this may sound ridiculous and way off into the realms of fantasy, but that one couldn’t grow whatever one liked on one’s own patch of ground used to also be a ridiculous idea ~ and in a few short years, it has become a reality.

Even the 2012 Ascensionist psy-ops campaign is part of the Transhuman Agenda. Ascensionists talk of being upgraded into a superior kind of human being with a crystalline body. In fact, they are being mentally prepared to be totally compliant with the view that turning into iRobot will bring them closer to Heaven.

Of course, none of this would have ever been able to take root, cognitively, as a projected, let alone, desirable outcome, if we hadn’t been so brainwashed, for the last 2,000 years at least, that there’s something wrong with just being an ordinary human being who lovingly tends their own patch of soil under a beautiful blue sky.

Now a sort of Dr Strangelove-meets-Dr Josef Mengels Brave New World is being prepared for us by those who mis-spent their youth reading too many Isaac Asimov novels through which they’ve come to believe that technology can solve everything.

However, all is not yet lost. What “they”‘ don’t realise is that the human being is not his body, but an energy field of which the physical body is a manifestation.

The seeds of the human being’s destiny, that even Monsanto cannot insist we destroy, are within each and every one of us. These seeds are our birthright. And shamans and mystics alike can continue to lovingly water and germinate them in the darkness of the Realms of Potentiality, the Underworld, where no Big Brother’s spying eye or Carrier IQ snooping technology can reach. And then “they” will reap the whirlwind …


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All of those pundits were wrong – although they were hardly to blame for their errors. Sovereignty actually starts off life as a spiritual transmission from the spirits of the land, but this is no longer taught to the general populace.

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  7. kevin

    Yeah ,
    Who are ‘they”.
    I hear talk of “them”everywhere.
    Most groups when they talk about “they” it usualy means not”us”.
    So anyone who is not us is them.
    Now we are all us.
    We have been corralled into pastures on this global farm.
    We used to roam and wander, explore and investigate.
    We as a race have come a long way from where we have been.
    Yes much blood has been shed and much destruction and been wreaked on us and the land.
    Our tribal nature has been co opted into a global type of one size fits all humanity.
    Split up into parties and denominations
    We become easily maintained for use by the users.
    The pyramid of society will turn upside down, but the pyramid can not stand on its own head.
    When this happens the pyramid will crumble.
    It may be scary for many but it will be the beginning of New Ages.
    Jesus during one of his adventures told his freinds to go into town and follow the man with a pitcher of water.
    He will lead you to the room.
    The so called church age, the age of the fish is closing and the next age of the man with the pitcher of water is upon us.
    Have we lost our taste for water.
    It was replaced with things like soda coffee a myriad of flavorings and addadictives.
    The water of life will be poured out upon ALL flesh.
    The rulers of the world know their time is short.
    They are in scramble mode where they become most dangerous like a drowning man.
    One must be carefull of the drowning man will drown you with him.
    Technology is a toll we have constructed many tools. many good and usefull things.
    But as it is always the tool is not the trouble.
    God has been so misre presnted as A powerfull vengefull being who is out to correct all bad people.
    It is His will that none perish and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    He is not interested in being praised and worshipped only known.

    Usualy the bad people are one who question ,curious ones who peer deeper than our five outer senses.
    They are labeled ,catagorized and corraled to be put to some use for the keepers.


  8. rob purday

    had to think on this awhile, whether to pitch in, but, on a general point about who ‘they’ are, as this is such a loaded question, but, one worth asking and often…….I would say ‘they’ are multifarious, whoever you or I want them to be and this is not necessarily something that can, or even should, be decided for us, even though it seems it often is – each to their own council – however, how much we can say who ‘they’ are is underpinned by the question ‘how much do you or I know what is at work in our lives, let alone who?’ – it pays to investigate and get informed, which is what is behind this article, literally, and that includes using natural technologies like shamanism to inform, and then make choices – only then can our personal decisions become clear about who ‘they’ are, and stand a better chance of working, like the technology, for or against ‘us’ – remaining uninformed never helped this happen, period, infact its downright dangerous to remain so – who wants to be a part of someone elses experiment without choosing

    truth is, many of the technologies mentioned here are highly life-changing, and perhaps irreversibly so, so, the second question is ‘are those changes what we would choose?’ – can we choose? – this article carries some weight because it throws this in as a challenge, is meant to be provocative and stir us into action and discernment, precisely because this question is not being addressed or answered by the people making the choices behind these technologies and their use – if we are being subjected to someone elses agenda and not being told what that agenda is or being given any reasons why it is being applied, what its affects are or how it works, that too spells big danger – then, ‘they’ are whoever is instigating the use of, subjecting ‘us’ to, and promoting ignorance about these technologies by keeping motives hidden and facts remote

    fact is, technology is benign, and the ‘non-physical or spiritual technologies’ alluded to at the end of the article are no less prone to misuse or immune from interventionist use and dangerous outcomes – I have known people who have come ‘acropa’ using them, even initiated people, sometimes by virtue of the power of the inherent imbalances and dynamics of the environment within which they have been used, sometimes through this being poorly understood – and, some at the hands of others, usually through greed, jealousy, contemptuous and even downright evil intent – this applies equally – but, such ‘natural’ technologies are tried and tested and have been shown to be far more of benefit to humanity than not, if used with care and understanding and a mind to the well-being of others – we stand a far better chance of bringing the world and our place within it into balance through such technologies – what we know about them comes from being informed through many hundreds of generations of personal experience and this makes a huge difference to how confident in them or adept at using them ‘we’ can be, simply because it is in their nature to offer us this option, as a human right and natural facility – I do not believe the same can be said of the products of an ‘imposed’ technology or ideology, especially when it is demonstrably clear that the imposition of that technology is supported by an idealogy that would seperate us from, as you say Ishtar, ‘the basic right of being human’ – this is also true of an unitiated culture that lacks the leadership of initiated elders who are in council with the people and consequently uses technologies that have not yet stood the test of time in a manner that betrays their lack of wisdom – all the more reason to suspect the possibility of mal-practice – then it begins to become clearer who ‘they’ are

    bit of a rant perhaps, and ‘shipping coals to Newcastle’ here me’thinks, however, I, for one, am very grateful that there are people about like Ishtar, David Wilcock and a host of innumerable people who have their whits about them, who are not content to just ‘accept’ what we are told, or in the case of much of the above, not told, and who care enough to find out and pass on what they find, opinions and all – we can never have too much of this or too many of such people – who ‘they’ are is clear from who and what ‘they’ are not – much gratitude


    • Anna

      David Wilcox states that the biotech firms have won the battle in the States. They have not.The fight goes on as I have shown in my previous link.
      I find the dark mutterings about ‘them’ sinister and dis powering. What is the plan – to make us throw up our hands in despair?

      And Rob, reading your analysis of who ‘they’ are, I must admit that ‘they’ are sometimes ‘me’.
      We are all in this together, one sorry, jubilant, confused and confusing mess, and realizing that makes me certain that ‘we’, ‘they’ and ‘I’ can fix it.
      Isn’t the basic tenement ‘Everything is Spirit, and everything is interconnected?


  9. Ayla Jones

    You describe a bleak yet accurate picture of the way things are in Endtimes. I cannot imagine humans wanting to change their bodies so bullet-proof skin would be an addition to a longer-lasting model of a slave used by -do I dare say- Aliens? It has been accessible knowledge how our bodies were mangled before we decided to take on the challenge when genetic scientists converted 10 strands of our 12 DNA strands into ‘junk’. Anyone in his right mind would be ready to leave this insanity that’s going on around us-I know I am.


  10. Samuel

    But what if this is the next natural step of our evolution? When we integrate with our technology?

    It can be used for wicked purposes for sure, but does that mean we should take a step backwards and never touch it? Genetics is the language of life, and we are actually learning how to speak it. To say that it is sacred and should never be tinkered with is a primitive, fearful type of thought pattern. It is the same thing that the Catholic Church said to the Royal Society of London and their Natural Philosophers, who were figuring out the early secrets of physics and chemistry and biology. I would not so hastily cast all of it away, just because of what Monsanto does for money.


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