Rearranging the Deckchairs on the Titanic

“If the people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks, and corporations that will grow up around the banks, will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” No, not Occupy Wall Street, but Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence.

Last week, some of us breathed a little easier upon hearing that those nice guys at the Federal Reserve had poured billions of cheap dollars, newly minted, into the market to help prop up the banks.

But let’s not be fooled. It was the Federal Reserve Board that caused the problem in the first place. Their MO has always been the same ~  to “create the problem, then provide the solution” ~ which they duly did. But they’re not finished yet.

The game plan is world deflation. They’ll buy up everything while it’s going cheap and create a centralised World Government on the back of the need for “greater fiscal union in support of stability.”

It’s really like a protection racket. Tighter fiscal union will probably lead to greater economic stability because then these guys will finally stop rocking the boat.

Several nations, including China and Russia, have proposed replacing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and the 2009 United Nations Trade and Development Report suggested it as well, blaming the current system of currencies and capital rules for the financial and economic crises. The Telegraph claimed that the report’s proposed changes represent the “biggest overhaul of the world’s monetary system since the Second World War.”

“There is urgent need for a true world political authority.” – Pope Benedict XVI, Encyclical letter, 2009


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As you can see, it’s not just the Federal Reserve working towards a global currency. The Bank of England are in on this too, as is the European Central Bank… because they’re all run and owned by the same people and have been since the days of Oliver Cromwell. (To see how they’re all interlinked, take a look at this chart which, although produced in 1976, shows ‘the roots of the tree’.)

So who are *they*? Well, they are Zionists but by ‘Zionist’, I don’t mean Jew. Most Jews are not Zionists and most Zionists are not naturally Jews, by which I mean the Jews that left Israel during the last diaspora. Most Zionists derive originally from the Turkic Khazar Central Asian tribe that, in the 6th century CE, controlled the lucrative trade route between northern Europe and southwestern Asia, as well as the all-important Silk Road. In the 8th century CE, for reasons best known to themselves, the Khazars renounced their traditional shamanism for Judaism ~ and their sky god Tengri for Jehovah ~ and have considered themselves Zionist Jews ever since.

But how the Khazars make their money has always been by extortion. During the 6th century, when Khazar dominance was at its height across Central Asia and the Far East, they would extract ‘tributes’  (protection money) from many ‘client kings’ including from

Pontic steppes, Crimea and Turkestan

The Pechenegs; the Oghuz; the Crimean Goths; the Crimean Huns (Onogurs?); the early Magyars


Georgia; various Armenian principalities; Arran (Azerbaijan); the North Caucasian Huns; Lazica; the Caucasian Avars; the Kassogs; and the Lezgins.

Upper Don and Dnieper

Various East Slavic tribes such as the Derevlians and the Vyatichs; various early Rus’ polities


Volga Bulgaria; the Burtas; various Uralic forest tribes such as the Mordvins and Ob-Ugrians; the Bashkir; the Barsils

Map of Khazar Khaganate and contemporary states c. 600 CE rom Wikipedia Khazars page

“Arab anti-Semitism might have been expected to be free from the idea of racial odium, since Jews and Arabs are both regarded by race theory as Semites, but the odium is directed, not against the Semitic race, but against the Jews as a historical group. The main idea is that the Jews, racially, are a mongrel community, most of them being not Semites, but of Khazar and European origin.” Yehoshafat Harkabi, “Contemporary Arab Anti-Semitism: its Causes and Roots”, in Helen Fein, The Persisting Question: Sociological Perspectives and Social Contexts of Modern Antisemitism, Walter de Gruyter, 1987, ISBN 311010170X, p. 424.

In other words, criticism of the Khazar-derived Zionists is not being anti-Semitic, because they are not real Jews.

It was these same Zionists who took over the country of Israel after World War 2, where the Rothschilds own the Supreme Court, and there’s a similar Public Debt relationship with them through the Federal Reserve that dictates so much of America’s foreign policy.

So how did we get into so much hock with these extortionists? Well, we need to go back about 300 years and to explain it, I’m going to use an extract from a small book published in 1952 and titled The Nameless War. It’s written by a former Member of Parliament for Midlothian and Peeblesshire, Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay, who was arrested and flung into Brixton Prison for writing pretty much what I am saying here in this blog, and detained there, without charge or trial, for four years. Ramsay calls the Zionists ‘Jews’, but I hope that I’ve made the distinction clear.

Great Britain, newly united under James I, was a rising naval power, which was already beginning to sway the four corners of the discovered world. Here also there existed a wonderful field for disruptive criticism; for although it was a Christian kingdom, yet it was one most sharply divided as between Protestant and Catholic.

A campaign for exploiting this division and fanning hatreds between the Christian communities was soon in process of organization. How well the Jews succeeded in this campaign in Britain may be judged from the fact that one of the earliest acts of their creature and hireling Oliver Cromwell — after executing the King, according to plan — was to allow the Jews free access to England once more.. .(after their banishment by Edward I in the 13th century). The political and economic union of England and Scotland was shortly afterwards forced upon Scotland with wholesale corruption, and in defiance of formal protests from every county and borough. The main objects of the Union were to suppress the Royal Mint in Scotland, and to force upon her, too, responsibility for the “National Debt.”

The grip of the moneylender was now complete throughout Britain. The danger was that the members of the new joint Parliament would sooner or later, in the spirit of their ancestors, challenge this state of affairs. To provide against this, therefore, the party system was now brought into being, frustrating true national reaction and enabling the wire-pullers to divide and rule; using their newly-established financial power to ensure that their own men and their own policies should secure the limelight, and sufficient support from their newspapers, pamphlets, and banking accounts to carry the day.

Gold was soon to become the basis of loans, ten times the size of the amount deposited. In other words, 100 pounds in gold would be legal security for 1,000 pounds of loan; at 3% therefore 100 pounds in gold could earn 30 pounds interest annually with no more trouble to the lender than the keeping of a few ledger entries.

The owner of 100 pounds of land, however, still must work every hour of daylight in order to make perhaps 4%. The end of the process must only be a matter of time. The moneylenders must become millionaires; those who own and work the land, the Englishman and the Scotsman, must be ruined. The process has continued inexorably till now, when it is nearly completed.

So that’s why it’s as pointless as re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic when the Tories blame Labour, and vice versa, for the state of the National Debt. The same for the Republicans and Democrats. We are set up to be in debt. It’s meant to be that way.

The National Debt was deliberately created in 1694 by the Zionist Rothchilds and at the request of Oliver Cromwell, to support the establishment of the Bank of England. They then ‘roped off’ the Square Mile of the City so that, like the Vatican, it is treated like a nation state ~ you could call it a Khaganate ~ unto itself with its own laws and its own governance. In other words, these people can do whatever they like including holding whole nations to ransom.

Since the 1980s and Margeret Thatcher’s premiership when she deliberately destroyed the manufacturing base of this country, we’ve been almost totally reliant on what’s euphemistically called ‘financial services’ but what is, in fact, a glorified gambling casino in the City Khaganate, and they are a law unto themselves.

The Financial Services Authority was set up in the early Nineties to act as a watchdog over the financial services industry, but because it is funded by the financial services industry, we might as well call it self-regulation, and it hasn’t worked. Even to date, not one single failing bank’s senior executive has been arrested over the 2008 financial meltdown which led to the so-called Credit Crunch.

In America, Bloombergs actually had to get the banks into court to force an admission, after a lengthy trial,  that the major US banks had received a covert multi-trillion dollar under-the counter bailout from the Bush administration at that time. More than $16 trillion was also secretly passed to European banks and companies.

So I’m not the least interested in cross-party rows about the cause of the crisis. Pointing fingers at each other is just playing into the Zionists merchants’ hands. We’re also wasting time if we decide to blame Greece, Iceland, Ireland or Portugal for the woes of Europe. While we’re fighting each other, we can’t see who the real enemy is.

And let’s not be deluded into thinking that the aim of austerity measures, such as trying to survive with barely supportable cuts to our living standards, is to pay off the National Debt. The last thing that these extortionists want is the National Debt repaid.

Repaying the National Debt is not the name of the game. Being easily controlled by it is. And that knowledge will be hard to live with this winter when our old people, through being too afraid to put the heating on because of “austerity measures”, are dying of cold.

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