The Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon

I can’t help wondering how much longer the media will keep silent on the Bosnian pyramids because, if they are a hoax, it was one that was perpetrated on us at least 12,000 years ago. This is now the official dating of the deposition of the soil that covers them.  So it seems that whoever built these pyramids, which later became covered with grass and trees, must have had one hell of a sense of humour.

Perhaps they had some kind of prescience about the lies we would be told to keep us believing that our ancestors thought the Earth was flat, even though they were skilled astronomers who mapped the constellations. Or that they could barely rub two sticks together to create fire, despite ancient Egyptian alchemists inventing materials we have as yet, even now, been unable to deconstruct.

In the few years that I’ve been studying prehistory and archaeology, I’ve come across corrupt peer review systems, ridiculing of perfectly good evidence, deliberate destruction of respected archaeologists’ reputations and quite frankly, outright lying at times …all, it seems, with the end purpose of hiding from man his true origins.  One of my roles as a shaman is to help to  restore the reputations of our ancestors, because until we know what we came from, we can never know who we really are. And so long as we’re taught to disrespect the intelligence and wisdom of those who came before us, we can never respect ourselves… which I suspect, has been the purpose of the exercise.

So I’m quite inclined to believe that these Bosnian pyramids are real and especially with the latest evidence which emerged last summer.

Thus, rant apart, please regard this post as a preview of what will eventually reach our television screens come the revolution. And so here is the News…

More than 12,000 years ago, our ancestors that were living about 20 kilometres north-west of Sarajevo in present-day Bosnia engineered a complex of pyramids out of agglomerated concrete. They were designed using sacred geometry to create optimum conditions for life, including built waterways, cobbled pathways and especially-created ceramic (yes, ceramic) objects which helped to ionise and clean the atmosphere underground.

The structures, connected by an underground tunnel network, have been confirmed by satellite, infra-red, geopyhys and excavations, and have been named the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon, the Pyramid of Love, the Pyramid of the Dragon and the Temple of Mother Earth.

The Pyramid of the Sun, which is a third taller than the ancient Egyptian Great Pyramid, is constructed of five very thick layers of concrete, and between each concrete layer there is a 15 centimetre layer of clay. Under all that concrete and clay, the inner pyramid is constructed of sandstone blocks.

You won’t find any confirmation of this on Wikipedia, whose carefully briefed editors have been hard at work rubbishing Semir Osmanagić, the lead excavator, and any other archaeologist who dares to volunteer his unpaid services for the dig. But as the volunteers chip away and more and more  evidence begins to pile up, these ‘experts’ are starting to look sillier by the day with their insistence that these obviously engineered structures are natural formations.

Semir Osmanagic with volunteers

Clearing paved walkway

This is from a geologist who has been contributing his skills to the dig there. (I’m waiting to hear back from him, to see if he will be named. Until then, we’ll refer to him as ‘the geologist’.)

“The concrete is manufactured from material taken from a locally deposited post glacial conglomerate; pebbles and cobbles of varying rock types and sandy quartz limestone.

“Looking at the crystal grains within the material, we can ascertain that during the manufacturing process, the material was heated to above 500 degrees centigrade. That takes knowledge and technological know-how.

“What is most interesting is that samples were sent to the University of Paris where a world-leading materials professor tested the properties of the concrete. It is as much as five times stronger than any concrete we can make today and five times more resistant to water as well.

“Energetically, this pyramid is in harmony with its surroundings as it is built from its surroundings.”

That our ancestors built in harmony with their environment, instead of creating unsightly blots on the landscape, is still a new and radical way of thinking to our architects today.

The tunnels under the pyramid complex cut through the local conglomerate, leading the excavators to believe that the material removed in the creation of these tunnels would have been used for making the concrete. But not all the concrete is the same and the way it is used differs from pyramid to pyramid.

“There are several compositions found across the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, ” the geologist continues. “Finer-grained compositions are found on Pyramid of the Moon, for example, whereas the Pyramid of the Sun has huge outer layers of poured concrete ~ five layers, almost a metre thick each. The Pyramid of the Moon, however, is a very different construction. It is a mixture of clay layers, manufactured slabs and concrete blocks as well as natural stone.

“The amount of concrete material needed to create the Pyramid of the Sun is astounding. We can see where each section was poured and allowed to set before the next batch of concrete was poured. Each section alone is what you would call industrial scale. Several tons, I’d imagine.

“We also know from material analysis that clay was used within the concrete and heated up to over 500 degrees to give it binding qualities.

“But it’s important we look at the pyramids as a piece of technology, a device of sorts, rather than a simple building-temple-burial chamber, because then the relative energetic fields become an important factor.”

By ‘a device of sorts’, I assume he’s referring to the  possibility of custom-designing agglomerated crystalline materials to transmit vibrations and frequencies. It may be for this reason that, as Joel Bertho discovered in 2001, the Giza pyramids were also built from agglomerates, and that the material for each ‘stone’ was poured, in situ, into a mould. Bertho also insists that the walls of Jericho were constructed similarly.

This conductivity of the crystalline transmitting and receiving materials of which the Bosnian pyramids are made may be partly why the ‘powers-that-be’ do not want knowledge about them broadcast far and wide ~ for the same reason that J P Morgan locked up Nikola Tesla’s work, and threw away the key.

The geologist continues:

“We have found a beam of electromagnetic energy at the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. This beam is resonating up to a frequency of 28 Khz at intervals of 4.2 Khz. I’m no physicist, but the [aforementioned] physics professor made a point of saying that the readings he was taking were too specific for them to be caused by a natural phenomena.

“What is most interesting about this beam is that a current can be drawn from it.”

It should be  added here that an electromagnetic beam of energy has been detected and measured at the top of the artificially-created mound known as Silbury Hill in Wiltshire, England.

Keeping the air fresh and breathable down in the deep Bosnian pyramid tunnels were huge ceramic devices. This is the biggest one yet found and, known as K2, it is seven tons in weight and sits on a stone plinth.

If you draw a line between the centres of the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Dragon, you come up with an equilaterial triangle and each pyramid has a channel of water coming from it that meets at the centre of the triangle. Now what are the odds of that occurring naturally?

The geologist says:

“It’s not by chance the groundwaters meet in this location. The whole area around the pyramids has been engineered.

“The river bed running is actually made from the same material that the pyramids are constructed of. The area sits on huge megalithic blocks and geophys has determined that below these blocks are cavities.

“We could be dealing with something a lot bigger than just pyramids. Where the three channels of water meet, there may be an underground reservoir of some kind.”

He believes that the three different channels of water have been charged differently by each of the pyramids for the benefit of health.

“I’ve had the water from springs near the base of the pyramids and I must say, it’s the best tasting water I have ever drunk. Not only that, people drinking  it for prolonged periods have said that their ailments have cleared up afterwards.

“Each of the pyramids have different energetic fields.

“The Pyramid of the Sun is constructed from a post-glacial deposit, so it may charge the water as though it had been flowing through a natural mountain deposit.

“At the Pyramid of the Moon, the water runs over sandstones which formed at the shoreline. Perhaps the water coming from that pyramid is charged as though it came from a lake.

“How ever the water is charged, the pyramids are collecting it, drawing it in towards them and then channeling it to the centre of the triangle where it was possibly collected and used.”

Water channel in Pyramid of the Moon

Curves at 45 degrees

He says that they found something quite unusual at the Pyramid of the Moon.

“While removing layers of finely laminated clay beds from above the larger manufactured blocks, we found that one of the layers of clay contains asymmetric ripples. This is very interesting because in nature this would be impossible.

“Clay is made from very fine grains. In order for them to be deposited naturally, the depositional environment must be very calm, like a still lake. However, asymmetric ripples indicate there is a flow.

“This flow would make it impossible for the fine clay grains to settle and create the clay beds. This discovery, therefore,  presents quite a conundrum.

“For me, this discovery further reinforces the idea that the pyramid builders had the ability to work with materials in ways similar to how nature would, while still demonstrating it is artificial.”

And there he may have hit of the nub of a classic problem in the world of archaeology ~ which is known as the ‘artifact versus geofact debate’. In other words, is a find an artifact fashioned by man or a geofact fashioned by nature? No end of disagreement and controversy goes on about the dating of tools from the Pleistocene (300,000 years ago) which, despite the proven use of Phi (the Golden Mean) in their construction, naysayers will insist that they were just naturally occurring stones.

But perhaps the killer piece of evidence to emerge from the Bosnian pyramids is the earliest known writing, or runes, found incised into some of the ceramic artifacts found within the pyramids.  So if this complex of pyramids aligned along geomantic principles with engineered waterways are just natural structures, how did the writing get there?

The most recent news from the Bosnian pyramid complex, though, must surely put to bed any nonsense about it being a hoax. Last July, men with ground-probing radar along the Ravne tunnel, which runs along the pyramids network, revealed a very obvious geometric anomaly located at a depth of 4.5 metres and which archaeologists speculate could be a tomb with two chambers.

Archaeologists use ground-probing radar along the Ravne tunnel [Credit: ArcheoRivista]

I think that’s game, set and match!

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