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“When the going gets weird, the Wyrd turns pro” … with apologies to Hunter S

In the Northern Tradition, the Wyrd is the product of the three Norns who weave this web of fate or destiny which is under the control of Orlog, the omnipotent, omnipresent and eternal law of the universe to which we all are bound. However, I’ve found that shamanically, one can work with the three Norns to bring about outcomes that serve the highest good of all, and particularly during times of eclipses, such as the one we just had.


The Three Norns sitting at the foot of the World Tree

So how do we talk to the Norns? How do we petition the fates? Well, it makes sense to me to use the language of the Northern Tradition as it comes from those who created the myths about the Norns, the World Tree and the Wyrd, and by that language, I mean using the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark for divination. So on the morning of the eclipse, I threw the runes and was presented with six  of them, in three pairs, as shown below. Continue reading

How does a Tarot reading predict the future?

There are many different forms of divination, to identify landmarks and cycles on the spiritual path in order to see what’s coming next and to identify changes in behaviour and actions which can help with the transition. I find that Tarot works very well for a number of reasons, although I can also understand why others may find it confusing. After all, why should a bunch of strange-looking archetypal figures thrown down seemingly at random be able to predict the future? Well, here’s how I think it works. Continue reading