Facing the Shadow

It was so good to hear Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard calling out Wokeism for what it actually is – anti-white racism. She has a strong presence and a large platform and so lots of people heard her speech about why she’s leaving the Democrat Party.

Hopefully, her stance helps people to realise that those suffering under the brainwashing of ‘Woke’ are anything but awake. They are not awake to their own Shadow, as Jung would have put it, and so they are easily persuaded to project this darkness on to others.

Wokedom is an insidious, hidden weapon. It operates under the cloak of self-righteous victimhood – often falsely claimed. To me, it was astounding that Black Lives Matter managed to get hold of the public imagination in this country, where we not only banned slavery but only finished paying for it, through our taxes, in 2015.

But because they have not yet met their Shadow, the unwoke Woke can be persuaded to any seemingly righteous cause by only being told half a story, so they’re not aware of the darkness of where it’s really coming from. They are not capable of critical thinking yet… and so they can be roped into supporting anything with enough glitter and glamour behind it.

Their ignorance leads to a tendency towards Messianic delusions; that it is down to them to save the human race [with masks and vaccines] or the planet against the mad, evil [fill in the blank].

The irony is today, In trying to save humanity (from Russia) or the planet (from climate change), they are now on the side of actual Nazis that are continually trying to provoke a nuclear war which has the strong possibility of turning into an apocalyptic extinction event for all sentient life on Earth.

This is what is meant by the saying: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

The mythological hero, who meets the dragon challenges around the zodiac of the constellations in his efforts to become a man, has to face his Shadow when he reaches Sagittarius, in the Underworld.

Here, he undergoes many rite of passage trials. In esoteric Christianity, St John of the Cross called it the Dark Night of the Soul. Going through the Dark Night of the Soul is a necessary step into manhood and so if he doesn’t make it through those challenges, he is denied rebirth on the Winter Solstice.

The hero who fails to integrate his Shadow is not allowed to reincarnate on Earth. This is because he is considered to be a danger to himself and everyone else, by being a willing pussy to those who will corral him into a human battering ram against good folk, and in this case, white people.

Unfortunately, this sorting process only takes place in myths – but we can learn from these stories about what happens when people are not taught how to integrate their Shadow, through shamanic practises, especially now that we have an example of the sheer hell it causes writ large all around us.

If you’d like to know more about the journey of the mythological hero around the zodiac of the constellations, it’s all in my book Stories in the Stars.