Swan Song, After the Summer is Over

In The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, I write about the stage of lovemaking that used to be known in the Egyptian temple system as The Adoration of the Beloved. This is the alchemical stage where the sacrum of the woman opens. It is her sacred holy of holies that can only be unlocked with the ‘open sesame’ key of divine adoration. Then, a great force of magnetic frequencies explode out in the form of a song of love that crosses dimensions, just as Mary sang the Magnificat after her visit from Gabriel.

And so where are these esoteric secrets hidden? Why is this natural alchemical practice not talked about, or taught about, more? Well, I’ll leave you to find the answer to the second question. But the answer to the first one is simple. It is, in fact, talked about…a lot. It is a integral part of just about every ancient myth cycle of every culture. But you may not recognise it because, unlike this coarse and literal age that we live in today, our ancestors were more coy and poetic in describing the cross-dimensional love rites that fertilised the creation. And so there are heroes and heroines falling in love with swans all over the place!

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