The most powerful guru on the planet?

If you were to ask me who I think is the most powerful guru on the planet right now, my answer might surprise you. It’s Wim Hof, aka the Iceman. I think that if everyone listened to him, the whole medical industrial complex would collapse, and the grifts of all the false Indian guru-jis, who promise you Heaven but not how to live on Earth, would become obsolete.

This is because Hof’s very simple and no cost method is capable of bringing optimal mind-body-spirit health without us having to twist ourselves into contorted yoga positions to raise the Kundalini, or bother with fiddly nadi shodhana – inhaling and exhaling through alternate nostrils. It can all be achieved without having to resort to any Vedic texts, Sanskrit mantras or having to ‘save our seed’ through Brahmacharya, just by simply breathing and then standing under a cold shower for 2-3 mins.

Hof’s method is the ultimate in mind-body-spirit healing. And you can take it as far as you like, to go deeper and deeper into the subconscious mind to the extent, if you want, of dissolving the emotional trauma that caused the dis-ease in the first place.

He has been working with scientists to produce some quite amazing data as to the health-giving properties of his method. It has been proven to cure a myriad of ills that were previously thought to be incurable, such as Lyme’s disease, cancer, heart disease and depression. Through properly conducted double-blind trials, it was found to cure many auto-immune conditions and his cold showers and ice baths alone would wreck the viagra industry!

I have practically experienced the benefits of his method and found it goes way beyond healing remedies. It is more like a cellular reset, back to factory settings. Road blocks along neurological pathways – the necrotic by-products of auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis – are destroyed by what feels, at the time, like a bolt of forked lightening as that information superhighway for chi or prana flow is opened up again.

So I really do believe that if everyone in the world lived according to his easy-to-practice techniques, there would be no need for Big Pharma or the National Health Service, other than providing surgery should you be so unlucky as to fall under a bus.

The Hara line

The other thing I can’t help noticing about Wim Hof is that, when he speaks, he is in complete alignment with his method and message. That true alignment can only come from someone who says exactly what he thinks and does exactly what he says. There is no disjunct pushing his Hara line, and thus his transmission, out of the shape. He stands firm, direct and straight in his own truth, with no static or interference, and that makes him very powerful.

If you don’t know what the Hara line is, here is one of his trainees, Naudi Aguilar, demonstrating it with before Hof and after Hof photos.

Screenshot taken from “Wim Hof saved my life” by Naudi Aguilar on YouTube:

I was taught all about the Hara line and how to keep it straight while I was in southern India, in 1998, and it’s probably the most valuable lesson I learned from all my time – more than three decades – that I spent with gurus and in ashrams.

The Hara line is the energetic channel that gives us our main connection to the forces and flows that come down from the Heavens and the forces and flows that come up from the Earth. It goes up way beyond our crown chakra and, at the other end, down way beyond the ends of our feet into the Earth.

The Hara line is what gives us our strength, health and mental and emotional empowerment. There are physiological reasons for it getting crooked, like sitting at a computer all day. But there are also psychological factors that adversely impact on the flow of the Hara line, which can pull us out of shape.

It’s like when using a hosepipe to water the garden during a drought. If there is a kink halfway along it the water will get stuck, and so the flowers and plants will die off.

So here’s how I was taught to keep it aligned correctly.

If we want the Hara line to run true and straight, we have to live in truth and be completely straight with ourselves and with each other. We have to say what we think and do what we say. It’s that simple.

To keep the flows of the Hara line running free, our mind, body and actions have to be all lined up like the tumbrils combination of a lock to a safe. Only when we are completely in truth will the open sesame key open up the flows of the Hara line, because its healing and empowering energies will then be able to run true.

It is usually trauma that causes us to start to live a lie because, in order to survive, we believe that we cannot be truthful with ourselves, let alone anyone else. Once we start lying, we then have to tell more lies to protect the original lie, and so it goes on as we hide our pain and grief in our Shadow. That’s why I believe the Wim Hof method is so powerful because we can go very deep with it, to clear the psychological scars of trauma, and then we can straighten ourselves up again.

And so what else do we want from a guru? Enlightenment? To me enlightenment is about realising that we are spirits who chose this human journey on planet Earth to explore what it is to be human, and Wim Hof is the man with the method that shows us how to practically experience what sort of ride this supersonic, multi-dimensional, massively intelligent rocket ship is really capable of giving us.

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