The Font of All Wisdom

We may sometimes wonder why we should be concerning ourselves with spiritual matters when the world seems to be only just holding back from the brink of an apocalyptic meltdown. So in this video, I’m going to share with you my thoughts on all that …. or you can just carry on here and read it as an article.

I don’t claim to have all the answers … but I am happy to share here with you my realisations that have developed in me as a result of asking my spirit guides: “Why am I here? And why am I here now?”

I am taking this war very seriously, and on many levels because its resonating deeply  in ways that we might not have expected. We’re being given the impression that it is raging over there …somewhere else… with people who are not much to do with us.   Actually, that’s not the case, and I explain why as we go on. 

But that’s why I believe there is no time like the present to become engaged, or re-engaged with the fountainhead of our ancestral wisdom.

There’s a saying, I don’t know by whom but it’s true… that politics is just downstream from culture, and culture, in turn, is just downstream from the fountainhead of true spirituality. In other words, everything around us…. that seems so real to us here downstream … comes from its pure source upstream and then as that stream reaches our arts, it’s reflected in our culture.

This means that our arts – -whether visual or audio, acted or danced, written or painted – are expressions of deep cosmological truths.   And so when a culture is aligned with its spiritual fountainhead, our arts inform the all-important court of public opinion and subsequently, the body politic in a way that’s good for all of us.

 That is why most wars begin as culture wars.   For instance, the Frankfurt School, established in the early 20th century, was designed to render all our artworks ugly and meaningless, for a reason. Of course, its supporters justify their hideous modern installations and equally discordant music by saying that they are only ugly to us because they follow a certain ideology that we’re not intelligent enough to understand.   So you end up with a sort of emperor’s new clothes situation with people wandering around Tate Modern nodding sagely and trying to look intelligent at art that has no spirit, no life and thus no meaning, and just ending up with a horrible migraine.  Or is that just me?  

But the Masters of War have known throughout history that if you destroy a civilisation’s culture, then the court of public opinion will be so divided, so confused and thus weak and docile, and so their attempts to conquer that land will be so much easier. Currently we experience that in the form of anti-white and anti-male propaganda advertising and movies.   But it was always a weapon of war.

For instance, the invading armies of the British Empire – of the 19th and 20th centuries – were always preceded by the missionaries of the Christian religion. The Jesuit teachers in Africa were extremely effective at demonising and wiping out the shamanic practices of the indigenous tribes, leaving the native people lost, rootless …  drenched in the collective blood-guilt of murdering the son of God and dependent upon the West.

Similarly, the Victorian colonialists of the Indian Raj mis-translated the ancient scriptures of The Vedas.The indigenous Indians had had a rich spiritual heritage that had produced fire altars displaying Pythagorean geometry thousands of years before Pythagorus was supposed to have lived.   Yet the British colonialists’ revised version of the four oldest books of their Vedas gave the impression that the Indians would have just been ignorant savages had they not been invaded by  wiser, white Aryans who composed the sublime prose of these works.

After that, the British East India Tea Company had no trouble in colonising the whole country, and the misunderstanding about the white Aryans went on to supply Hitler with a justification for his Third Reich.

So those are just a couple of examples of how culture wars are designed to destroy people’s values and thus to render them mentally weak and unable to resist. Once divorced from their traditional values, people feel that their lives are meaningless and have no purpose, other than to work and consume like robots. This is because the fruits of a culture connect people to their historical, ancestral roots and through those roots pour the energetic spiritual chi or waters of life that strengthen them and give them the courage to resist evil.

 So where is this spiritual fountainhead that informs our true culture with the wisdom of our ancestors?

Well, we can trace it upstream if we follow the stories that were drawn in the eternal stars thousands upon thousands of years ago. These sagas are so old, we cannot even date them …but that’s also because they were orally transmitted, mouth to ear, and not written down until the 1200s — by which time we had entered the Dark Ages, so none of the monkish transcribers knew what these multi-layered myths really meant.. and probably, neither did they care in fact, because their role was not to use them to teach the esoteric mysteries, as they were designed to do, but to use to them as material for a tapestry illuminating a historical back story for the conquered people.

That’s why I always say that the difference between history and mythology is that myths are true.

Anyway, to get back to following the signs that point back up stream to the font of all wisdom…

Who are we?

A very important clue is found in why white-skinned people are called Caucasians.   It is because our earliest ancestors were nomadic reindeer herders, and they roamed the grassy plains of the Russian and Ukrainian steppes as far north-east as Siberia.

 They were flooded out of those lands after the melting of the glaciers, at the end of the last Ice Age, more than 10,000 years ago.   And so they migrated through the Caucasus mountains and then down into Eurasia and Europe, and also across into Scandinavia.

So when we understand that all Caucasians are, in their DNA, from the lands of the Russians and the Ukrainians, we can realise that a war has been raging in our ancestral homeland for actually more than 13 centuries, off and on. The current one is just the recent manifestation of what seems to be a never-ending conflict based on the avenging of blood feuds.

So far from being a war in another strange land, it is a war in our homeland from which springs the spiritual fountainhead that flows downstream and fertilises our culture – our stories and our arts.

If you imagine those waters first emerging from the Caucusus mountains, as a small meandering brook, or a rushing stream or even white water rapids, they are clean and pure.   They stay that way until they reach the cities and become polluted with industrial run-off.   But first, they flow through the land of stories…the stories we need to inform our wisdom.

The purity of that fount of wisdom is illustrated in the original, Welsh tale about the magician Merlin, who is a sort of forest hermit cum shaman called Myrddin. He is often found sitting by and guarding a huge, bubbling silver fountain in the depths of the forest. This fountain is cognate with the three wells of mead of the World Tree that’s found in the ancient Norse literature.   But they are all about the source of the waters of life … otherwise known as ‘chi’ in the Taoist system, or ‘prana’ in the Indian system.

Mead, prana or chi, it doesn’t matter.   These are just different terms for the waters of life that feed us at our deepest levels, that strengthen us, that rebalance us, and that give us purpose and meaning and courage.

So if our culture is destroyed, it is much harder to find the teaching story signposts to the path back through the forest to the fountainhead.

What is the meaning of our ancestral stories?

All the arts of our Caucasian races come from the stories that our shaman ancestors drew in the eternal stars which were metaphorical myths that, in their sub-stratas, showed the path of the spiritual seeker, often in the form of a hero who has to face many challenges to reach his goal of enlightenment. This enlightenment is not just necessary for its own sake.   It’s not just a ‘nice-to-have’ if you’ve nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon.   In fact, there is nothing better we can do, because it is the means of redeeming our family DNA.

This is the mythical meaning of the stories about the hero rescuing his own father or uncle from the Underworld. He can only rescue his relative by facing his own Shadow Side … and this is often far more terrifying to him than facing the Stormtroopers of the Evil Empire, as Luke Skywalker discovered when it was revealed to him that his father was his nemesis, the monstrous Darth Vader of the dark side.

Facing the Shadow and redeeming the ancestors is just another way of saying that we need to keep the flows of chi fresh and alive in order for the family line to continue and thrive. It is interdimensional work and so it involves journeying in trance into the other dimensions of the three worlds of the World Tree, to find our destiny.

If you are already following the path laid down by the spiritual teachers of old, you’ll have already realised that political events on the world stage are just metaphorical outpicturings of an illusion that the Indians call maya.

We are dreaming while we’re awake.

This is in no way meant to to trivialise or downgrade the horror, and the compassion we feel, for those who suffer and lose their lives in these terrible bloody, and completely unnecessary, conflicts. It’s true that the shaman is said to live between two worlds, but when we are in this one, the pain is real.

However, if we zoom out a bit further, then we can view these events as picture book lessons that reflect back to us what we are needing to learn at this point along our human journey on Earth.

Right now, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are imminent: War and Conquest bring Death and Famine, as sure as night follows day. So where should we go next? Where is the escape route from all this chaotic hell?

Well, the only way out is through… we need to go back to the future … and so let me explain a little more about how we can do that:

Going backwards to go forwards

Some of the earliest waves of migrations of our Caucasian ancestors were of tribes led by shamans, and they settled on the southern coasts of France and Spain.   There, they left the outpicturings of their spiritual wisdom – in other words, their culture – in their cave paintings.

 I have in the past referred to the content of these most ancient art galleries, such as those at Lascaux and Chauvet, as “The Stained-Glass Windows of Ice Age Cathedrals”.

These caves were virtual ‘cathedrals’ in that they weren’t lived in but used for a metaphysical purpose. They were what archaeologists call ‘ritual sites’ and, just like stained-glass windows in today’s churches, their artworks on the cave walls told a deeper, more esoteric story.

As rock art scientist David Lewis Williams writes in his book, The Mind in the Cave:

“….the entry into Upper Palaeolithic caves was probably seen as virtually indistinguishable from entry into the mental vortex that leads to the experiences and hallucinations of deep trance…. The embellishing images blazed (possibly in a fairly literal sense) a path into the unknown.”

But what he’s saying is that in that deepest darkness, these shamans of the Upper Palaeolithic era journeyed in trance, and that gave them visions that they painted on the walls with mineral pigments, like iron oxide.

Their vividly realistic paintings of animals have been misunderstood as a form of “hunting magic”… but to the trained eye, they are clearly the power animal spirits that the shaman meets for guidance in the Underworld.
Now I must hasten to add, I’m not saying engaging with our deepest cultural and spiritual fountainhead will stop all the wars.

I am not Miss World promising its my aim to bring about world peace.   That is not my role or my destiny to try to carry out.

In fact, if we are to believe the historical record, there has never ever been a time on this planet when there wasn’t some sort of war or conflict going on somewhere.   So if anyone is going to tell me that I should follow them to help bring about world peace, I would immediately check my purse. I am saying, though, that we will discover from all of that inner work, an inner peace that passes all understanding.   And we will then gain the wisdom to know why we chose to be incarnated right now, at this time of the break-up of empires.

Finding our destiny

It’s no accident that we are here, now.   We are not just a random collision of chemicals being blown, hither and thither around the Universe.   If we think we are, it’s only because we’ve been divorced from our cultural wisdom over more than a thousand years.

We have chosen to be here now, and so why? We need to know this if we are to discover our destiny, which is our purpose in this pilgrimage of human life. Destiny is key to being able to act in a way that is supportive of life, as the story of Arthur tells us. As I explained in the video The Dragon and the World Tree, King Arthur was just a Norman version of a much earlier hero from beyond the Caucusus mountains, named Batraz.

Batraz also had twelve knights called Narts who sat not around a round table, but in a circle in a round yurt.  

And in the Caucasian myths there is a remarkably similar story to the one told about how Arthur won his sword, Excalibur.

If you remember, in one of those stories about the search for the Holy Grail, there is a magical sword called Excalibur.   It is firmly stuck in a huge boulder-like stone, and only a someone who is a true king can release it.

Arthur was the true king who pulled the sword from the stone, but he was just a later version of Batraz, who similarly pulled his magical sword from the roots of a tree on the steppes beyond the Caucasian mountains.

The underlying meaning of this story in both versions is about the importance of knowing and fulfilling your destiny. In both of the tales, many other candidates came to try to release the sword, and they all failed miserably, before the true hero arrived.

But this is all inner work and first, just like the shamans of the Ice Age Cathedrals in France and Spain, you have to meet your animal spirit guides in the Underworld through the shamanic trance state, who will guide you towards your true destiny.

Part of my destiny is to write and broadcast on these matters, and it is also to train would-be shamans in how to journey into the Underworld, to meet their animal spirit guides, and to learn from them. That shamanic work is also about healing our inner conflicts, about which the war raging in our ancestral homeland is a metaphor writ large.   Peace will only be found when we can connect with the permaculture of the inner soil of our minds that is fertile and life-sustaining.

The rage that rises like a heat within us when we hear of the terrible and unjust atrocities being carried out in our names should not be shamed, but honoured.   If we keep it under wraps and not explode it but implode it, that rage will turn out to be the inner fire that will burn to fertilising ash all that impedes our path forwards towards the discovery of our destiny.

If you’re interested to know more, there is a wealth of detail about the myths of our Caucasian ancestors, and how they carry metaphorical meanings about our own spiritual growth, in my book Stories in the Stars.