The Star Mysteries of Christmas

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The story goes that when the great 18th century composer George Frideric Handel lay dying, a friend asked him if he felt satisfied with his life, and whether he could die happily knowing that he had completed his legacy on Earth. Handel, apparently, smiled and nodded and pointed to a shelf above his bed. Piled up on the shelf were folios of the music he’d written for his great opus, Messiah.  

Fast forward a few centuries to the discovery of cymatics, the study of the influence of sound on human cells, and now we know why Handel died smiling. Cymatic tests have found that when his Messiah is played in the vicinity of a metal plate covered in sand, the grains organise themselves into a five-pointed star. This is cognate with a five-pointed star alignment in the heavens that resonates down here with the dragon lines of Earth on Christmas Day, as I describe further in my book Stories in the Summerlands.

All this helps to explain the sheer magnitude of the joy of the experience of countless choirs across the land at Christmas, belting out Messiah under the resonance of the sacred geometrical fan vaulted arches of the churches and cathedrals. Having had that delightful pleasure myself several times, I am happy to report that it is better than sex!

But despite its immense cosmological weight, Handel’s Messiah is just a small part of the ancient Christmas Mysteries that have been buried, over time, under all the tinsel, baubles and bling. The eternal Mysteries of Christmas begin – with or without us – on the eve of the Winter Solstice on December 21. They continue until Epiphany on January 6 when, here in Avalon, we conduct the wassailing of the apple orchards. During that sacred fortnight, I’ve been lucky enough to discover portals that open to inner beatific experiences which are utterly unique, blissfully healing and immensely holy.

I teach all these Mysteries in my books, and so I can think of no better time than Christmas, when the whole world stops, to begin to take the first steps to learning them. I have made the path very easy to follow with a gentle, stepped process.

You may prefer to take the fictional ‘magic carpet ride’ way of just curling up to enjoy ancient fairy stories. Or straight forward explanations in teachings designed to appeal to your cerebral cortex might be better for you. Either way, the breadcrumbs of each reading path will take you the same destination – a greater understanding of the Mysteries of life on Earth.

Read on to find a synopsis of each book to help you discover which one is the right way into the Mysteries for you.


Stories in the Stars

PUT AT ITS SIMPLEST, what you will learn from Stories in the Stars is the ability to reincarnate into your own life.

Carl Jung also wrote about this metamorphic process of the mythological hero. He recognised that ancient myths are actually the vessels or arks of our ancestors sailing the seas of Time and containing, deep in their holds, precious messages about our innate holographic relationship to eternal cosmological cycles which drive each of us, like the hero, along our life’s path.

Over thousands of years, these orally-transmitted wisdom teaching stories have been twisted and bastardised into fake histories in order to serve various and changing political imperatives. And they have been concertinaed, truncated and dumbed-down to satisfy the appetites of light entertainment through the shifting narratives, over time, of the mytho-industrial complex.

In Stories in the Stars, I dig up up the originals of these epic tales that were drawn in the glittering night skies of the last Ice Age. I brush them off and then break down their meanings into the simplest of terms, so that we can unlock the doors of our perception with their metaphorical keys.

Once we understand the substance of the messages our ancestors left for us thousands of years ago, we realise the value and meaning of human life and we finally know what to do with it.

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Stories in the Summerlands

IT IS SAID that when Britain is in the direst peril and needs him the most, King Arthur will arise from his grave and return.

We know this because we used to hear rhymes about it while still in the cradle –bardic poems that hailed from of an age that Time forgot, when our ancestors carved stories about the Once and Future King in the green and pleasant hills of Avalon and then left them there for the salvation of mankind.

These esoteric dramas, which are illustrated in a plethora of different ways throughout the sacred sites of Somerset, are as rich and fertile as the black peat laid down in the soil of these salt marshes and flower-filled meadows because they are threaded through with deep spiritual teachings that come from gentler, slower days …when both treasure and pleasure were measured by meaning and a man’s dreams were valued more than gold.

However, the deeper significance of these ancient Mystery Plays is only visible to those with the eyes to see, of which there are few today. Yet they are still faithfully acted out, every night, in the Summerlands of Avalon, by huge earthwork giants on a massive stage lit by stars that shine down into an oft-flooded cauldron-shaped landscape reminiscent of the Holy Grail.

If you would like your eyes to be opened to this ancient wisdom, then do let me guide you, in Stories in the Summerlands, on a pilgrimage through esoteric Avalon, and help you to develop the ability to recognise the wonders found in these ancient myths and the wisdom to take what you learn to enrich your own life today.

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The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar

IN THIS BEST-SELLING BOOK, you will be shown how sacred sex has been practised, throughout history, to spark a superior intelligence and self empowerment. It is about the Alchemical Marriage, otherwise known as the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon, and this book describes how to spark the sacred marriage in your own body.

It is a traditional shamanic practice – in other words, a force that comes from interacting with beings who inhabit a parallel world to this one, from whom man has traditionally gained his knowledge about his place and purpose on Earth and within the cosmos.

In ancient times, the ability to tap into this superior wisdom through sex magic was transmitted to kings and pharaohs by a hierodule, one who was in touch with these extra-dimensional beings or lifeforms, who are also known as the spirits.

It was understood then that the spirit of sovereignty is an actual magical force that arises from the spirits of the land, otherwise known as the Fae, the Gentry, the Sidhe or the Faeries. These spirits are like us in many respects, but are of an Elder and wiser race.

This shamanic relationship gave the rulers of old the power of sovereignty through firing up their higher brain centres, which led to a superior intelligence and thus the ability and the right to reign.

We can benefit from these practices today because our ancestors have left us magical keys, in their orally passed on myths, which can help us find the way to spark up that wisdom again, in ourselves.

So in The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, you can follow the royal road of the spiritual seeker to learn how to visit these other dimensions to be taught about sacred sex magic from the loving spirit guides. 

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The Glastonbury Chronicles

THESE STORIES ARE INSPIRED by authentic fairy tales and designed for adults who are still children at heart, although they would also make great Christmas presents for older children who have reached a reading level where they love The Hobbit or the Narnia books. Younger people may not immediately get the deeper meanings, but seeds will be planted ready to flower should they choose to revisit this sort of work later on in life.

Each of these three books was gifted into my inner dreamscapes  by the spirits of the land that inhabit the other dimensions found, shamanically, through the mists of Avalon in Somerset, England. These spirits are known locally as the Gentle Folk or the Fae, although you may know them better as fairies. They have taught me that when words are forged in the right way, they can take us along the old trackways into the Shadowlands of the Celtic Twilight where we meet our own shadows, and then we can bring them back with us into this bright world, to restore ourselves to wholeness.

As Pamela Travers wrote in Mary Poppins in the Park, “If you make sure that you always take care of your shadows, then your shadows will always take care of you.”

So the books of The Glastonbury Chronicles are not just there for your entertainment – although great entertainment they certainly do provide. But more vitally, in their deeper, subconscious streams, they deliver a kind of shamanic soul retrieval which is immensely and holistically healing for your personal wellbeing.

This kind of shadow work helps to make us whole again, and then we get into better alignment with our world, and our destiny, and our whole life recalibrates accordingly.

You don’t have to read all three of these books, or read them in order, necessarily. You can pick ‘n mix according to which ever one is beckoning to you, because they work as stand-alone books too. But the underlying golden silk dream-weave throughout this trilogy is the eternal relationship between the twin souls, Gwyddion and Arianrhod, as they incarnate together, lifetime after lifetime, worlds within worlds, to help protect The Three Great Enchantments of Britain.  However, they don’t always recognise each other instantly … and therein hangs the tale.

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In the meantime, I’d like to wish everyone a most blissful, blessed and beatific Christmas!