Life on Earth – how to make sense of it

THERE IS A MEANING AND PURPOSE to our life here on Earth, no matter how challenging it can seem at times, and no matter how painful. It is, in reality, a quest, a pilgrimage, a journey in which we sometimes have to traverse difficult terrains because like the mythological hero, this is how we meet our dragons which are guarding the treasure of the Mysteries of Life.

I’m referring to an esoteric wisdom that used to be available to the initiates of Mystery Schools of the ancient world. Even before that time, our Ice Age ancestors drew pictures in the eternal stars and then expressed them as metaphorical dramas that we call myths, and passed them on orally, so that future generations could learn how to meet and conquer their dragons.

This isn’t New Age woo-woo. Its wisdom is older than the hills. It is an ageless science based on eternal cosmological measures and processes without which, we are at a loss to chart a course through our lives today. However, those who came before us left these teachings for us in their metaphorical stories, and so we can follow them as we would footprints in the sands of time.

Our forebears were passing on these myths orally, as songs or poems, generation to generation, since at least the last major Ice Age. They were not recorded in written form until the medieval Dark Ages and so even then, they were transcribed through the blinkered vision of Christian-trained monks who could only peer through a glass darkly.

Nowadays, though, all that knowledge is being unearthed and propagated through a more shamanic lens by modern-day alchemists, astrologers, astronomers, mathematicians, mythologists and musicians. In my writings you will find a way into it all at whatever level you’re at, but a good place to start is Stories in the Stars.

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So what exactly are the Mystery Teachings?

IF I WAS ASKED to describe exactly what the Mystery Teachings were about in just eight words, I would say: “The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon”. You might wonder why that is such a crucial topic to be understood before we can proceed on the road to wisdom and enlightenment. I would answer that it’s because we have not been taught that the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon is at the crux of everything that moves on Earth, in the Heavens … and even in the Underworld of our dreams.

But so what, you might ask? Well, it is vital because until you understand this crucial key to the creation of which you are a part, you will be forever stumbling around in the dark. However, this may not make sense to you until you actually learn it. In the same way, it’s not possible to explain to a child who has yet to learn their three-times table what trigonometry is, and why it is a prerequisite in becoming skilled in surveying and navigation.

So when it comes to being able to successfully navigate the life voyage of our own human vessel, it is vital to know how to take our bearings from the stars and the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon.

The Marriage of the Sun and the Moon is also known as the Sacred Marriage, the Alchemical Marriage, the Hieros Gamos and the Vesica Piscis. The honeymoon of this marriage is to conceive and give birth to the Radiant Child, otherwise known as the Holy Grail. It is also sometimes called the Philosopher’s Stone which turns everything it touches into gold.

The holistic, holographic expression of the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon in the human body-mind-spirit is experienced in sacred, shamanic sex, and you can learn much more about all that, and how to practice it yourself in The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar.

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The power of place

THE EARLIEST SCIENTISTS KNEW all about the power of place and how to build their sacred buildings so that they were aligned with the stars above. They had geodesic knowledge. We know this because the numbers contained in the geometries of their architecture corresponded to the numbers of the longitude and latitude of where the structure was sited – thousands of years before John Harrison.

The earliest examples of this knowledge are found in the geometries used to construct the Egyptian pyramids, and the Indian Vedic fire altars which demonstrate Pythagorean principles – long before before Pythagoras was supposed to have lived.

Our abbeys, cathedrals and churches also display these principles. On top of that, Notre Dame in Paris, France is full of alchemical and astrological statues and carvings that reveal the method to those with the eyes to see.

Even close to me here, there is a church in the small village of Baltonsborough that has the most beautiful stained glass window over the altar whch lays out the steps of the recipe for the Philosopher’s Stone, although I seem to be the only one who has recognised it.

So all of this knowledge is not just ‘written’ in the eternal stars … we can see it all around us if we know what we’re looking for.

I lay all this out quite simply in Stories in the Summerlands, showing how the stories of the Bible are actually astrological and alchemical metaphors for the Mysteries, and how they went on to build this knowledge into their sacred buildings. I can guarantee that after reading this book you will look at your local church, no matter how small and humble, with new and wiser eyes.

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Eternal life

HUMAN SOULS SPEND many lifetimes incarnating and reincarnating on Earth, learning the basic fundamentals – metaphorically speaking, their ABCs and their two-times tables. After they’ve learned those lessons, they can go on to study a much greater science, one that existed long before the myopic, material science of today. It is a far more gigantic, holistic, all-encompassing science about how this universe really works, and it is known as the Mysteries.

The initiates of the Mysteries were known as Mages. Mages were proficient in the arts of astronomy, astrology, alchemy and sacred geometry because, once you’ve learned how the stars and vibrational numbers and frequencies generate, maintain and destroy an object – any object – you can align yourself with those forces and then take it apart and rebuild it into something else. That’s what magicians do.

I have set out a clear path in my books for ‘children’ or beginners to take the first steps into learning this greater science. The wisdom you will gain from them comes from my own training as an initiate over many lifetimes, and from my own personal experiments as a result.

I’m still wearing L-plates, but I know enough to be able to help those just a few steps behind me. I mainly use this magic to break up obstacles in my path to self-realisation and to get magical help to meet all my challenges, which were written in the stars at the time of my birth.

I’m only interested in turning the dense lead of this human being into bright, shining gold. Carl Jung also referred to this process as “reincarnating into your own life”.