The Desecration of Wisdom

When I was first researching how the Romans destroyed the Mystery Groves of ancient Greece and Mesopotamia in order to “concrete over” their vast empire with the religion of Christianity, I never thought for one minute that I would witness such desecration in my own lifetime. Now, however, we can see the globalists using the exact same strategy to bring in their brave new world of transhumanism. So it seems that we are living in “interesting times”… the sort that chroniclers record for writers like me, hundreds of years later, to research.

But back in the 5th century, the Roman elite deemed it necessary to destroy and demonise every last vestige of the wisdom teachings. These mysteries were – and still are – the only means of guaranteeing man an optimal way to exist in this world in line – spiritually, astrologically and alchemically – with his place in the universe, in order for him to bring “the heavens down to the Earth”. As Above, So Below.

How such desecration was achieved was via a wrecking crew – the sort, I think, we can all recognise today. Gangs of marauding, rampaging black-robed monks would terrorise the cities, towns and villages, tearing down the groves, temples and statues as they went. They would smash up beautiful mosaic zodiacs on the floors of the temples, so that they were virtually unrecognisable. When they couldn’t actually bring a statue down, they would chop its nose off – in those days, a sign of ridicule and mockery.

But they were also a highly sadistic bunch.

In Alexandria, the blood lust of a group of black-robed monks, led by a man named Peter, was not satisfied by merely burning down the great library of wisdom teachings. They leapt on the famous female philosopher, astronomer and mathematician Hypatia (pictured above) and brought her to the ground, and then they skinned her alive with sea shells.

The powers-that-were, back in the Roman senate, just wrung their hands helplessly, insisting that there was nothing they could do about these rogue groups of monks – except perhaps they should bring in stronger laws to control such thuggery? Much later on, those more draconian laws were used to stamp out any dissent to their religion of Christianity.

Hitler, by the way, used the same strategy to suppress and demoralise the German people before rounding up the Jews, with his Blackshirts and Brownshirts.

The black-robed monks of the 5th century did such a good job that the wisdom teachings completely disappeared from view – to such an extent that what followed was a very Dark Age in which popes and priests alike were convinced that the Earth was flat and that the Sun orbited it.

It wasn’t until the colonialist explorers and archaeologists of the 19th and 20th centuries discovered the treasure troves of wisdom expressed in the hieroglyphs of Egypt, the fire altars of India and the baked clay tablets of Sumer that shamanically-minded mythologists like myself began to be able to piece together again what Peter and Co thought they had smashed beyond all recognition and banished from the Earth.

The stories that the ancients drew in the stars, it turned out, were not just whimsical flights of fantasy. Once you decipher the astrological and alchemical symbols and metaphors, and parse the numbers through a lens informed by sacred geometry, you realise it was a worldwide hermetic language expressing a quite brilliantly-conceived blueprint for man to discover who he is, his destiny on Earth, and how best to pursue the path of his life to keep himself dancing in tune with its spiralling rhymes and rhythms. This wisdom is contained in their myths, as we have come to call these old tales and sagas, which, once understood, are the royal road to wisdom, sovereignty, good health and empowerment.

If you would like to follow that road, it’s all in my book Stories in the Stars in which I’ve laid out the method and numerous examples in a stepped progression using simple, plain language. So much so that by the time you turn the last page, you will be an initiate in the Mystery Teachings and an adept in the wisdom of the ancients which they drew in the stars.

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