Beware the false prophets of Q

I’ve been watching the Q internet talking heads, in recent weeks, twisting the minds of their largely American Christian followers with verses from the Bible, gematria decoding of texts and numerology, but above all, playing to a kind of vanity that has been instilled into them that God is on their side as Christians and, therefore, they will win no matter what – thereby inducing a kind of passivity.

I noticed that many of their followers didn’t seem to understand that the ‘god principle’ is in every single atom of the creation, not just in Christianity. And that that cognitive dissonance seemed to deafen them to the blood-curdling cries of “Alluha Akbar!” of the Muslims when they strike – meaning “God is great!” I’ve even heard many of these Bible-thumping cultists refer to God as ‘he’ – as if they really believed he was a bearded, Jehovah-like god in the skies.

Meanwhile, the controllers of the Q Pokemon Go game are hoping their followers don’t ask what’s holding God up when it comes to all the persecuted Christians banged up in Chinese labour camps with the Chi Gong practitioners. And where was ‘his’ aid and comfort to all the spiritual people when the Chinese conquered Tibet, put the Buddhist monks to the sword and razed the temples to the ground?

My own experience of the ‘god principle’ is that it favours the intelligent, because it is intelligence; it is omniscience itself. It is also love but, again in my experience, it is a love so vast and all-encompassing that one needs all their intelligence faculties buzzing and spinning to even get a glimpse of it.

So I think that if anything good is going to come of this terrible Chimerica Biden administration, let it at least be that people will start to question who – and then what, how, where and why – God really is, and grow some brain cells around the subject… then perhaps it won’t have all been for nothing.

It is from the same ignorant mindset that they have been easily persuaded by these wolves-in-sheeps-clothing that the Deep State adversaries are Luciferians. It is true that some of these Captured Elite were filmed and recorded in Luciferian or Satanic-styled rites and ceremonies, designed to trap them and blackmail them. But this kind of Bohemian Grove-type theatre is just a direct inverse reaction to the psy-ops about the Christian God. It’s just another false story. Lucifer, when properly understood, is the Latin for Venus.

I have explained all this in an article I wrote years ago, Why Lucifer must have been a woman, and it still one of the most read here. I hope there are some Christians among those readers because I’m concerned, right now, that a lot of them – those that follow Q anyway – may be convinced that the Devil has won out over God, and that would be immensely demoralising.

PS. I have given the same treatment to the common misunderstandings about Satan in this article, The Origins of Satan, who started off ‘his’ mythological life as the good angel of Saturn.