Mary Poppins – the way out of the dark tunnels

I spent a good part of the summer of 2012 unravelling the symbols and metaphors of the magical ritual of the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, but I didn’t give much attention to one particular bit because I didn’t understand it then.

I think I do now …. or at least, it is the vision that swims into my mind when I think of those I know and love currently burdened down with the dread and horror coming from unproven, Apocalyptic theories. Even those grim tales that have a happy ending – like the children being rescued from the tunnels – begin in the stygian blackness of the worst of all night terrors.

It all reminds me of the part in the 2012 ceremony in which the children of Great Ormond Street Hospital are suffering from dark, dystopian and demonic nightmares. I remember it being so well done that it was quite disturbing to watch, although now I find it significant that they chose to conflate the ideas of hellish dreams and patients in a hospital.

But do you remember who then comes to wake them up from their nightmare world, at the end? Mary Poppins.

In other words, there is another story, one which rescues us from the Gothic horror of all the others. It just means changing your perception about the meaning of your life. It just means learning about the Mysteries of Space and Time, which is the hidden message running through the Mary Poppins series of books authored by Grailkeeper Pamela Travers.

So if only you knew someone who’d published a number of simply explained books that could get you easily into that same initiatory process followed by Pamela Travers, that were written in plain language with a stepped learning progression that provided even beginners with a foothold? But then, I suppose if you did know someone like that they wouldn’t be wasting their time writing on the internet?

Drat and darn it, then … looks like it’s gonna be another lifetime trapped in the Hall of Mirrors of Time. šŸ™‚