What to read during the lockdown – The Bright World of the Gods

A true faery story from the mists of Avalon

The Bright World of the Gods was gifted into the Dreamtime of the author by the spirits of the land that inhabit the other dimensions found, shamanically, through the mists of Avalon. These spirits are known as the Gentle Folk, the Elders or the Fae, although you might know them better as faeries.

 So this is a real faery story for enlightened adults that comes from a benevolent Elder race whose role it is to guide the steps of humanity. As such, it is perfect for curling up with by the fire when the white frost of the Sugar Plum Faery is crackling the grass underfoot, or to inspire your daydreams on sunnier days, in the shadow of a gnarled old apple tree in an enchanted wood.

In this romantic magical mystery tour around the enchanted Avalon landscape, you will follow the heroine and hero, Bridie and Gwyn ap Nudd, and benefit from their realisations as they meet the challenges necessary for their own alchemical inner growth, which leads them to full spiritual enlightenment.

 This is twisting, triskele knot of a romantic adventure abounding with familiar archetypal characters who have stepped straight out of ancient Celtic myths like Manawydan, Gwyddion, Creiddylad, Taliesen, Elen and Morgan the Fae who guide the heroine Bridie as she is taken through an alchemical pilgrimage that results in her inner metamorphosis and enlightenment to her True Self.

You may just want to enjoy this epic tale on a superficial level as a beautiful love story that is full of intriguing escapades and interesting ideas, but those looking for keys to open faery doorways into deeper cosmological teachings will also find them here along with the instructions on how to unlock them.

The whole macrocosm can never be understood by the finite mind. But this heroic multi-dimensional adventure through the microcosm, which is its fractal holographic reflection, will help you to better envision the whole beyond the shrouded horizon.

 Either way, you’re welcome to relax and wander through the wondrous hills and enchanted dales of The Bright World of the Gods, and allow its words to gently permeate into your own Dreamtime so that it can do its magic there and give you insights into your own destiny – and the meaning of your life.

THE BRIGHT WORLD OF THE GODS is here on Amazon.co.uk and here on Amazon.com