The only way to world peace is through religious mysticism

If you’ve been wondering about my recent attempts to unravel Christian mysticism – and yes, I expect you have many better things to think about – but well, there are several very good reasons for decoding the Bible and one of those, not least, is because understanding the metaphorical meanings of the ancient Judaic myths of the Bible would put an end to war.

It’s been going on for hundreds of years, right down to the present day when, currently, the escalating conflict between Iran and America is causing fears that we’re about to enter the Armageddon of World War III. Quite rightly so, because the people who are arming and funding both sides of the divide in the Middle East are the one and the same Death Cult that aims to bring about the Apocalypse described in Book of Revelations, which they believe was a promise from God and not, as it was meant to be interpreted, an alchemical metaphor about spiritual enlightenment.

Bible literalism is absolutely poisonous, because it sets up all semitic-language speakers to be perpetually at each other’s throats. It is what has persuaded the Jews of the diaspora to believe that God has decreed that they cannot return to their homeland until the Messiah’s Second Coming, when he will descend from the skies alongside the Temple of Solomon during an End of Days-style Apocalypse.

The reason that there are currently some Jews in Israel is largely because of a self-proclaimed “Messiah”, who arrived in Europe in the 17th century, named Sabbatai Zevi (Shabbetai Tsvi) who persuaded the Jews that they should follow him into a new Messianic period, in order to bring about the Apocalypse and the “New World”. He seemed to believe that turning orthodox taboos on their heads would bring the End of Days closer. So his devotees feasted on what would normally be fast days, and practices were encouraged that would normally be forbidden – not just in Judaism but in any civilised culture – such as sex with children and animals as well as human sacrifice.

So with his anti-orthodox, hedonistic, Satanic message, Sabbatai naturally gained tens of thousands of Jewish devotees and, over time, they infiltrated the inner cores of Islam, which is why the Muslims are in Jerusalem too, also waiting for the Second Coming.

However, if they all understood the deeper meanings of their scriptures, they’d know that there cannot be a Second Coming when there hasn’t ever been a first one.

Sabbatai Zevi “enthroned” as the Jewish Messiah, from Tikkun, Amsterdam, 1666.
The Sabbatean-Frankists

Today this Apocalyptic sect – named, since the 18th century, Sabbatean-Frankism – has also infected the masonic secret societies and the Roman Catholic Church. They are behind the Evangelical Christians who are waiting for the Rapture and also the Ascensionists. Like Extinction Rebellion and Little Miss “How dare you?”, these are all Death Cults who want to hurry our departure from this realm. Normally, we would have written them off as small, ineffective Jim Jones-type operations if it weren’t for the fact that they run governments all around the world.

Their obsession with Jerusalem makes the Middle East their battleground, with war after war after war being fought ostensibly over oil – but this is just an excuse. The world is currently awash with oil and many countries anyway are switching over to renewables, or natural gas courtesy of Russia.

If you call them Apocalyptic Jews, you get labelled anti-semitic. If you call them jihadi terrorists or Palestinian rebels, you get labelled Islamophobic. So we gradually descend into a spiral of silence, not daring to speak out about these perpetual blood-soaked conflicts responsible for the deaths of millions upon millions, and which lead to unmanageable and never-ending refugee crises that line the pockets of their people traffickers, aka “NGOs” and “charitable foundations”.

There is no point in appealing to their better natures for peace because they don’t have one. These child trafficking and genocidal Sabbateans-Frankists have convinced themselves that evil is good, because it will bring about the Apocalypse.

They are behind both the anti-semitic attacks on real peace-loving Jews and the Islamophobic attacks on real peace-loving Muslims, as much as they were instrumental in the genocide of the Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks and the pogroms of the Nazis. It is how they divide and rule in order to win gold and rule empires, but they can only get those who take their Bible, Quran or Torah literally to fall for their anti-human cause.

Apocalypse Now … or at least tomorrow

So knowing all this, perhaps you won’t be surprised by the latest news that Jeffrey Epstein’s handler, Ghislaine Maxwell, is being protected and guarded from FBI investigators in a safe house in Israel.

Her father, newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell, is buried there on the Mount of Olives, along with hundreds of assorted religious and business leaders of the “great and the good” including Princess Alice of Battenburg, the Duke of Edinburgh’s mother and grandmother to Prince Andrew.

Mount Of Olives. Jerusalem, Israel.

They are all making sure of being first in the queue for the Second Comihng, when Jesus walks through hrough the cemetery’s East Gate (Ezekiel 44:1-3). The Muslims are also there waiting for him with their graves purposely blocking the gate.

Meanwhile, they will all continue to use the worst kinds of sexual blackmail to keep everyone cemented into their cause of Apocalypse Now, which was the role of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffery Epstein.

So I can’t help feeling if that is the queue for heaven, I shall be heading in the opposite direction.

But that’s why I believe that mysticism is the bridge that brings together all the world’s scriptures – not just the Abrahamic ones – and in turn, it will unite with one voice the religions that were carved out of them. This philosophy is otherwise known as the Mysteries, and you can learn these esoteric teachings, should you choose to, by reading my books.