The seed of our spiritual transformation that is hidden in plain sight

I used to think that if everyone was a shaman, and journeyed into the Other Worlds to get guidance from the entities we call “spirits”, it would solve all the problems of the world. However, over time, I came to realise that 1) it was an extremely naïve and idealistic viewpoint which would lead to a 2) a nightmare Vanity Fair world of vying, self-entitled narcissists all claiming to know what’s best because 3) this realm, for good or ill, is governed by the alchemical Ladder of the Wise.

It is what the stories written in the stars by our earliest ancestors are trying to tell us; that we are all on the ever-upwards spiralling Stairway to Heaven.

Jacob’s Dream: William Blake

We are together, on this human journey, but we are not born equal. We are at different stages of spiritual evolution. And, slightly tangentially, that is why political and economic systems based on notions of equality have never worked … well, not for most of the people, anyway.

All progress up this stairway is relative. To the “adults” ahead of me – some in corporeal form and some not – I am a “child”. To those following my teachings through my books, I am an “adult”.  

This means that to our perceptions, there will always be those on the lower rungs learning their lessons in order to undergo metamorphosis or transformation, before being able to climb upwards. (I describe this process in more detail in How to Reincarnate into your own Life.) So there will always be “children” who are evolving ever-upwards towards enlightenment, who will need guidance from the “adults”.

Whether we want to call the “adults” ahead of us “shamans” is another matter – which doesn’t really matter. “Shaman” is just a Siberian word for someone who journeys into the Other Worlds to get spiritual guidance. People with this skill, often inherited, have had many different names throughout history, and there is strong evidence that they led the tribes all over the world, thousands of years ago.

In journeying into the Other Worlds, as a shaman does, I have been taught about this ladder that underlies the morphology of ancient myths, known as the Mystery Teachings. And through that guidance, over many years, I’ve come to realise that we already have a very good container, crucible or cauldron to support this process in the outer world which would solve many, if not all, of the problems about how we govern ourselves in peace and love today. It is called Christianity.

I can now see that the Christian church, no matter its denomination, has all the multi-levelled Mystery teachings we need to help us guide the children up Jacob’s Ladder.

Ladder of the Wise, the Great Porch, Notre Dame, Paris
Jacob’s Ladder: Jacques Stella

They are contained in stories displayed in plain sight, in glorious technicolour, on beautiful embroidered tapestries and stained glass windows, and splendid statues, now stripped of their hues by various waves of revisionists, that are hiding in dark nooks and crannies, just waiting for the kiss of life to revive them into action again.

Stained glass window, Chartres Cathedral, France

The story of how man can attain divinity is even told in the sacred geometry of the very fan-vaulted dimensions under which we pray and give offerings in gratitude for this glorious opportunity of human existence.  On top of that, these magnificent buildings of inspiration in stone are often sited on very powerful Earth energy lines that some call leylines, which makes them naturally empowered transformers.

Wells Cathedral, England: June Greenway

And so it seems to me that what is needed is a revival of the Christian Mysteries – also known as Christian Mysticism – which will disseminate what these stories are really all about.

The transport of transformation

Being a real Christian is not just about trying to ape the actions of a man for whom there is no evidence that he ever lived, let alone died … for our “sins”. It is not about waiting for a Second Coming when we are far from sure that there was ever a first one. It is to understand what the deeper messages of the gospels – the “good news” – are really conveying.

Christian mysticism is what Christianity used to be before the “philosophers” of the so-called Age of Enlightenment created a spiritually vacuous religion by “throwing out the baby with the bath water”. This baby is the Radiant Child, the fruit of the seed conceived from the Alchemical Marriage that is born on the Winter Solstice. The bath tub is the cauldron of the alchemist.  

A genuinely spiritual person is not recognised merely by how nice to others they are or whether they feed the poor; often the worse kinds of people hide the most terrible iniquities behind a blaze of publicity about their “charitable” actions. No, it is about actually engaging with the wisdom that is taught by the spirits, which is conveyed by those who are so Bright-browed and alight with inspiration you cannot miss them, and who understand the deeper meanings of the stories about Jesus the Christ.

This mysticism is not just a belief system underpinned by a blind faith that supports a certain kind of lifestyle, as Christianity has become today. It still contains the orginal magical seed that was hidden by the scribes of old. The 20th century teacher of the Mysteries, Dion Fortune, reflected this when she wrote that “there is big difference between Churchianity and Christianity.”

The teaching is not a New Age one; it is older than the hills. Nor is there anything vague, fluffy or woo-woo about it; it is as structured and disciplined as the science of alchemy itself.

It is a more Druidic form of Christianity which some of us believe must have been practised by those we now regard as saints such St Margaret, St Cuthbert of Lindisfarne and St Colomba of Iona, who lived and taught soon after the Romans left Britain.

St Cuthbert, Durham Cathedral

No matter how debased the Church has become – and it surely must have reached its nadir by now, with its innumerable sexually corrupted priests, fat on indulgences from the rich –  the seed of its alchemical transformation has been so deeply embedded into the forms of the Great Art that ‘clothes’ it, like Joseph’s Coat of Many Colours, that all it requires is the water and light of the wisdom teachings for it to flower again into a vehicle which will transport us through the portal of transformation.

Nikolaus Kirche, Buren, Germany

In other words, there is no sense in wasting time in trying to reinvent the wheel when we already have a glistening golden chariot of fire, purring and ready to go, that is parked right outside our own front doors.