The Original Mystic Messiah

I am prompted to write this after reading in today’s papers, with some alarm, that a new report from the Church of England is blaming Christians for the anti-semitism that led to the Holocaust.

This is how the madness can take hold, once a false trajectory is set and woven into the consensual fabric of mass belief systems.

There is not a word in this report about the “Noble Quran”, in which you cannot even get beyond the first page without the “People of the Book” – aka the Jews – getting a good drubbing.

Instead, the self-flagellating, penitent Church of England is proposing that it could mitigate its sins against the Jews by banning such hymns as Charles Wesley’s popular “Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending”, for what the report’s authors have decided to read into these words:

“Every eye shall now behold him
Robed in dreadful majesty.
Those who set at nought and sold him.
Pierced and nailed him to the tree,
Deeply wailing, deeply wailing, deeply wailing,
Shall the true Messiah see.”

The report says:
“It is possible to read lines 3-6 and imagine they are about the Jewish people as collectively guilty of crucifying the Messiah…”

That is true, good and august sirs. But if you were just a little wiser, you would be able to interpet the Gospels as astrological and alchemical allegory, with Jesus and his 12 disciples representing the Sun god at the centre of the zodiac.

Jesus Christ as the Sun god at the centre of the zodiac, in Dekoulou Monastery, Greece

All those New Testament stories are vehicles for metaphors that trace the progress of the mythological hero, the Sun god, as he traverses the zodiac Wheel through the circle of 12 constellations until he reaches death and rebirth – or as you would call it, resurrection. You’d know that, dear reverends, if your predecessors hadn’t been so quick to throw the Roman Gnostics to the lions.

The Bible is one of the few resources still available today to mythologists and alchemists in which we can trace the ancient Mystery Teachings lying in its sub-stratas, as I have explained in some detail in Stories in the Summerlands.

But how long will it be, I wonder now, before the new Sanhedrin start piling up Bibles for the book burnings … while leaving the not-so-useful, in that respect, Quran untouched?

Anti-semitism is just another football that the warring political parties like to kick around at election times. Last week it was about which party will do the most to save the NHS. This week, the Church of England has supplied them with a new bone of contention – about who will do the most to save the Jews … which is ironic, when you think about it, when both Church and State seem to be doing their level best to murder the true meaning of the stories about the archetypal saviour hero of the Jews, the Messiah.

Featured image: The Zodiac is represented in the top half of the South Rose Window of Christ at the Saint Maurice Cathedral of Angers, France. Designed by Andre Robin, c. 1451.

For those who live in and around Avalon: I have decoded the extraordinarily beautiful, unique 19th century stained glass window over the altar in St Dunstan’s Church, Baltonsborough, in Stories in the Summerlands, to show that it is a recipe for the Philosopher’s Stone. You will also find, in this book, several chapters dedicated to decoding Christian mysticism in the Bible and church architecture.