True Easter or Oestre – why Spring is “early” this year

Down here in Somerset, many of the birds are pairing and nesting, while the creamy curds of the May blossoms are already out on the boughs on the faery thorns. People are happily chirping away about the joys of an early Spring. However, that the season should be “early” is no random coincidence. If the Church was still in tune with the natural rhythm of the Land, as were the earlier Celtic monks, they would know that true Easter (named after the Saxon goddess, Oestre) should be next week because this season of celebrating fertility has always been on the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox, which is around 1.00 am GMT on March 21st, this year.

At Oestre-time, we follow an old, traditional custom of throwing hot cross buns into the mouth of the “Girt Dog of Langport”, a huge earthwork effigy that is five miles long from its nose at Burrow Mump to its tail in the tiny hamlet of Wagg.  He is Drudwyn, the Faery Dog of Gywn ap Nudd, the King of the Faeries, and this dog guards the Glastonbury Temple of the Stars in the same way that the ancient Greeks had the multi-headed Hound of Hades, Cerberus, guard their Underworld.

Isle of Glass Faery Ring
The illustration, showing the Faery Ring of Avalon, otherwise known as the Glastonbury Temple of the Stars, is mine. If you’d like to know more about the story that these characters are telling, and its deeper meaning, it takes up Part 2 of my book, “Stories in the Land”, which should be out by the summer.


We stand on Moon Drove, alongside the River Parrett, to throw in our cakes etched with a cross, just as King Alfred the Great did, I believe, before setting off to that pivotal battle which won back Britain from the Vikings. I think this custom is the original source of the old story about King Alfred burning the cakes – the crosses would have been burned on with hot irons.

Ione hawthorn



Annie Dieu-Le-Veut is a shaman and story archaeologist who digs up the originals of the ancient epic tales that were drawn in the glittering night skies of the last Ice Age. She brushes them off and then breaks down their meanings in the simplest of terms, so that we can unlock the doors of our perception with their metaphorical keys.

Once we understand the substance of the messages our ancestors left for us thousands of years ago, we can realise the value and meaning of human life and finally know what to do with it. Her books are available on Amazon and other good online bookstores.


How to read my books

By Annie Dieu-Le-Veut

If you’re thinking of getting one or more of my books, can I give you a bit of a steer? There are two ways to receive my teachings, and each augments the other.

If you wish to go down the fictional route, and become inspired in your dreams and imagination by the coded magical keys, symbols and metaphors hidden in mytho-poetic romantic adventures, I suggest that you read The Bright World of the Gods first, and then The Grail Mysteries. They are actually the first two books of a trilogy, although they work as standalones too. I haven’t written the third yet.

However, if you feel you need some help with unravelling the meanings of the symbols and metaphors found in ancient myths, my theoretical works are straightforward accounts that explain it all in plain language.

Reclaiming Sovereignty is largely about the historical and mythological evidence, going back thousands of years, for the practice of shamanic sex magic, which brought wisdom and enlightenment to the newly-crowned king on the night of his coronation. There is also a step-by-step guide for practising it yourself.

What you learn from Reclaiming Sovereignty will then stand you in good stead for when you get to the fire initiations in Stories in the Stars. Also, the upcoming book, Stories in the Land, will go into how Celtic myths based on shamanic sex magic are found in the landscape of Avalon.

NB. I should add, the predominance of sex magic in ancient myths was not because our ancestors were sex mad – and neither am I. These sagas, by the shamanic grandmothers and midwives, were about the serpents’ firing of wisdom, enlightenment and transfiguration that supports fertility and the creation of new worlds at the turning of the ages with the birth of the Radiant Child which, these days, we think just happens automatically. It doesn’t.