The real story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden

I’ve described myself previously as a sort of story archaeologist – someone who digs underneath the story mats of the wandering troubadours and tale-tellers of old to find the original myths. What I didn’t say, though, is that when you eventually reach the bottom, what you find is not the first rug but a richly woven carpet depicting remarkably similar tales and sagas, with just small local differences, that must have been spread all over the Northern Hemisphere.

Why would that be? Well, ancient myths are stories that contain allegories and metaphors for cosmological truths that our ancestors wrote in the stars, and everyone north of the equator looked up at the same stars.  However, this form of storytelling was not just an an idle pastime of the wandering hunter gatherers; many  of these sagas were only written in the eternal stars because they held an eternal message.

Fast forward to modern times, when people are no longer taught the real meanings of these star stories, or the importance of what they represent, and we find others – Death Cult initiates with evil in their hearts – who pull up just a handful of the carpet’s silken threads and twist them into a whole new narrative which they use to serve their own war-like agendas.

This Gordian knot of deception becomes very clear when we examine the likely origins of the story of Adam and Eve – so hopefully you’re ready for a bit of untangling?

I think here is as good a place to begin as any:

This is known as the Adam and Eve cylinder seal. It’s a small stone cylinder of Babylonian origin dating from about 2200 to 2100 BCE.

Meso cylinder seal

According to Wikipedia:

“The seal depicts two seated figures, a tree, and a serpent. According to the British Museum, the seal shows a common scene found on seals from the twenty-third and twenty-second centuries BC: a seated male figure (identified by his head-dress of horns as a god) facing a female worshipper. The date palm and snake between them may merely be symbolic of fertility.”

Merely? Merely a symbol of fertility? Fertility is key to Sovereignty, and Sovereignty is key to fertility.

So I believe that this cylinder seal gives us a big clue to the meaning of a original story on the carpet before it was inverted into some sort of nonsense morality tale to underpin the command and control mechanisms of the Abrahamic religion. The Adam and Eve tale of Genesis served them well in promoting the idea of Original Sin and then to divide the “sons of Cain” from the “sons of Abel” (Sunnis and Shiites) until Mark II Abrahamism (Christianity) was invented to help govern the north, with a new story that relied upon the literal murder on a cross of a mythological sun god but for entirely the same purpose.

So let’s go back to the beginning.

Scholars believe that Genesis was part of a body of myths that were compiled and edited by scribes who lived from about the time of King Hezekiah to that of Ezra the Scribe, and which were based on those stories that were verbally transmitted not only by their own ancestors but also by the Egyptians, Babylonians, and others.

So one way of unpicking this problem is to look at another part of the carpet, the shores of the Aegean Sea, because most of what the ancient Greeks knew came from the Egyptians and the Babylonians, going back to Pythagoras at least.

The word for the stars in ancient Greek was “melon” – and they used the same word, melon, for fruit. Melon also meant “knowledge of the stars” and so please bear this in mind as we step carefully through this tangled and overgrown garden until we reach the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The Greek myths also featured a Garden of the Hesperides that contained an orchard of golden apples (melons or stars) which was guarded by a wise or wily serpent.

There is also a Tree of Life in Genesis and we’re told that this would have made Adam and Eve immortal. This can only mean none other than the World Tree, which features in all the mythologies of the world and which confers immortality on those who journey up and down it – in other words, the shamans.

In the Genesis story, the name Adam is translated as ‘man’, although one of figures on the Mesopotamian cylinder seal is horned and thus obviously a god or goddess.  Eve, we’re told, merely meant ‘helper to man’. Well, that may be so but she was also called Issa. Those who study Egyptian hieroglyphics have concluded that the name of the Egyptian goddess Isis was pronounced ‘eesa’. Then there’s there’s the Babylonian Ishtar and also Iðunn, pronounced Idun (Garden of Idun anybody?). Iðunn is a Norse fertility goddess who has a box of apples that confer immortality  – in other words, stars and starfields and knowledge of the stars.

Are you beginning to see the carpet now? Right, I’ll get the hoover out!

Around Babylonian times  – when the above cylinder seal was so popular – and towards the latter half of the year, Hydra the water serpent dominated the night skies of the Northern Hemisphere, then known as the Babylonian Celestial Ocean where he was named MUL.APIN which also means serpent.  His head was at Leo (then the summer solstice) and his tail dangled down and slightly to the west of Virgo and the autumn equinox.

Hydra and Virgo

During Babylonian times, the wise teachers of shamanism and cosmological lore were known all over the Earth as ‘serpents’, mythologically represented as such by for instance, Arthur Pendragon and historically by Druid teachers known as ‘adders’.

In addition, dragons, serpents and water are always associated, on the mythological carpet, with fertility and sacred sex rites, and these rites are associated with Virgo who, I can assure you, is no virgin. The water serpent Hydra obviously gets his name from “hydro” which meant “water” in ancient Greek, and more water is represented by the chalice, or Crater, which appears to be riding on the back of Hydra.

So this water serpent is obviously guarding a garden of apples or stars in the vicinity of the constellation of Virgo.

The brightest star of the Virgo constellation is called Spica, which, although translating to “Ear of Wheat” in Greek, is actually an ancient euphemism for “vagina” or “furrow” in Sumerian.  There’s a fair bit of “ploughing of furrows” in the Sumerian texts, and the Plough itself, meaning “penis” in Sumerian, remains with us today. In the Celtic myths, the Plough is operated by Hu Gardarn.

But I can’t help noticing the similar-sounding words here for story elements in the same part of the sky – guardian, garden and Gardarn. The “gard” of Midgard and Asgard in the Norse myths also meant a garden.  In the Welsh language, garden = gardd, guard = gwarchod and guardian = gwarcheidwadd. It’s tenuous I grant you. But I don’t think we can rule out a linguistic link between Norse and Celtic with a garden and a guardian who is guarding a garden, if only because the words sounds quite similar.


So while it’s difficult to be precise about what the original Mesopotamian star story meant, I think we can hazard an educated guess that it was about the importance of sacred sex rites to the fertility of not just the planet, but beyond that. I explain much more about sacred sex rites and Sovereignty in my book The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, and then go into more detail about these star teachings of the Mysteries in Stories in the Stars. You can find a synopsis of each of these and others in My Books.

But in a nutshel, it seems highly likely to me that that the ‘melon’ or apple that grew on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was actually knowledge of the stories in the stars, that the Tree of Life was the ubiquitous World Tree and that Hydra the water serpent was the serpent that guarded the garden. I think that Adam and Eve were originally a god and goddess of fertility rites like the ones depicted on the cylinder, which, if we go by the fertility rites of the Mystery Groves of ancient Eleusis, always took place on the autumn equinox at the time of Virgo.

Well, let’s put it this way – I think my interpretation makes a lot more sense that that of the Abrahamic priests!