Why all roads lead to the Treaty of Rome

When Tony Blair claims that it’s ‘absolutely imperative’ that we remain in the Single Market of the EU, people accuse him of just worrying about his EU pension. But it’s about so much more than that. It’s about the Treaty of Rome, which is the name of the EU treaty, and the Club of Rome to which Blair sold his soul long ago.

It’s about how the covert bloodsucking hydra of Rome, which – apart from a brief and halycon period, courtesy of Henry VIII, in which Britain thrived – has been trying to suck us dry ever since the times of Julius Caesar about 2,000 years ago.

Even when William of Normandy and his men came up the beach at Hastings in 1066, they were marching under the banner of Rome.

Then, while Richard II was away fighting the Crusades in 1215, his brother King John was ready to hand over the sovereign nation of England completely, to become a vassal of Rome. It was only the barons with their Magna Carta that prevented that betrayal.

Henry VIII divorced his Spanish Catholic wife, Catherine of Aragon, partly to get Rome out of his bedroom. Catherine was the aunt of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and the Pope was his yes-man. Henry went on to sack the monasteries (aka the Reformation) in order to release the grip of Rome on the people.

Henry VIII

After that, Britain entered a Golden Age in terms of new inventions, new industries and new commerce in which we led the world. England – and later Britain under James I – became an immensely prosperous trading nation during the Renaissance with its great intellectual thinkers like Thomas Moore, John Dee, Francis Bacon aka “Shakespeare”, Christopher Marlow, Edmund Spenser, and musicians such as William Byrd, Thomas Tallis and John Taverner.

But it never takes Rome long to find a way to infiltrate its way back in again, and they’ve done it this time initially with their Treaty of Rome. Then when we rejected it with our referendum, they stepped up the use of their proxy armies of radical Islam, cultural Marxism and the mainstream media.

So in the case of what we call Brexit, all roads really do lead to Rome. And keeping them out is not just a matter of one vote in a referendum. It’s a constant battle that we will always have to fight, and teach our children to fight too.

How Rome came back in the 20th century

Of course, Rome has always kept a covert grip on the levers of power through their secret societies like the Freemasons. However, during the Second World War, a few influential Nazis put together the blueprint of what we call the European Union today. (references at the end of this article).

Based on that blueprint, the Treaty of Rome was created in 1958, to form the European Economic Community and not long after that, they wanted Britain to join them, and our leaders deceived us into doing so.


In 1992, the Treaty of Rome which we’d signed up to became the Treaty of Maastricht – a move in which the people had no say. The word ‘economic’ was dropped from the title, and it was repackaged as the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union, which came into force as the Treaty of Lisbon in 2009.

In signing the Lisbon Treaty, Queen Elizabeth II signed away a huge part of our sovereignty, so much so that there were some in the House of Lords who believed that this put her into treason, and they resigned their seats over it.

The real agenda of the EU has been revealed in so many ways by those diligent enough to do their own research, and not just blindly believe the narrative which is broadcast by the BBC, which is funded by the EU. From that, we have unearthed documentary evidence of the imperial plan to force the Member States of the EU into one block, to be ruled by an anti-democratic government in Brussels and Strasbourg. In other words, this is totalitarianism.

Here’s just one example showing the real agenda, from Italian Prime Minister Giuliano Amato  in an interview he gave to Barbara Spinelli for La Stampa, on 13 July 2000, just before he became Vice-President of the EU Constitutional Convention.


“… I don’t think it is a good idea to replace this slow and effective method – which keeps national States free from anxiety while they are being stripped of power – with great institutional leaps…Therefore I prefer to go slowly, to crumble pieces of sovereignty up little by little, avoiding brusque transitions from national to federal power. That is the way I think we will have to build Europe’s common policies…”

This Italian prime minister is not alone in being in on the secret imperial Roman agenda to ‘crumble up our sovereignty’. The top tiers of our own political parties in Westminster  – Conservative, Labour and Liberal – are, in reality, Eurocrat agents of Rome in disguise and No 10 Downing Street has become a branch office of Brussels.

The real, home-grown Conservatives, Labour and Liberals have been marginalised to the back benches, and it is mainly those who have been supporting our efforts to leave the European Union.

So the truth is out: “Ever closer union” is just a euphemism for the same Roman vassalship that the barons fought off with the Magna Carta in 1215.  It’s an attack on our sovereignty as a nation and a raid on our coffers – what’s left, anyway, after Eurocrat agent Gordon Brown sold off all our gold at knockdown prices. It’s also a vicious, gloves-off attack because they are panicking now. And many of the Roman elite, like Tony Blair, who salt away their their ill-gotten loot in offshore accounts, have much more to lose than their EU pensions when we throw off the shackles of this latest attempt at Roman imperial dictatorship.

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