On Sovereignty and Culture – rooting down through the Apocalypse

We’ve been on such a wild helter skelter ride, lately – a virtual Apocalypse of political revelations – that it’s easy to get mesmerised watching the marionettes on the world stage as they try to cling on to power while the hurricane of the spirit of Sovereignty challenges their citadels.

That said, I want to tell you about my new book, The Bright World of the Gods, which is based on the stories of our own indigenous culture. That’s because, in my experience, geo-political events don’t just happen randomly in a vacuum. When they are an organic ‘populist’ expression, they are the end result of an impetus that springs forth from the hearts and minds of the people and that has its source in spirituality first, and then culture.

All-in-all, I’m about Sovereignty. Pure and simple. And for years, that’s been my focus, working with the spirits of the land to regain the Sovereignty. All that work and how it was achieved is in my book The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar.

However, upwind of the spirit of Sovereignty we find culture, in other words, the ancient stories of our race which were left to us by our ancestors – like metaphorical messages in a bottle from a far and distant shore. I believe it is the spirit of Sovereignty and the ancestors’ stories that underpin and are firing up from the Underworld everything that’s happening politically right now in this bright surface world.

So to me, it’s important for us to reconnect with our own indigenous culture again, which is the basis of our Sovereignty, and to work shamanically with the gods and goddesses of the European and Scandinavian races. This will be our anchor and help us to stay rooted down while the winds of change swirl around us. To that end, I was inspired by those spirits to write my new book, The Bright World of the Gods, the story of which draws heavily on all the old Celtic myths but is in a format that the modern mind can relate to.

While the Celtic stories of The Mabinogion were originally translated through a Judaeo-Christian lens, I’ve upended the story mat of the Abrahamic narrative to reveal the more shamanic, multi-dimensional Dreamscape underneath.


You can listen to me reading Chapter One of The Bright World of the Gods here:

A romantic magical mystery tour

On the one level, you can just enjoy The Bright World of the Gods as a great romantic magical mystery tour to curl up with by the fire, or under a gnarled old apple tree in an enchanted wood. But for those looking for faery doorways into deeper cosmological teachings, all the keys are here, in the underlayers – just as they are in all the ancient myths – and there are also instructions on how to unlock them.


However, it’s best not to try to get your head around this book. Instead, just jump into it, and let its multi-layered, cosmological tale wrap itself around you. Because, despite the deep richness of its mythological and astrological content, The Bright World of the Gods is not a spiritual teaching for dusty old scholars in ivory towered libraries. It’s a snapshot in Time of an infinite and ineffable Mystery that is for Lovers and Dreamers and window cleaners.

So please do just relax and wander through its enchanted hills and dales, and let it permeate into your own inner landscapes and Dreamtime, so that it can do its magic there and give you insights into your own destiny, and the meaning of your life.