Reclaiming Sovereignty: The Awakening of Arthur Pendragon

On 23rd June 2016, the British people up and down the land voted resoundingly to leave the European Union. If this vote had been counted as if it had been a General Election, it wouldn’t just have been 17 million-plus in favour of leaving; two-thirds of constituencies voted overwhelmingly to Leave. And they did so, in such vast numbers, not solely because of out-of-control immigration, nor because they were swayed by a big bright number on a shiny red bus. The majority voted for Brexit in order to claim their country back from foreign domination. They did it to reclaim their Sovereignty from those who, if they don’t actually seek to drive us over the cliffs like Gabriel Oak’s poor sheep in Far From the Madding Crowd, are driving our race in that direction.

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What happened over a period of months, leading up to that full moon on the Summer Solstice, was that the spirit of Arthur Pendragon had risen up in the Group Soul of the nation. Now this is not just some nebulous, fanciful idea. To those who work with shamanic Earth magic, Arthur is real – not as a historical character, but as a parallel dimensional being that along with Merlin, is an aspect of the Group or Race Soul of this nation. Arthur could be described as the Sleeping Giant in our land who only arises when the Group Soul realises that it is under attack over its very existence.

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What is the group or race soul?

The 20th century magician Dion Fortune, who fought her own magical Battle of Britain during World War Two, was in tune with this awakening spirit of Arthur – just like many of us over the past few months who write blog articles and produce other media materials. I personally found that I would publish an article and then hear high profile Leave campaigners repeating something remarkably similar a few days later. It started to become so noticeable that even friends began to comment on it, leading us to wonder whether Boris was pouring over my blog articles in search of inspiration! Of course, that wasn’t true … it was just that both he and I, along with thousands of others, were in line with the inspirational force firing from the Group Soul. In my experience, it was like being fired by an immensely powerful dynamo, and I just couldn’t stop writing.

The Group or Race Soul is rarely heard or sensed unless it feels under pressure, as it has done these past few years. In a way, the Group Soul could be compared to the subconsciousness of the individual, which is never sensed until the person suddenly erupts into previously unexpected behaviour. This ‘ghost in the works’ is capable of setting long gummed-up machinery in our psyches whirring,  by transmitting metaphorical or picture languge imagery into the Group or Race Mind. The metaphorical imagery never changes because it is as old as the races of man. That’s why we always love those stories, no matter how often we hear them. We know that they mean something to us – but because of our lack of a real education, we’re just not sure what!

Every race has its own Group Soul which comes to the fore at times of emergency and war, to help that race to act in its own enlightened self interest. Enlightened self interest is something that the white people had been slower to adopt because this instinct has been almost completely brainwashed out of us and replaced with liberal universal values which try to deny the existence of race.  However, the deep, magical imagery that the Group or Race Soul transmits to the Group Mind is much stronger than this transient and superficial mind programming, and so it’s easily able to overcome it, once it gets going!

But because this imagery has been stolen and co-opted by the Military Industrial Cinema Multiplex, over time, in order to divide and control us, we need to get back to the basics.

Who is Arthur Pendragon?

So who is Arthur Pendragon in occult terms? I’m just going to put down some basic principles here which you might find helpful to adapt however you please, if you want to use some of this imagery in your own inner work.

Arthur means Great Bear, after the Ursa Major constellation which is found on the celestial ‘circle of animals’ or zodiac under Camelopardalis (Camelot), shown here as Giraffe.

Ursa Major

Pendragon means ‘head dragon’ or ‘head serpent’. The spiritual teachers of ancient times were known as ‘serpents’ or ‘adders’ after ‘the wisdom of serpents’, and so Pendragon is more a title of office than a person.

In other words, Arthur Pendragon is a fictional character in a metaphorical teaching story about cosmological processes which are about the winning of Sovereignty.

In the Welsh Mabinogion stories, which feature Mabon, the Son, and Madron, the Mother, we see all the archetypal themes being played out as our zodiacal hero travels around the Wheel of the Year – As Above, So Below. We start at his birth at the Winter Solstice through to his manhood as the young Pendragon warrior hero or knight, at the Spring Equinox, then on to maturity as the king, Arthur Pendragon, at the Summer Solstice, then to becoming the wounded Fisher King at the Autumn Equinox, and ultimately the death journey to the Underworld (Annwfn) as Pen Annfwn, the elder Pendragon. It is here, in the Underworld, that he wins the hallows, the accoutrements of Sovereignty, and then finally his resurrection as the young child, Mabon, again, on the Winter Solstice.

This story of Arthur winning the hallows, or the Sovereignty, is told in the ninth century Welsh poem The Spoils of Annwfn (Preiddeu Annwfn), which is attributed to the bard Taliesin. The hallows of Sovereignty are sought and won at the stage in the Wheel of the Year, or zodiac, known as Sagittarius, and I explain further about that dark night of the soul stage of the hero’s journey in this blog article about mythological Ice Queens.

Arthur and Merlin on the Tree of Life

Dion Fortune found a way to co-opt the Arthur mythos on to the Tree of Life by mapping the characters of the Mabinogion on to the Qabalah of the Jewish rabbis in a way that works, I believe, perfectly well. You can go much deeper into this teaching by reading her books The Magical Battle of Britain and The Mystical Qabalah. But for now, here’s a simplified working formula.


Don’t be put off by this. The Tree of Life is just a method of categorising natural forces which act in the seen (conscious) and the unseen (subconscious) realms.

Arthur represents the warrior spirit shown at No 5, Geburah, Red, Mars, Severity. He is counterbalanced by Merlin at No 4, Chesed, Blue, Jupiter, Mercy. This is always a balancing act, and when the quality of Mercy becomes overstrained by … oh I don’t know, being continually persuaded to sacrifice one own’s greater good to others who want to come and take all your stuff! … then Arthur pivots first into defensive mode, and then if that doesn’t work, into outright warrior.

You can find this red and blue balancing act throughout much of the medieval art and even in today’s flags – for instance, the Madonna is often depicted in cloaks that are blue with a red lining, or with a red dress underneath. In fact, this stunning Botticelli painting, Madonna of the Magnificat, shows elements of other Qabalistic themes, with the crown of Kether being held over the Virgin’s head, and the Child of Tipareth in her lap.


Just a small tip from Dion Fortune: she recommends that if you work with the image of Arthur in your meditation, either in defensive or warrior mode, make sure you have him turned in profile, not facing you. This indicates, to the Group Mind, that he is not defending against or attacking you. You wouldn’t want that!

I find pictures and images work much better than words when communicating with the Group Soul and the Group Mind, and it works both ways because sometimes … you get a message back. We call these sorts of messages ‘omens’. This morning, after such a session, I came to my computer and found this image going through my Twitter feed!

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