The Rise of Tyranny and the New World Order – as seen by Plato

It’s not so well known that Plato was an alchemist – along with being a playwright – and so he based his wisdom on his observations of Nature, of which human nature is a fractal, holographic part and parcel. In doing so, he was able to predict the course that takes a society from democracy into tyranny.

The Republic,  written about 380 BCE and probably Plato’s most revered and respected dramatic work, takes the form of a dialogue between the shaman-philosopher, Socrates, and others, on the nature of justice and existing political regimes.

In this extract, I think you’ll recognise much of what we’re seeing today – an excess of liberty, which is the first step on the road to tyranny. In our case, this excess of liberty hasn’t arisen naturally, or organically. Instead, it’s been deliberately instituted and quickened. It has come about via an agenda to corrupt the people of the West through the smashing of our taboos, and the encouraging of addictions – drugs, sex, pornography, alcohol, etc – over the past 50-plus years.

In reading Plato’s words here, it would seem that the New World Order has used his alchemical recipe as a playbook. This is because, in creating the excess of liberty, they know that it will automatically lead to the tyranny they so crave, when they bring order out of the chaos which was caused by their own agents, and funded by George Soros and other foundations.

Here, in a philosophical treatise written more than 2,000 years ago, we find the same players – Black Lives Matter, Social Justice Warriors,  Cultural Marxists – along with forced multiculturalism, lack of respect for sovereignty and for the wisdom of Elders, the cult of the child, the cult of celebrity, and false accusations against law abiding citizens who can only get justice when they are in one of the favoured ‘victim’ groups.

The Republic (VIII 563a-e)

“Why, when a democratic city athirst for liberty gets bad cupbearers for its leaders and is intoxicated by drinking too deep of that unmixed wine, and then, if its so-called governors are not extremely mild and gentle with it and do not dispense the liberty unstintedly, it chastises them and accuses them of being accursed oligarchs.

[For example, the guilting on ‘white privilege’ and slavery, led by Black Lives Matter et al.]


“Yes, that is what they do,” he replied.

“But those who obey the rulers,” I said, “it reviles as willing slaves and men of naught, but it commends and honors in public and private rulers who resemble subjects and subjects who are like rulers.

[This is about being in the right victim group to get any justice, and the cult of celebrity.]


“Is it not inevitable that in such a state the spirit of liberty should go to all lengths?”

“Of course.”

“And this anarchical temper,” said I, “my friend, must penetrate into private homes and finally enter into the very animals.”

“Just what do we mean by that?” he said.

“Why,” I said, “the father habitually tries to resemble the child and is afraid of his sons, and the son likens himself to the father and feels no awe or fear of his parents, so that he may be forsooth a free man.

[The cult of the child].

“And the resident alien feels himself equal to the citizen and the citizen to him, and the foreigner likewise.”

[Open borders, forced multiculturalism, diversity]

multi kulti

“Yes, these things do happen,” he said.

“They do,” said I, “and such other trifles as these. The teacher in such case fears and fawns upon the pupils, and the pupils pay no heed to the teacher or to their overseers either. And in general the young ape their elders and vie with them in speech and action, while the old, accommodating themselves to the young, are full of pleasantry and graciousness, imitating the young for fear they may be thought disagreeable and authoritative.”

[The cult of SJWs and cultural marxism coming from the universities. Bernie Sanders. The resentment of Millennials towards the older generation.]

“It is my own dream you are telling me,” he said; “for it often happens to me when I go to the country.”

“And do you note that the sum total of all these items when footed up is that they render the souls of the citizens so sensitive, that they chafe at the slightest suggestion of servitude, and will not endure it? For you are aware that they finally pay no heed even to the laws written or unwritten.

“This, then, my friend,” said I, “is the fine and vigorous root from which tyranny grows, in my opinion.”

“Vigorous indeed,” he said; “but what next?”

“The same malady,” I said, “that, arising in oligarchy, destroyed it, this more widely diffused and more violent as a result of this licence, enslaves democracy. And in truth, any excess is wont to bring about a corresponding reaction to the opposite in the seasons…”

Far from this kind of wisdom being any kind of saving grace, though – forget it. History shows that in any faux revolution of this kind, the first people to be rounded up for the guillotine are the philosophers and intellectuals, because they’re highly inconvenient to the elite’s agenda.

Socrates himself was executed by the drinking of hemlock, for the “crime of corrupting the young”. In other words, he ‘corrupted’ his young students from how the corrupt elite government of that time wanted them to be, by teaching them truth and wisdom.

On the way to his execution, Socrates asked his young student, Plato, to ‘offer up a cock to Asclepius for me’.  This was in line with the custom of offering a cock in sacrifice or offering to the god Asclepius at all spiritual initiations, or transformative rites of passage, throughout life.

Socrates taught that death was the final initiation – which comes to us all.

Nobody gets out of here alive.