Blood Moon: A Matter of Life and Death

There are times when I feel sorry for the dear Christians who, having been persuaded that their literature is literal history or prophecy, when it contains stories intended for metaphorical teachings about astronomical cycles, are continually in a paradoxical state of fearing for/hoping for the End of Days and the Second Coming. This bouncing around between the extremes of hope and fear, life or death, sets up a kind of stasis, and an inability to move or think creatively, which is the basis of all cognitive dissonance.

They have been citing the Bible to speculate about the full lunar eclipse of April 15th, in which the moon will appear from the Earth to have turned a coppery/red, making it a “Blood Moon”. Joel 2:31 says: “The sun will be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.”

I won’t hold us up here now with astronomical/astrological/alchemical interpretations for this passage in Joel. I just want to use this particular piece of what I call ‘fear porn’ as an example of how some people are hooked into the Rocky Horror show of the Death Cycle currently being performed on the world stage, while others are dancing out of that into the Life Cycle of growth and self-transformation.

However, as we gradually move away from the mainstream media, realising it was lying to us, and turn to alternative media, we can be instantly presented with another trap. There’s no point in just exchanging Alastair Stewart for Alex Jones or David Dimbleby for David Icke. Because actually then, the news is much more dire, and going from dire to worse on a daily basis, thus plunging us plummeting down into a emotional death spiral far faster than anything on the BBC News ever did, which at least used to have a fluffy kitten story at the end to lift our spirits, or Nick Ross on Crimewatch reassuring about how low the crime stats really are so that we didn’t need to have nightmares. Not so the alternative media, which is relentlessly churning out, day in and day out, a grad-grinding grimoire of Hammer Horror cinema noir entrancements and enchantments about chemtrails, GMOs, fracking, Fukushima, child trafficking, human genocide, financial tyranny and the whole spectrum of criminality of the global criminocracy from bent, brainwashed coppers to the CIA running heroin to school kids while bugging our emails and our Facebook page.

It’s all this fear and alarm that keeps us in a state of stasis, helplessness. We live simultaneously in hope and dread of the End of the World – the end of that world, anyway.

But you don’t have to be a shaman or a quantum physicist to realise that what we give attention to, we become.

Another way of putting it is that energy grows where attention flows. If nothing else, the constant engagement with this Theatre of the Macabre is turning us into victims and some people never seem to recover from the trauma. I know a few who constantly tweet on Twitter about chemtrails, almost as if they have been traumatised into a compulsive personality disorder. “Chemtrails, chemtrails, CHEMTRAILS…. LOOK!!” they seem to be screaming … mainly at people who already know about chemtrails and were researching what’s behind them long before they discovered them. If you question their approach, they insist that they are “raising awareness” and they may be, to some extent. But largely, I think they’re preaching to the choir. Most of us on social media tend to be attracted to those who will reinforce our own view and support us in it, rather than towards people who will give us brand new information, especially when that information challenges our own worldview.

I have an understanding, through shamanic journeying, that everyone who is here, on this planet, right now is meant to be here right now, and even further, we have all actually chosen to be here right now.  The whole huge distraction, starting with the so-called education system, has been to stop us realising who we are. So surely, I’m thinking, wouldn’t it be better to get in touch with what our Destiny really is here? Only we as individuals can find that; it’s not something that anyone else can tell us. But you know when you meet someone who’s found and is following their Destiny, because they’re flying fleet-fast like an arrow from the bow. And who can stop an arrow in mid-flight?

So instead of worrying constantly what the Oligarchy are doing, maybe we should think about what we’re doing, or meant to be doing. Because otherwise, it’s a bit like deciding to go on holiday to sub-Saharan Africa and then, when we get there, moaning on and on and on about the heat.

It’s not even as if moaning will make it all go away, because the Death Eaters are on a roll and they’re not going to stop now.

They had such fun winding us up for several years over that whole End of the World thing which was supposed to arrive on the Winter Solstice 2012… so much so, that now it seems they want to do it every few weeks. In the last few months, the Schlocky Horror Show has been more apparent than ever before; they seem to be able to turn our attention at will to whatever they want us to look at. We’re like a Wimbledon audience of spectators, turning our heads this way and then that, according to whatever Vampires’ Vaudeville or Bloodsuckers’ Ball they decide to stage that week, whether it’s the flooding of the UK (caused by ‘global warming’), the war in the Ukraine, the missing Malaysian flight 307, bankers jumping from high rise buildings, America sabre rattling against China … and all the while, in the background, like a Greek chorus’s mounting groan of dread, are the ongoing Snowdon revelations about mass surveillance, the threat of the collapse of the petrodollar and the imminence of World War III.

I think maybe we were better off before, when we believed everything Auntie BBC told us, because at least then we felt valued and protected by the “Good Parent” – we weren’t, of course, but we didn’t know it. Now we’re like the prisoners in Plato’s Cave, chained up and shackled by the “Bad Parent” – forced to watch a shadow play of puppets on the wall and reduced to discussing or arguing among ourselves about what each puppet play means.

Will one of the puppets kill us? Or will one of the puppets save us? One group say that the puppet with the big hat will save us and they want to beat up the other group which insists that it will be the puppet with the big nose. Our discussions on social media are about as useful and meaningful as that.

The steam and heat generated by the climate change debate alone would probably power a small city for a year. There would be some point to it if “they” were listening, just like in the ‘good old days’ when they at least appeared to care what we thought…. you remember, when we lived in a democracy, or at least when they listened to us in order to better manufacture our consent. Not any longer.  They’ve given up on manufacturing our consent, having failed in that enterprise. They’re riding roughshod over us now, only stopping to eavesdrop for pre-crime reasons, to help them get something on us so that they’ll be able to arrest us in the future, and stuff us into huge, privatised prisons. They don’t give a flying fuck what we think about climate change, or anything else. Sometimes I think they never did.

So how do we get out of their Death Spiral … which is really the aim of this article?

We have to dance out of it, I’m finding, into the Life Spiral – and it’s just about how we re-empower ourselves, out of being helpless victims forced to watch one atrocity after another, into free-thinking individuals engaging with life-fulfilling thoughts and activities.


Double spiral



Even if our actions out and into the Life Spiral are only on a very small scale, it doesn’t matter … because we’re signalling our intention that we mean to dream our own dreams, and create our own lives. And in my experience, the Universe has very smart sensors, and it picks up on the smallest signal.

Stepping into the dance of Life means thinking about every single thing we think and do, and asking ourselves: “Is this feeding the life of myself and others, or will it ultimately kill it?”

I’m not saying that we should give up watching alternative media news shows, because I know I certainly won’t be. I’m much too nosey to do that, and I like to know what’s going on. I enjoy listening to intelligent commentators like Patrick Henningsen, Max Bliss and James Corbett, Red Ice Creations often has an interesting interview and I think Ian R Crane is doing a fantastic job, genuinely getting out there among the communities which are at risk of being fracked and raising some real awareness in that way.

But I think it’s more about having a balance of the good, life-fulfilling stuff too, and it’s also about how we react to what we learn and hear on the alternative media. It’s about being conscious about what we think and what we do.

For instance, what we put on our gardens can spell the difference between life and death. Pot ash, which is produced from burned wood, is an excellent fertiliser for the garden. It’s incredibly life-enhancing. And so burning wood to keep warm will be good for your plants later on, and so the cycle of life will continue. But if you were to burn coal, it’s not the same because the resulting coal ash would kill your plants. Coal ash has to be stored in slag heaps because it can’t be used for anything useful. Pesticides and fertilisers will kill any wildlife that comes into the garden. So just in that simple act, of what we burn in our hearths and put on our gardens, we can engage with a type of energy that is really sustainable – and not just that buzz word of the Green agenda.

There are lots more examples like that, just simple things that we do every day. This also brings us into other new energy technologies and there’s loads of new research now into explosive energy and implosive energy. Just briefly, it’s the difference between an atom bomb (explosive) and an orgasm (implosive). Explosive energy kills life. Implosive energy creates life.

Fracking, for example, is an example of a explosive, death-dealing technology, because it is ultimately destructive of the waters, of which it uses a massive amount. Once water has been used for drilling into shale gas fields, it can never ever be used again for anything else. It cannot be recovered and then recycled. It is no longer able to support any kind of life and so then there is the problem of where to store it safely, just as there is with nuclear waste, another death-dealing explosive technology.

There’s a beautiful example of the difference between a Life Enhancing Cycle and a Death Dealing Cycle in the movie Mary Poppins. The children have a choice between giving their tuppence to buy a bag of breadcrumbs to feed the birds or giving it to the bank, from which they’d probably never see it again… as we all experienced after the crash of 2008. A debt-based currency is essentially toxic and leads to cuts and austerity – in other words, is death-dealing. A currency based on actual material assets and giving to each other creates growth.





One of the ways the Death Cult is destroying the land is by the use of chemicals. Over the last half century, pesticides and fertilisers have depleted the soil of so much of its life-giving nutrients that the food grown in it is no longer able to sustain us as well as it did. Speaking as someone born just after the war, and even while some of rationing was still going on, I remember how much healthier and fitter people were then.

Here are some people who are choosing to dance with the Life Cycle instead of the Death Cycle, in Switzerland. They have turned all their gardens over to growing organic vegetables, and they consult with their neighbours about who should grow what so that they can exchange and trade with one another, over the garden fence.


Life -Swiss Gardens

I sometimes enjoy lobbing a stinging 140 character missile in reply to one of the Pope’s tweets, but really there’s no point, apart from that momentary feeling of satisfaction, because I’m sure the Pope is not operating his own Twitter account! And so ultimately that’s a bit of a pointless exercise (I’m just realising that I’m writing this article as much for me as anyone else!) .

It’s a complete waste of time and energy to observe every twist and turn of the Death Eaters from the sidelines and yell out to them about what they’re doing wrong and how they need to change to get it right, so that we can all have a jolly nice planet to live on. They’re really not interested in creating life… or a life that includes us, anyway!

Likewise, we’re on a hiding to nothing in making fun of ‘idiot politicians’ and world leaders, because they’re really not idiots. They’re just lying… they’re telling us that they’re going in one direction, when really, they’re going in another. It’s as if they tell us that they’re going to travel from London to Brighton, and then they get into their cars and start driving north. We’re reduced to standing on the pavement and yelling at them (because we don’t own cars) “Oi! You’re going the wrong way,” and then when they totally ignore us and drive off into the sunset, we make ourselves feel better by all agreeing with each other about what idiots they are. We mock them for being fools… when we’re the fools really, and they know it, because they will have the last laugh in the end… they’re laughing all the way to the Royal Bank of Scotland.

So what do we do? Well, a small step would be to become more conscious of how they’re trying to distract us, and disengage as often as we can ……engaging instead, with the thoughts, words and deeds that support the Life Giving Cycle. I think we should learn to tear ourselves away from what they want us to be mesmerised by, like a deer in the headlights, and start to feed the birds, tuppence a bag, in our lives, whenever we can or wherever we can.

We should live our own lives according to our own Destiny – in other words, how we want to live and not how others want us to live. There is a lot that can be done, even when you’re living in a high rise apartment and trying to hold down two or three jobs. There is always something, even it’s just a crumb, a breadcrumb, that you will have left over at the end of the day, which you can give and in doing so, give with a deep and heartfelt intention to be part of the Life Cycle instead of the Death March. It will be like the widow’s mite. It will come back to you a thousand-fold.

Remember – energy grows where attention goes. If we make an intention to start looking more into how to create the kind of life we want for ourselves, our family and our friends on the planet, we will eventually find that life, that new world, will come to fruition.

And to get back to that ol’ Blood Moon ….. for sure, there is a lot going on astronomically and astrologically this month, coming up to the Grand Cross. But it’s up to us how we cope with any challenges that may arise… remembering that nobody lives forever, and nobody gets out of here alive. The name of the game is all about us… how well we respond to our Destiny… and play the Game of Life.

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