How the shaman is Breaking Bad into better

You may have heard of the series Breaking Bad – the main plotline of which follows the trajectory to hell in a handcart that gets unleashed when a college chemistry teacher decides to get rich by making crystal meth. Fans of the series may object to me reducing it down thus, and they would be quite right, because it is about so much besides. But mainly, it’s about human nature… and it’s about what happens when one person sets a trajectory for their life, and then the inevitable ramifications of how this plays out. Once you throw the dice, all bets are off.

Of course, Breaking Bad carries the usual mind programming that we’ve come to expect from the Hollywood-CIA Industrial Military Cinema Multiplex, such as predictive programming, glamorising crime and criminals, training us to sympathise and empathise with a cold-blooded and brutal killer, and normalising a previously unthinkable level of violence that neatly paved the way for Game of Thrones which I’m told makes Quentin Taratino’s output seem positively wholesome by comparison.

However, the actions of the Breaking Bad main protagonist, Walter White, also provide a very good basis for understanding more about the role of the shaman as seer and creator of worlds. Much of the attraction of Breaking Bad comes from watching White using his superior knowledge about how Nature works to solve seemingly impossible and potentially fatal problems, so much so, that he appears to be some kind of genius savant. The shaman also overcomes his adversaries and changes the power differential of the playing field in a similar way. To others, with less knowledge, it may be appear that the shaman can do ‘magic’, like it’s some kind of hocus-pocus. But his success is much more likely to be attributed to clearer vision and greater knowledge, as it is with Walter White.

For instance, in one episode, Walter had to overcome a seemingly insurmountable problem. He had been filmed by closed circuit cameras at work in his meth lab, and the content of those cameras was on a laptop which had now been impounded by the DEA and firmly filed away in a police lock up that had all the security of Fort Knox. There was no way that he and his cohorts could have successfully broken into such a heavily guarded and steel fortified room to retrieve the laptop. So instead, Walter uses his scientific expertise to come up with another solution. He transported a giant magnet, usually much more gainfully employed in picking up old cars at a wrecker’s yard, and then he parked it as close as he could get to the back wall of the room of the lock up. Turning on the magnet had the effect of wiping the contents of every computer in the place and wreaking a whole lot more damage besides.

This is just one example, to show how someone who knows how ‘stuff’ works, has the knowledge about which building blocks he needs to move to change his environment. When Walter White looks at water, his vision is not just confined to seeing a flowing stream; he sees H2O. This gives him the ability to break down his environment into the natural chemical building blocks of which its composed, and from those building blocks, create an instrument or field in which to free himself from his bondage and overcome his enemies, who, in the main, don’t have this knowledge.

This is what the experienced shaman does too. He can also break matter down into its component parts, and then rearrange it. However, he doesn’t need to know the elemental table to change the elements, because real science – or what ignorant people call magic –  is a lot simpler and easier than what we were taught at school. Here’s how:

All of Nature emanates from a primordial sound vibration, and this creates a resonance in the form of a particle or wave which makes atoms dance into a certain geometrical formations and this creates matter. How fast or slow the atoms dance determine the nature of the matter – whether it is earth, air, water or fire – and all matter is composed of varying amounts of those four elements.

But it gets even simpler than that, because processes within Nature, no matter how complex or how simple, follow one trajectory and one trajectory only, and that is the Fibonacci spiral which is based on the  phi number scale of 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144…

trajectory fibonacci table. jpg

trajectory fibonacci spiral blue

trajectory fibonacci nature

trajectory fibonacci shell

So how does the shaman know his environment better than anyone else? Yes, he can get help from his spirit guides in terms of information, guidance and healing. But there is also a greater wisdom that the shaman acquires over time, and the knowledge that comes from that greater wisdom was summed up in the notice which was, apparently, on the Gate of Delphi, where people would go to get advice from the Oracle. The notice said simply: Gnothi Seauton in Greek, or Know Thyself. Those of a philosophical bent have discussed this phrase endlessly, and come up with varying interpretations. But to those who understand how Nature works, the meaning is obvious….

Reproduction of Gnothi Seauton

Trajectory Gnothi_seauton

Those who believe in the religion of Western material science, which stems from the delusion that man is exceptional and can therefore separate himself from, and even conquer, Nature, will never get the meaning of Gnothi Seauton, because they’ve been trained to think in terms of objectivity and subjectivity. There is no such thing as objectivity. We are in the world and the world is in us. Our human bodies follow the exact same principles as the huge bodies of the constellations in Space, and everything in between and beyond that. We are the microcosm to the macrocosm of the universe. Therefore, in studying ourselves, we study everything. And in studying everything, we study ourselves.

trajectory atom theory

trajectory fibonacci galaxy

Not only that… but studying ourselves is just the beginning of the exercise. Once we have studied ourselves, and learned how our processes work, and what trajectories we have set for ourselves, we can then change ourselves by changing our processes and trajectories … and in doing so, change the world around us. It doesn’t work the other round because this is not how it’s set up. We can’t change ourselves, in other words, by changing the world. We can’t change the world without changing ourselves first, but when we do change the microcosm, the macrocosm also changes instantly, because the change happens holographically.

That’s not just a New Agey-type slogan… it’s science… real science. Because once a trajectory has been set, once an arrow has been fired, it has to play itself out, it has to hit its mark.

If a bow-woman aims her arrow at an oak tree, and her aim is true, it will hit the oak tree. However, she may wish to hit an ash tree which adjacent to, but 20 feet away from the oak tree. She doesn’t have to shift her aim 20 feet, though, to hit the ash tree. She just has to make a marginal adjustment to the aim of her trajectory.

We are now seeing, being played out on the world stage, the results of a trajectory that was set about a century ago. So there’s little sense in trying to stop the arrow hitting its mark by mounting street protests, signing petitions or being persuaded that the ETs or Jesus will come and save us. Writing to our MPs did seem to help last year, in slowing down the juggernaut rolling down the road to World War 3, but we didn’t bring it to a final halt, in that they will still keep trying because their arrow is flying along that trajectory.

How can we change that trajectory? We can’t … but we can change our own microcosmic processes and thus change our own trajectory and thus, holographically, the macrocosmic processes of the whole world. Know Thyself. It’s as simple as that.


The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar

Shamanic sexual healing and sex magic

The article above is by the shaman Ishtar Babilu Dingir, who is also the author of The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar. It is about sex magic across dimensions that leads to greater self empowerment and creative intelligence, which she has been taught by her guiding spirits, over decades. Ishtar explains, however, that this is not a New Age teaching, but a very old one, and that she is merely reconstituting a practice in which our earlier ancestors were skilled and which they valued highly as a means of spiritual evolution.

In Part I, Ishtar lays the foundation stone for this teaching by showing the ancient artwork, iconography and orally transmitted lore underlying these sacred shamanic sex practices, which seem to have fallen out of favour after the destruction of the Mystery Groves and the Library of Alexandria.

Ishtar uses erotic poetry and engravings from ancient Egypt, Crete, India, Sumer and Babylon to show that sacred sex was part of the Kingship rites, and that the spirits were present in the lovemaking. She also finds evidence for the practice of the Faery Marriage, and what she believes is the original meaning of the Holy Grael which can be traced back to Neanderthals about 45,000 years ago.

Ishtar unravels ancient myths to show that they are really “Trojan horses” of sacred dramas which carry the secret keys of this ancient sex magic teaching. She is also the first to discover the allegorical sub-strata containing the keys to shamanic sex magic in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, based on alchemy and the Alchemical Marriage. She gives the same treatment to the story of the Woman at the Well in the Gospel of John.

Ishtar also describes how Babylon has been deliberately demonised by who we now call the Zionists and their proxy armies who have, for millennia, been trying to turn it into a pile of rubble. This is because of the power of the sacred geometry created by the Ishtar Gate and the Tower of Babylon, she says, which created the conditions for a portal, or a ‘Stargate’, into other dimensions.

In Part II of The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, Ishtar shows the metaphysical anatomy of the human being, and then reveals the secret techniques of shamanic sex magic, so that people can try them for themselves.

Although this may seem like quite a complex subject, her past experience as a national newspaper journalist in the UK – Sunday Times, Sunday Express, Mail on Sunday – has given Ishtar the ability to explain some quite dense material in simple everyday language to produce an engaging, page-turner of a book. She also writes with great humour!

To find out more, just click on the book below.

The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar