Brigit-Ana’s Medicine Wheel of the Year

As we’re just about to go into 2014, I wanted to give everyone a gift… and I thought, what better, at this time, than a Wheel of the Year or, as some call it, a Medicine Wheel? Through this Wheel of Year, we can be more easily in tune with the spirits of Nature, no matter where we are. There are many different kinds of Wheels of the Year, but they are all designed to reflect and bring awareness of the changing seasons, deities, elements, colours and power animals of the sacred knowledge of a society or culture.

By following this ancient and traditional system, through beautiful poetry and imagery, we can align our hearts and souls to the alchemical lore and law of Nature and its cycles throughout the Year.

This particular Wheel of the Year was created by Kathy Jones, who also had the vision to found the Goddess Temple of Glastonbury. She’s been walking this Land for decades, listening to the voices of the spirits of Avalon and the Overlighting Divine Feminine who she calls the Lady of Avalon and sometimes, ‘Nolava’. I have changed ‘Nolava’ to Brigit-Ana. I hope Kathy won’t mind. To me, the Lady of Avalon is Brigit-Ana, or Brittania as the Romans called her… although she has had many many names, and if you wish, you can learn more about them in an earlier post: Searching for the Goddess of the British Isles.

Kathy bases her Wheel of the Year on the ancient Celtic festivals, of which there were eight, and for whom New Year began at Samhain, the first few days of November. But we can jump into this Wheel at any time… and there’s no time like the present!

The purpose of being aware of, and attuning ourselves to the Wheel of the Year, is to keep us in touch with the natural spirits of the Earth, skies and seas, so that we can be align ourselves with these subtle changes which are so much more than just the four seasons. By knowing what to look out for, even in the cities, the Bright One, Brigit-Ana’s Beauty will shine through to us and we will rejoice in our recognition of Her.

Each segment of the Year has an overlighting female presence (‘goddess’, if you like) but they are just different aspects of Brigit-Ana, showing how her face and clothes and temperament change throughout the Year, and accordingly, so do her influences. For instance, in her maiden aspect at Imbolc (2nd February) she epitomises Mercy – I have personally felt her mercy intervening one year, at this time, when I was going through great emotional pain. In the summer, she takes on more of the qualities of the mother – giving, abundance, compassion and nurturing and so on. And then at Samhain, she becomes the old hag of the crone who stirs the cauldron over the flames into which we throw all that no longer serves us.

Kathy has composed a beautiful poem which sums up all these different aspects of Brigit-Ana, as we go through the Wheel of the Year, and I’d like to share that here so that we can transform our own lives through this Wheel, no matter where we are. I offer this up to Brigit-Ana, too, as we begin the New Year and in the hope that Her Beauty, Truth and Goodness will one day soon, finally prevail in Avalon which is where ever you happen to be!

In Praise of the Lady of Avalon

Lady of Avalon, Sweet Brigit-Ana of the Sacred Land
Oh, my Beloved Goddess, how I love you.
Lady of the Mists of Avalon, Keeper of the Violet Flame,
Swan Maiden, Sacred Lover, Great Mother, Ancient Crone,
Avalon’s Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, I thank you and I honour you.

You are my Beloved Lady, beloved of my heart.

Queen of the Summerland, Lady of the Holy Springs and Wells,
Lady of the Ring of Fire, Breath of Life, how I love you.
You dwell beyond the Veil of Avalon, on the delicate Margins,
You are Avalonia, Apple Woman, Lady of the Orchards of Avalon,
You bring abundance of life to all, I thank you and I honour you.

You are my Beloved Lady, beloved of my heart.

Source of All, Source of Inspiration, Wisdom, Holy One
Mirror of deep reflection, you are Mystress of Healing of the Wounds of Karma
Truth-Holder, you teach discrimination, Heart Opener, Presence
Awakener, Bringer of Self Knowledge, Keeper of the Dream,
You open our hearts and set us free, I thank you and I honour you.

You are my Beloved Lady, beloved of my heart.

Imbolc: 2nd February


Wide winged Swan Maiden flying across the Summerland
Holy Grael of Innocence, Grael Maiden, Guardian of the Threshold.
Mystress of the Forge of Avalon, burn away the dross,
Reveal the burnished gold of my Soul to me.
Bright Blessed Lady of Imbolc, I begin with you, I thank you and I honour you.

You are my Beloved Lady, beloved of my heart.

Spring Equinox: 21st March


Fire of Avalon, of Energy, of Creation, Golden Light,
Cat Woman, Lady of the Bears of Avalon, Red Hen, Moon-gazey Hare,
Flame thrower, Melter of metal, Remover of Armour,
Lady of Strength, Mother of the Hearth Fires, Mother of Starfire,
Light Bringer of Springtime, I awaken with you, I thank you and I honour you.

You are my Beloved Lady, beloved of my heart.

Beltane: 1st May


Sacred Lover, Shining One, Bringer of Beauty, Harmony, Sensuality, Sexuality
Loving Cup of Joy, Opener of the Way, Great Vulva of Delight,
Fecund One, Fertile Womb, Expanding, Giving into Love,
Breaker of Hearts, Mystress of the Stony Ground,
Red Lady of Beltane, I dance with you, I thank you and I honour you.

You are my Beloved Lady, beloved of my heart.

Summer Solstice: 21st June

Sacred Spring of Avalon, the Flow and the Ebb,
Lady of the Inland Sea, Lady of the Lake of Emotion, Vivienne, Nimue,
Woman of the sweet White Fertile Waters of Conception,
Woman of the Red Waters, of the Moon’s blood, of Summertime,
Mother of Compassion, I immerse myself in you, I thank you and I honour you.

You are my Beloved Lady, beloved of my heart.

Lammas: 1st August


Great Mother Brigit-Ana, Abundant and Generous Life-Giving Mother of Creation,
Womb of Avalon, Mother of the New, Maker of Matter, Mater, Matrix,
Sovereign Queen, Keeper of the Chalice, Grael Queen,
Deer Mother, Cow Mother, Mother of the Grain, Lammas Mother,
Nurturer, Loving Mother, I feel your warm embrace, I thank you and honour you.

You are my Beloved Lady, beloved of my heart.

Autumn Equinox: September 21st


Earth of Avalon, Ground, Substance of Life, Tor Mother,
High Fruitful Mother of the Apple Orchards of Avalon,
Mother of the Bare Earth, of the Rough Ground, Mountain Mother,
Ripener of Fruits, Mother of the Rich Harvests,
Mother of All, I continue with you, I thank you and I honour you.

You are my Beloved Lady, beloved of my heart.

Samhain – 31st October

Crone 2
Crone Bridget, Ancient Grandmother, Old Woman, Hag of Avalon,
Keeper of the Cauldron of Death, Transformation and Rebirth,
Raven Queen, Black Goddess, Yew Woman, Lady of the Mists,
Queen of the Underworld, of the Cave, of the Hollow Hills,
Dark Mother, be with me as I descend into your depths, I thank you and I honour you.
You are my Beloved Lady, beloved of my heart.

Winter Solstice – 21st December

Air 2 Danu
Air of Avalon, Breath of Life, Mother of Stillness, Mother of Space,
Keeper of the Ancestral Memory, Holder of the Motherline,
Holy Presence, Silence of the Heart, Empty Void,
Clear Sky, sparkling Light of Life, Rainbow Woman,
Bird Woman, I fly with you, I thank you and I honour you.

You are my Beloved Lady, beloved of my heart.

Lady of Avalon, Lady of the Centre, Lady of my Soul,
Great Queen, Mystress of Sacred Love, Transforming Power,
Lady of Secrets, Lady of Revelation, Lady of Magic,
Queen of the Hesperides, of the Golden Apples of Immortality,
Enchantress of Avalon, I open to your Mystery, I thank you and I honour you.

You are my Beloved Lady, beloved of my heart.

Sweet Heart, Sweet Love of Avalon, Sweetness of Life itself,
Blessed Mother, Great Queen, Crow Woman, Veil of Mystery,
Opener of the Bright Blessed Life, Gift of Mercy, Beloved,
Divine Healer, All Knowing, All-Seeing Eye of Beauty,
Lady of Avalon, you have opened my heart with your love.
I thank you and I honour you.

You are my Beloved Lady, beloved of my heart.

(The accompanying images above, by Caroline Lir and Wendy Andrew, are available for sale at the Goddess Temple Gift Shop).

Wishing One and All a Happy and Peaceful New Year!! May we All recognise and honour Brigit-Ana, with every step!


The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar

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In Part I, Ishtar lays the foundation stone for this teaching by showing the ancient artwork, iconography and orally transmitted lore underlying these sacred shamanic sex practices, which seem to have fallen out of favour after the destruction of the Mystery Groves and the Library of Alexandria.

Ishtar uses erotic poetry and engravings from ancient Egypt, Crete, India, Sumer and Babylon to show that sacred sex was part of the Kingship rites, and that the spirits were present in the lovemaking. She also finds evidence for the practice of the Faery Marriage, and what she believes is the original meaning of the Holy Grael which can be traced back to Neanderthals about 45,000 years ago.

Ishtar unravels ancient myths to show that they are really “Trojan horses” of sacred dramas which carry the secret keys of this ancient sex magic teaching. She is also the first to discover the allegorical sub-strata containing the keys to shamanic sex magic in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, based on alchemy and the Alchemical Marriage. She gives the same treatment to the story of the Woman at the Well in the Gospel of John.

Ishtar also describes how Babylon has been deliberately demonised by who we now call the Zionists and their proxy armies who have, for millennia, been trying to turn it into a pile of rubble. This is because of the power of the sacred geometry created by the Ishtar Gate and the Tower of Babylon, she says, which created the conditions for a portal, or a ‘Stargate’, into other dimensions.

In Part II of The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar, Ishtar shows the metaphysical anatomy of the human being, and then reveals the secret techniques of shamanic sex magic, so that people can try them for themselves.

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