Desolation Row – The Selling of the New Age

Man needs his own stories and his own dreams to create his own reality. Instead, we have given away this right to others who want to weave our stories for us ~ stories that suit their own agendas. Even New Age gurus have stolen this right from us, as they pack out auditoriums and sell millions of books based merely on the one or two astral journeys they once took, years ago, with no spiritual training whatsoever, and from which, in their demiurge-like arrogance, they’ve brought back messages for the world, like Moses coming down from the mountain.

Thousands are fooled into believing that by hanging on to every word of these New Age gurus they will achieve enlightenment or ascension. Instead, these false prophets fill us with fear about global catastrophes and deadlines for ET invasions  that pass uneventfully and unremarked, as by then, we are already on to the next deadline, the next Great Overhanging Fear that, like the two pillars of the Children of Israel,  permeates our conscious mind during the day through “the news”, while our nights are full of terrors after being programmed with rape and violence via our flickering screens.

Not one of these New Age gurus is standing up and saying “I have no message for you other than to show the means to get your own messages, through which you will be able to live your own dreams.”  That’s because, in my opinion, the whole New Age movement has been hijacked (if not originally invented) by those dream-stealing eugenicists who want to create a new world order through the ruins of the old one, which global conflagration they are also trying to cause.

I say ‘if not invented’ because there seems to have been a deliberate plan to break down society through the beliefs and practises of a so-called “New Age” which has been orchestrated from the shadow world government.

Most of what New Age gurus peddle has its original source in the philosophy of Victorian theosophy, most notably the thinking of the Russian Madame Helene Blavatsky whose ‘theories’ about Atlantis and the five root races of man bears no resemblance to what’s been found in the archaeological record and through the study of genetics.

All the ideas about the seven rays, the solar logos, the galactic logos, and the Pleiades etc came from her and one of her avid followers, the prodigious writer, Alice Bailey.

Madame Helen Blavatsky


Alice Bailey

Alice Bailey

In 1920, Alice Bailey set up the Lucifer Publishing Company. Two years later, she changed the name to the Lucis Trust, which retained the aim of bringing in a new world order of civilisation centred around the worship of Lucifer.  She claimed to be guided by an ascended master who told her that the Second World War was necessary because it was the will of God.  I guess this ‘ascended master’ was confusing God with Jehovah! Or he had read the Palladian Rite of Freemasons (reference below).

Alice Bailey wrote about how the existing order would have to be deliberately smashed before people would open their hearts to a new one.  She also wrote that this work was already ongoing and being guided by spiritual entities – in my view, the same astral entities that the highest reaches of Freemasonry have created on the astral planes, the ones they sacrifice children to.

The Lucis Trust today enjoys consultative status with the United Nations and has a seat at the weekly meetings where members can consult with the most influential and powerful movers and shakers on the planet.  The Lucis Trust claims to be “aggressively involved with the promotion of a globalist ideology” through its links with the Bilderbergs, the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

In Bailey’s book, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, there is a chapter which deals with preparing the people for one world governance, entitled Steps Towards the New World Order. In another section, The Problem of Governance, she lays out the idea of dividing the world into three blocks. This was later adopted by the Trilateral Commission.  She says:

“Coming to the realm of government, under the new world order, one is faced with a very complex situation… Various basic trends are appearing which, in the new world order, will unfold into that major synthesis so much desired by the spiritual hierarchy of the planet.”

Namely, she means, Order from Chaos… that is, after they have created the Chaos.

These people profess to support the evolution of the species ~ in fact, it is their raison d’etre and why they had earlier supported Darwin.  But I wonder how deluded you have to be to believe that a species can evolve naturally when its development is being deliberately straightjacketed according to a plan hatched by unenlightened and Machiavellian eugenicists and social engineers of another century, who believe they have the right to kill millions of peoples in their wars, in order to achieve their desired Utopia?

The biggest delusion of the New Agers is that they so often think that their lifestyles and beliefs are an act of rebellion, and a sign that they are an independent thinker when, in fact, it is the very opposite. By buying into these bogus belief systems, their minds and their judgement is being destroyed so that they cannot hear the ankle manacle chains clanking as they’re  led into a stinking prison cell on Desolation Row.

Far from being a grass roots movement, the New Age was a deliberate operation hatched up by the likes of the occultist Aleister Crowley, rocket man Jack Parsons, Professor Tim Leary, Aldous Huxley, and L Ron Hubbard with the help of the CIA and NASA, and backed up by phalanxes of science fiction writers. Even the term “New Age” was apparently coined by the Scottish Rite of Freemasons.

There was a cabal in California that deliberately cultivated Mount Shasta as a New Age centre, while the drugs for the Children of the Revolution were helpfully supplied by the CIA.  (See further reading below for more on the above).

The Sixties saw the first stages of the Chaos stage of the project, as families could not hold together against the onslaught of drugs and the ‘free love’ they told us was de rigeur to be free and liberated especially when the marijuana and LSD turned to heroin and cocaine. It continues today with drug pushers waiting outside the school playgrounds and children swapping internet porn photos on their mobile phones while the international scandal of large-scale child and drug trafficking appears to operate above the law.

All this has come about because we have allowed others to tell us what life is meant to be like and what freedom means, instead of discovering it for ourselves.

The prophets of the New Age are wolves in the sheep’s clothing and they are leading their lambs to the slaughter. As the Dylan-man says, they lead us to..

Between the windows of the sea

Where lovely mermaids flow.

And nobody has to think too much

About Desolation Row.

I’m not a New Age guru, but if I had a message for 2013, it would be this:

“I have no message for you from the spirits, except that I can show you the means whereby you can get your own messages from that same interdimensional source, way above the astral planes where so many New Age gurus and Freemasons are trapped in their delusions.

“I, along with many other shamanic practitioners, can show you the means whereby you can get to live your own dreams, rather than that of some outdated ‘ascended master’ on the astral planes.

“In this way, you will meet various aspects of the Divine Feminine as well as the Divine Masculine, which will bring your life and your body-world into balance, and you will stand in your own power where no-one will ever be able to tell you ever again what to think and what to believe.

“That, to me, is true freedom.”

Happy New Year!


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