The trashing of wisdom in the Garden of Good and Evil

What’s not often understood about evil is that it’s never spiritual, but it is always political. It is about trying to make us believe that people who our manipulators want us to conquer or rise up against are essentially and inherently evil because “they follow evil spirits” ~ like Lucifer or the Archons. Our manipulators use scriptural texts to do this. However, the stories in these ancient texts, known as myths, are not about literal devils and demons, but are metaphorical teaching stories. This means that the ‘devils’ in them are no more real than Voldemort or Sauron.

The Garden of Eden story as told in Genesis is a politicised version of a spiritual teaching story which first appears in the Sumerian literature. Most of the Genesis, in fact, is a rehash of Sumerian myths, and part of the role of ancient myths was to teach cosmology in holographic, multi-dimensional terms (positive and negative polarities became devas and demons) which they mapped on to what we call today the Kabbalah.

The spiritual adept journeys up the Kabbalah to reach spiritual enlightenment. It is an inner, meditative journey. It’s not an outer political one.

We see this much more clearly in the Gnostic Christian text which uses the metaphor of the Garden of Eden, and that is called The Hypostasis of the Archons (The Reality of the Rulers). The understory of the branches of the World Tree, the Kabbalah, poke through this Gnostic story much more clearly. And so it is easier then to perceive that the Garden of Eden is about an inner journey, not an outer one, and can only be experienced by going inwards, which is why Jesus, another mythical character, said “The Kingdom of Heaven is within”. (For more about the Garden of Eden story as a metaphor for the Kabbalah, go to The Gnostic Version of the Garden of Eden Story.)

The idea of the serpent being evil was also part of that politicisation of the story. Before that, serpents were considered to be wise and all-knowing, and spiritual teachers worldwide were given the title of “serpent”, out of respect.

Even the first mention of Lucifer in the Bible (which was a mistranslation by Jerome) is political not spiritual. It’s from the prophet Isaiah and it’s about the King of Babylon, who the Jews hated because he conquered their lands and brought them into slavery.

False prophets, false priests and false wizards have always been used by kings and presidents alike to stoke up revolutions and wars by claiming that the ‘other side’ are following the Devil or Satan or Lucifer or the Archons, while we, on the other hand, “have God on our side”. Every army that ever goes into battle believe that they will win by Divine Right because of that. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t fight and there wouldn’t be any more wars. That’s mainly because most people are good, and would never dream of killing one another unless stoked up by these false ideas and fantasies by misguided men.

The latest attempt at the God On Our Side propaganda, currently emanating from psy-ops, has a sci-fi twist. It is trying to convince us that the countries our leaders like are talking to the good ETs with their good advanced technology, but that the countries our leaders don’t like are talking to the bad ETs with their evil advanced technology.

I sometimes think that the guys who produce this kind of propaganda must be laughing fit to bust at how we fall for these ruses. But it’s not our fault. It’s because we are no longer taught how to read myths; how to understand the multi-layered metaphors, symbols and allegories of the wise poet teachers of the past, and so now mythology is read as history. Big mistake.

We only fall for this propaganda if we don’t understand what the ancient spiritual texts were really about, that the ‘devils’ in them are not real, but are metaphors to help the spiritual adept on an inner journey to realise enlightenment. And this is achieved by looking inwards, not outwards.

If we are only looking outwards in trying to understand these texts literally, we are limited then by logic.

Logic is a great tool for getting us from A – B, but imagination will take us everywhere… and everywhere is where we need to go.


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