The Goddess of Ur, the Anunnaki and the Star Peoples

Indigenous peoples, like the Hopi and the Dogon, recount very similar creation stories about the “star peoples”, who came down from the heavens to teach them all they knew. The Sumerians’ creation myth, the Enuma Elish, along with the Egyptian and Indian creation myths, could also be read in this way. So does this mean that ancient astronauts once came down to Earth?

I know the late Zecharia Sitchin thought so. His dying wish was for the completion of the Goddess of Ur Genome Project, which is petitioning the museum that is housing the bones of the Sumerian Nin.Puab to allow them to be DNA tested. This, Mr Stichin was sure, would reveal that Nin.Puab, whose skeletal remains were found in the Royal Tomb at Ur, was not of the human race but from another planetary system. He believed that she was one of the ancient astronauts of the race of the Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru.

Because of Sitchin’s work, we now hear talk around the internet about the Sumerian gods, the Anunnaki, as if their existence as a race from outer space is a fact and that their return to steal our gold is imminent.

This is utter and unmitigated bilge, purely designed to frighten us. From my study of mythology of more than 40 years, and added to that my memories of a previous lifetime as a priestess of Ishtar in Babylon, plus my experience as a shaman, my understanding of the Anunnaki and Nibiru is very different.

From that experience, I believe that the current stories doing the rounds about the Anunnaki and the 3,600 year old cycle of the Planet Nibiru to be just another psy-ops campaign concocted by a very high level Freemason, which Zecharia Sitchin was, and created for the same reason that all psy-ops campaigns are created, in order to control and dominate the peoples of Earth. The Anunnaki/Nibiru one is very clever, as Sitchin was, for many reasons including:

  1. It piggy backs on one of the most successful psy-ops campaigns of all time, that of a real dying and resurrecting Sun god
  2. It plays on the fact that most people can’t or won’t have time to actually read the texts from the Sumerian cuneiform tablets for themselves

To elaborate on the first point, in studying mythology, we find that many of the events in the so-called ‘life of Jesus’ had been told many times before, for thousands of years before he was even supposed to have lived. The dying and resurrecting Sun god was an astronomical metaphor for the winter solstice which was passed on in the oral teaching traditions of priest astronomers across Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and India when they underwent their Mystery initiations during the Neolithic period (after the last Ice Age).

So why did the ancients mix up the teachings of science and the teaching of religion? It was because to them, there was no difference. It is only us today who have been taught to separate science from God or spirituality … and we’ve also been trained through Judaeo-Christianity to see God as a sort of angry, vengeful Jehovah figure.

However, that prevailing view is slowly changing and now there are scientists at the Hadron Collider 17 mile-long tunnel in Switzerland looking for the “God Particle”, in other words, the self-organising principle of all life.

What they don’t realise it that our early ancestors already knew about this self-organising principle and the ancient Sumerians, Egyptians and Indians called it the Anu … which is where the word Anunnaki comes from.

Anu is the oldest word for God or self-organising principle. It is the Spirit at the heart of all matter. And the energetic or spirit products of the Anu (the Children of the Anu) were known as the Annuna, who Sitchin rechristians the Anunnaki.

Anu (Sanskrit) As a noun, an atom of matter; as an adjective, atomic, fine, minute. A title of Brahma, conceived as both infinitesimal and universal, thus pointing to the pantheistic character of divinity. Hence, every anu is “a centre of potential vitality, with latent intelligence in it” (SD 1:567; cf FSO 273-5, 431). In the Bhagavad-Gita (8:9) Arjuna is enjoined to meditate on the “seer,” i.e., the enlightened, omniscient One, who is “more atomic than the atom” (anor aniyamsam) and yet “the supporter of all” (cf VP 1:2, 5:1; ChU 3:14, 3-4, Katha 2:20, MU 3:1,

Anu (Chaldean) Supreme god of the Babylonian pantheon, king of angels and spirits, ruler of destiny, lord of the city of Erech or Uruk — later Ur. One of the loftiest of Babylonian divinities, part of a trinity with Enlil and Ea, he was especially the god of heaven, creator of star spirits and of the demons of cold, rain, and darkness. His consort Antum or Anatum was mother of the gods. Anu was the concealed deity; in the Chaldean account of Genesis, he is the passive deity, however, “the primordial chaos, the god time and world at once, chronos, and kosmos, the uncreated matter issued from the one and fundamental principle of all things” (IU 2:423).

Anu was also the ‘god word’ in Egypt where many priests were named Anu or Anubis, and the city of Heliopolis (renamed as the City of the Sun by the Greeks) was originally named Anu.

For those who prefer videos, there is a good one here about shamanism and the self-organising principle of the Anu.

From this, you will see the Anu takes the shape of two vortexes, one upon the other and also known as the double vortex, or ascending and descending dragons. It is also represented by the double pyramid:

Here is how its double vortical magnetic field supports the Earth.

In this diagram, you can see how the energy of the double vortex flows in and out, and it forms a doughnut-like shape around its middle, known as a torus.

I’m sure Zecharia Sitchin was an intelligent man, and so he would have known that nowhere in the Sumerian texts is Nibiru referred to as a planet, but as an Earthly city. Nibiru is mentioned many times throughout the cuneiform clay tablets as a very important city because it is housed a sacred shrine to Anu, the “God Particle”.

There is also nothing in the Sumerian texts about rockets, other planets or an evil race of Anunnaki who come from outer Space.

The Biblical story about the Judaic equivalent, the Nephilim, often gets quoted as proof that they came to the Earth and made love with the “daughters of man”. But this is a metaphor for how Spirit combines with matter ~ another term for electromagnetic energy. In ancient myths, Spirit is usually depicted as the male principle and Matter (mater, maternal) is represented as female. This story is about the act of fertility that is at the heart of the creation which is electromagnetic.

That Sitchin was part of a psy-ops initiative, or at least one that sets out to deceive, is clear from his omissions, from his made-up translations, from his truncated quotes and extracts taken out of context, and from the amount of repetition there is in his copious, confusing to the general reader and complex Earth Chronicles which could also be an early form of NLP with its use of ‘redundant pattern recognition’.

When Sitchin was asked to provide references for his ‘beliefs’, he would wave away the enquirier with ‘it’s all in the books’. There are references and a bibliography of sorts in his books, but there are none to reference the more sensational part of his story regarding the Anunnaki coming from Space on rockets or the “planet Nibiru”.

Who were the Anunnaki?

The Annuna or Anunnaki were known as the Aryans in ancient India, and both are translated to Noble Ones. The Anunnaki or Aryans were the original spirits of the Anu, who taught the shaman priests everything they needed to know for survival ~ agriculture, smithery, astronomy, geomancy, sacred geometry etc. But these Anunnaki/Aryan spirits didn’t come to Earth on rockets to teach our ancestors. Even today (but particularly then) shamans learn from the spirits (Anunnaki/Aryans/Elohim/Archangels) through the shamanic trance known as ‘journeying’. It is not a physical journey. Shamans don’t journey by going ‘off-planet’ but by going ‘off dimension’. Going ‘off-planet’ may be fun, but going ‘off dimension’ is even better because it evolves your consciousness to a higher level in a way that no amount of trips to Mars can ever achieve.

We can go to Mars, or we can go even to the Pleiades or to the Andromeda Galaxy or Sirius, if we could built a rocket  to get there. But we would still be in this 3D dimension and, therefore, our consciousness would be the same as it is now. We would stay the same in our consciousness but just be in a different place. However, if we learn to journey like a shaman does to other dimensions, then there is an opportunity for self-transformation and spiritual evolution through enhanced consciousness, as well as a greater understanding about the building blocks of this universe.

And so this, in my opinion, is the birthright that has been stolen from us by various psy-ops campaigns over the millennia which include Christianity, Darwinism, Western material science, atheism masquerading as humanism ~ and not least this little beaut from Sitchin about the Anunnaki and the planet Nibiru, which will also make a great psychological foundation for any false flag ET invasion they have planned.

But it’s been very easy for various psy-ops initiatives to persuade us that the Anunnaki are bogey men from outer space because they’ve never experienced shamanic states of consciousness, and I include the late Zecharia Stitchin in that group. My own experience while in the shamanic trance state is that it’s very easy to reach other worlds in the blink of an eye, where one can obtain guidance and information from the entities one meets there.

It’s becoming increasingly evident that our ancient ancestors practised shamanic journeying too, in which they mentally travelled into other dimensions to receive guidance from the ‘gods’ aka the “star peoples”, aka “the fae” ~ or “the sidhe” as they are known in Ireland. It can be no coincidence that ‘sid’ is the Sanskrit root for star, hence the word ‘sidereal’ is used for star-based astrology (as opposed to the solar based).

This practice of our ancestors is reflected in the Wheels of the Year, otherwise known as Medicine Wheels. One of the oldest of these is from the Dendera Temple in Egypt, now housed in a museum in Paris.

Artist’s sketch of Dendera Wheel

You will see that the Dendera Wheel contains many animals and much other assorted weirdness! That’s because the Wheel of the Year, sometimes known as the Medicine Wheel, connects the four directions of North, South, East and West with the seasons, deities, elements, colours and creatures of the sacred knowledge of a society or culture. It also connects the above with the below, and the centre, making it a wheel of seven directions.

That said, the Wheels of the Year or Medicine Wheels are not just flat diagrams replicating the realms of the “star people” above. When we look at a Medicine Wheel, what we see is just a 2D representation of what is, in fact, a 3D spiral of the microcosmic within macrocosmic. As above, so below. The access to the star people is instantaneous and it is a holographic vortex. In other words, they are here with us now, and we are with them.

So I’m afraid that the ancient astronaut theory about the Goddess of Ur and the Anunnaki is a non-runner for me. And now that Mr Stichin is ensconced in the Otherworlds, he will know that too ~ and no doubt be feverishly working out how he can get his influential books on the subject rescinded and remaindered fast… unless he’s still in the pay of the CIA, that is.  But if he didn’t know before he certainly will now be realising  that the aforementioned creation myths are not about ancient astronauts crossing time and space in rockets and spaceships. There was, and still is, no need for spacecraft, because nobody needs to ‘go’ anywhere. The Star Peoples are already here. We just need to open our doors of perception to see them.

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    • Ishtar Babilu Dingir

      Ooooh, thanks! I’ve never won an award before! I’d like to thank my producer, my director, the rest of the cast and all the wonderful people in wardrobe and make-up and I’d also like to thank my father…. wha? Oh, OK, I’ll get off the stage now! 🙂


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  2. Tony Holmes

    I do love a good old “invention versus intervention” debate. The lovely stories of Sitchin, von Daniken, Alford (subsequently recanted), Hancock, Bauval et al made for great enjoyment in their time , as did Superman, Spiderman and the Hulk. They sold lots of books and comics. If you want to see Zahi Hawass jump on his hat, tell him the pyramids were built by little green men! I can tell that you are enjoying this as well. If you haven’t already done so, please look at the http://www.Solaria website. Plenty of info about the Dendara zodiac and the Babylonian constellations. By the way we managed to save our TV from slipper damage by turning off the Atlantis show after 10 minutes.


  3. Ishtar Babilu Dingir

    Charis, thanks, but I’m going to be as capable of watching Ancient Aliens on the History Channel as I am to sit through a whole programme on the BBC purporting to show the history of Atlantis without throwing my slippers at the telly.

    You are lucky you don’t live in these blessed isles and so didn’t have to endure the sort of crap many of us were subjected to last night ~ a programme about Atlantis which was determined not to let the facts get in the way of a perfectly good story. The archaeological and geological records were gaily jettisoned within the first five minutes in favour of some young researcher’s vivid imagination and wishful thinking.

    The History Channel, whose ability to report accurately and honestly is outweighed by its desire to fill up swathes of airtime, is even worst than the BBC in this regard. It should be called the Pseudohistory Channel. It is an entertainment channel, first and foremost, and so cannot be trusted to provide real evidence.

    That people lived at one time with different shaped skulls does not mean, automatically, that they must have come from another planet. The Neanderthals had very differently shaped skulls to modern humans, but no-one’s suggesting that they were ancient astronauts. Even today, there are many different skull shapes.

    I also note one of the contributors to the evidence provided in your Legendary Times link is Erik von Daniken … once I saw that name being held aloft as a source, I’m afraid the rest just went over my head. If the creators of Legendary Times don’t have the discrimination to see the gaping holes in Van Daniken’s ancient astronaut ‘theories’, then I cannot trust them on the rest.

    Von Daniken’s ‘thesis’, if you can call it that, is that ancient astronauts must be responsible for artifacts such as Stonehenge and the Piri Reis map because grunting cavemen, (aka our ancestors) could not have had the intelligence to work out how to create these for themselves.

    Much of the ancient astronaut theory rests on this outdated belief that comes from a completely untested and unattested assumption of Charles Darwin’s that cognition evolves. Therefore, the thinking goes, if we today cannot find a way to build the pyramids, our ancestors, who were even dummer than us, surely must have had extra-terrestrial help.

    But if we put down our Darwinian specs, and actually look at the evidence for what it is, it is clear that our ancestors were extremely intelligent people who got their information and guidance from the all-knowing spirits through shamanic practises. They didn’t need anyone to come down in rockets to show them. Neither do we.


    • Charis Brown Malloy

      I’ll agree with your opinions about the History Channel – usually I can’t sit through their programs either, and I was, honestly, quite shocked when I saw the program I told you about because I like it so much. Something people don’t often realize about the Ancient Astronaut theories is that the proponents of them don’t at all say that our human ancestors were stupid or that they needed alien help at all – just that, according to those indigenous peoples’ own stories (“Gods” coming down from the skies in clouds along with a great roaring sound and winds, sometimes even in crafts that look like the ones seen today in UFO sightings, ancient Vimanas, et.,) and pictures left over that show entities that look a lot like what we now see from UFO contactees and/or abductees – along with creation stories that do describe, quite literally, people from the sky coming down and interacting with humans.
      It’s my opinion that human societies, of great beauty and technological capability far beyond what we are currently capable of, have existed on the earth before, more than once even, and that humans were responsible for it.
      I also believe that extra (and intra, by the way) terrestrials have been interacting with us on Earth since the dawn of man.
      I don’t believe that these two theories need to be at odds, as I think that they are actually entwined.
      I also, for instance, am of the opinion that one can’t explain away the power of nature and the consciousness and intelligence of our living planet by “science” – just as one can’t explain away all of the UFO and contactee experiences had all over the world today, which match up uncannily both with things happening on other continents (people having identical dreams and interacting with each other, down to remembering what the other was wearing, and then having it confirmed when they’d never met the other person, just recognized their voice on a teleconference call days later.)
      I don’t, at all, think that UFOs explain the amazing experiences that we as humans are capable of having in our dreaming and journeying and spiritual realms, as beautiful and evolving members of the Human kingdom on our planet. But I also believe that relegating all of the matching and uncanny theories and ancient histories to myth and legend and misunderstood psychological processes is naive as well.
      (Great discussion, by the way!)


  4. Charis Brown Malloy

    Hello Ishtar,
    Interesting article. I’m of the other camp – I’ve studied shamanic states for years and have only recently been exposed to deeper truths about the Star People phenomenon, which, for me, falls extremely close to home (couldn’t be closer) and I’m currently working on a book about my experiences.
    In my opinion, all of your premises are correct – in shamanic states, we certainly can travel, in the blink of an eye, any distance imaginable and have extremely valid, interesting and educational experiences there. However, that doesn’t, for me, kick out the ancient astronaut theory – there is too much proof there, from ancient history (and current events, in my experience and world wide) that points to extra terrestrial involvement in many matters.
    I’ve learned that the two are actually extremely related (in fact, inextricably so) and that one leads to the other, in both directions 🙂
    Thank you for the great blog 🙂


    • Ishtar Babilu Dingir

      Thanks for your comment, Charis.

      Would love to know more about your research on the evidence, some time, when you’re ready with it. I haven’t been able to find any myself.

      Glad you’re enjoying the Blog!



      • Charis Brown Malloy

        No problem Ishtar – go to youtube and search Ancient Aliens from the History Channel – these folks have only done 2 seasons of shows, but they put things together in ways that are comprehensive and completely fact-based. Also, Legendary Times magazine publishes articles (mostly from overseas, since US folk don’t seem to like to talk about these things) that include great evidence – I was just reading an article the other day about Atenaken and another about the worldwide phenomenon of skull-lengthening (as well as some mummies and sculptures that show lengthened skulls that were not lengthened by artificial means, and that don’t show signs of what we recognize as hydrocephalus today, although that’s what scientist claim it is.) Here’s the link to Legendary Times’ website:


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