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Why it DOES matter who you vote into the White House, for the first time in 40-plus years

<rant alert!>

I’m sick and tired of hearing things from uptight, short-sighted, narrow minded hypocrites. I’m sick and tired of hearing that it doesn’t matter who you vote for in the American election, because the outcome will be the same.

The only people saying this are those who cannot be arsed to engage with what each candidate is actually saying. If they did, they’d know that it does matter who you vote for. For the first – and maybe the last – time in 40-plus years of bipartisan treason, there is going to be a choice.

I wouldn’t mind – but I’ve been talking about the Deep State government for years, and the puppets of right and left, and being called a conspiracy theorist for it. Now it seems that everyone and his mother has become a conspiracy theorist – but they’ve joined the dance just as the steps have changed.

You have to pay attention!

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Washington DeCoded: A New View of the Capitol

Chris Hardaker (author of The First American) is discussing his new e-book,  Washington DeCoded: A New View of the Capitol,  with members of our forum.  His book is about the Freemasonic geometric features mimicking symbols from the Great Seal which are embedded into the streets and avenues of Washington, D.C.

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