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The Serpent, the Egg and the Garden of Earthly Delights

About eighteen months ago, I asked Spirit to show me the true nature of the Universe. What then unfolded, in vivid and fluid panorama, made sense, to me, of all the motifs concerning the serpent and the egg across the civilised world during Neolithic times. It also showed me from where Karl Fabergé and Hieronymous Bosch got their inspiration. Continue reading

Fire In The Head – The Shaman’s Halo

There’s a lot of nonsense talked about whether someone in the West can call themselves a shaman because, it is said, “shaman is a Siberian word and we’re not Siberians.” The truth is, we are shamans. By ‘we’, I mean the people who journey into the Otherworlds, who talk with the spirits, who bring back lost souls, who guide the dead and who experience the fire in the head. Continue reading