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The Dark Side of the Moon: the advanced and sophisticated astronomical wisdom of our earliest ancestors

When Pink Floyd came up with this line, it struck a chord in our deepest archetypal memories ~ which is what musicians always need to do if they’re going to get a worldwide hit. The Dark Side of Moon went on to become one of the best-selling albums of all time. So which seam of long-buried memories were Waters and Co tapping into? Continue reading

The Sorceror of the Lascaux Caves and the stars of Orion

One of the complaints of traditionalists about ancient star maps is that what’s seen in the night skies only roughly matches that of the illustrations. But they weren’t meant to be accurate. That wasn’t their purpose. For instance, Cassiopeia doesn’t resemble a reclining woman. It’s a metaphor. Once we understand this, our ancestors’ collective mythos suddenly opens up to us. Continue reading