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Why Lucifer must have been a woman

As explained in The Faery wisdom about race, Lucifer and the rivers of blood, Lucifer is not a devil, demon or even a male spirit. The word ‘lucifer’  or lightbringer in the Bible refers to the star of the morning, or Venus. This may come as a surprise to those who think that Lucifer is male, but more than that… as I set out to show here, she is represented as the Double Goddess throughout history, who is still in the sky at dawn, as the morning star, and is the first to rise at dusk as the evening star.

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Ritual Childbirth, Venuses and the Double Goddess

TO our earliest ancestors, both death and birth were considered to be spirit initiations. In this dialogue, we unravel the rituals around childbirth going back at least as far as the last Ice Age. Continue reading