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The Stained Glass Windows of Ice Age Cathedrals: Cave art and shamanism

The oldest rock art ever found in the British Isles was discovered last summer in a deep underground cave in Wales, somewhere on the Gower Peninsula. It shows the faint scratching of a reindeer with a spear in its neck, and it’s dated to around 14,000 years ago, during the last Ice Age. (It’s not the cave in the picture above, by the way; that is known as the Hall of the Bulls from the Lascaux caves in France, where the paintings are even older, dating to around 20,000 years ago. ) Continue reading

The Sorceror of the Lascaux Caves and the stars of Orion

One of the complaints of traditionalists about ancient star maps is that what’s seen in the night skies only roughly matches that of the illustrations. But they weren’t meant to be accurate. That wasn’t their purpose. For instance, Cassiopeia doesn’t resemble a reclining woman. It’s a metaphor. Once we understand this, our ancestors’ collective mythos suddenly opens up to us. Continue reading