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The Glastonbury Declaration for Sovereignty

June 2016

The Winter Solstice before last, we stood on a hill beside Glastonbury Tor in Somerset, where the Michael and Mary leylines weave their dance, and vowed to protect the Sovereignty of this land.

Almost a year and a half has passed since then. The Wheel has turned fully once, and half turned again. During that time, unexpectedly, an apocalypse of revelations has been gradually unravelling in the public arena, and an opportunity has presented itself. Continue reading

How our ‘dhimmi’ leaders are selling out Europe to murderous Islam


This article is only for awake grown-ups – in other words, those who aren’t afraid to face the truth about why Islamic violence in Europe appears to be unstoppable, and why no amount of turning your profile picture into a flag and trying to ‘pray for Paris’ or ‘pray for Berlin’ is making the slightest bit of difference.

Prayers, petitions, hashtags, angry tweets, discussions on internet shows … all are useless. They are laughing at us.

The Islamic invasion of Europe is unstoppable, and will continue to be so, until we realise that many of those who were elected and appointed to serve us – politicians, judiciary, churchmen, councillors and police – are what Muslims call dhimmis. Continue reading