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The battle of the demi-gods of the alternative media

It may have come to your notice that certain key demi-gods in the pantheon of the alternative media have fallen out badly, and – if the number of personal video blogs on You Tube is anything to go by –  it’s causing some disarray and despair among their followers.

With major players – like Ken O’Keefe, Max Igan and Zen Gardner – all attacking each other amid accusations flying like ‘shill’, ‘honeytrap’, ‘plant’, ‘subversive’ and ‘con-man’ – many in their audiences are feeling like the children of parents whose marriage is breaking down: abandoned, or that their cause is lost. This rupture in the unity of the ‘truth movement’ may seem to them a terrible calamity, a harbinger of doom, or even a judgement from God.

But this is far from the truth, in my eyes.

In fact, I see the collapse of this cyberworld demagoguery as a good thing, as it will rescue us from arrested development. Continue reading