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A Tarot card reader’s response to The Economist’s new cover

This is the new cover of the Rothschilds’ house mag, The Economist, “predicting” world events in 2017 as a result of a Trump presidency. This globalist magazine often¬†uses its cover to “predict” the events coming in the following 12 months. ¬†However, It’s easy to “predict” world events when you are the one causing such events. You can only bring order out of chaos when you are the ones creating the chaos.

So many thanks to the New World Order for revealing to us your game plan. Now we’ll be better prepared. And your Magician card is interesting – I’m interpreting that as UN Agenda 2030. However, dear globalists, the more you reveal yourselves and your evil agenda for humanity, the more that the majority will realise that we were right about you all along, and will come in our direction. Continue reading