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The War on Gender, Part 2 – Weaponised Constructs

Facebook now has 38 genders for a member to choose from. The sanctury city of New York recognises even more of these artificially invented pronouns  – e.g. ne, ve, ey, xe, nir, nem – to support the false notion that gender is fluid.

Obviously this is a load of nonsense – a construct that has no basis in biological reality – which is why the only way it can be rammed through into public acceptance is via political correctness and language fascism.

Here I interview transsexual Claire Rae Randall on the subject. This follows on from our earlier talk in February, which was mainly about a Private Members’ Bill that Maria Miller MP is quietly sneaking through the UK Parliament that will provide a legal basis for making transgender toilets mandatory in the UK.

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The War on Gender – Transgender Loos in the UK

It will come as a surprise to many readers to hear that the legislation to underpin bringing in compulsory transgender toilets in the UK is quietly tip-toeing through Parliament, courtesy of Maria Miller MP.

It will come as even more of a shock to learn that the legislation will allow anyone to change their sexual identity at whim and even if only just for one day. Continue reading