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Know Your Deep State

You’re wondering why everything is so confusing right now and even if you’re given the opportunity to vote, or to support a political party, you don’t know who to back?

That’s probably because the Deep State, which all over all the political parties like a nasty rash, is actually now at war with itself. It’s really nothing much to do with us cannon-fodder except if we can figure out who is going to promote our best interests, at least we will know who to cheer from the sidelines as these two primeval monsters slug it out. Continue reading

Woman in Gold – a metaphor for knowing your enemy

I watched Helen Mirren last night in Woman In Gold, the story of how an Austrian women recovered her family’s portrait of her aunt Adele, the woman in question who was painted by Gustav Klimt for this stunning masterpiece in gold leaf that had been stolen during World War Two by the Nazis.

I found the film to be very moving, and it hit me on so many levels because it brought up parallel issues in our situation today. So please forgive me for breaking Godwin’s Law in highlighting these.

Continue reading

The use of neurolinguistic programming by our politicians to manipulate our consent

I’ve finally solved the Zen conundrum of “what is the sound of one hand clapping?” And I owe this revelation to my increasing understanding about what is happening in the financial markets of the world and why. The trouble is when you play with funny money, it can suddenly and without warning, turn serious… and if I’d paid more attention in my history lessons, I would have known this. Continue reading