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The great god Al-gorithm in the Cloud is causing the US riots

I wrote about this a good while ago, but think it may be worth revisiting seeing that the Great God Al-gorithm is now coming into his own with the mob rule we’ve seen since both Brexit and the US Presidential vote, which is threatening to overturn not only our democratic decisions but also the rule of law and our way of life.

We’ve always known that the Dead Eyes practice Divide and Rule in order to control us, and they’ve found this a successful MO for thousands of years.

The old school way was to divide us into different religions – but it is now the algorithmic organisation of content which is their weapon of choice, and it is that cyber sleight-of-hand, when it comes to the news, that is causing this seeming madness – where people previously friendly to one another suddenly start attacking each other as ‘racists’ or ‘white supremacists’.
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