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Theresa May’s revenge against the Leave generation

We knew that she was a wrecking ball that could do a lot more damage before her white-knuckled claws were finally prised off the keys to Number 10, but I never dreamt she’d go this far.

In the final dying days of her premiership, May is ramming through a policy that will make the last years of austerity seem like life on Millionaires Row. She is committing Britain to transferring, over 30 years, an estimated £1 trillion (£1,000,000,000,000) into the Swamp’s climate change scam, when our country is already among those with the lowest carbon emissions in the world.

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Why Generation X is being pitted against the Baby Boomers

Much of the rationale behind moving whole populations of people into countries which ill befit their cultures is because of what’s known as the Demographic Time-bomb. Since the Baby Boom – the huge balloon in the number of births in the West, which came directly after the Second World War – our birth rates have been steadily declining. Our young marrieds have so few children, compared to Muslims, that even if the Muslims were to move into the UK at the current rate of immigration, and just quietly live their lives alongside us, with no terrorist attacks, they would still be in the majority here within 50 years – and in a position to establish their Caliphate. Continue reading