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From Brussels attacks to Birmingham attacks – how long?

How long before the jihadis’ attacks happening in Europe start up in Birmingham or Leicester or Bradford? Not very long, I’d say, because both today’s attacks in Brussels and the Paris massacre in November came from the enemy being nurtured on the breast within – the Islamic jihadi migrants. And thousands of them are being nurtured here in the UK too, with their mosques funded by extremist Wahabi Muslims in Saudi Arabia.

ISIS may claim to be behind these attacks – but that’s because they’re coming from sleeper cells already in situ. The Barbarian is not at the gate – it’s already here. It’s not that ISIS has to command and control its operatives remotely from Libya or Syria, because the commanders are already living among us … and just leaving the EU, at the referendum in June, won’t in itself change that. Continue reading

Paris Attacks – But Who’s Attacking Who?

You might be wondering why, when we are all under such close surveillance, that “terrorists” are still able to attack us. When all our emails are being read, our browsing history examined, our phone calls listened to, and even our movements on the streets picked up by cctv, how did the events of Friday 13th November in Paris ever happen? There is a clue in the date… but first of all, I should explain how we’ve been viewing the issue of surveillance from the wrong end of the telescope. Continue reading